Chapter Thirty-One

A deep chuckle vibrated, "Old Cassius is ready."

She-Demon turned to face the ghostly image of War Mage Osiris. "Take an imp. Re-pump the blood back into him with the rejuvenation potion your mate created. Then revive Typhonics, since you did kill him. Put Typhonics back into his guardian position to sleep."

Bowing, Osiris stalked after an imp to do as bid. Following the imp, they disappeared into brimstone flames. Moments later they reappeared before a dark cave. Torches suddenly flared to life, lighting up the still body of Cassius. Osiris was pressed to compare. Most Hydras he learned of had bodies with four legs and a tail, almost like an oversized pet with scales and multiple heads, at least the ones he learned about in Muggle school.

But at Hogwarts during one of his Care of Magical Creatures classes he had learned the truth about Hydras, even more later during his Mage training. These Hydras had deadly venom, nine heads, poisonous blood that could kill another Hydra, the ability to re-grow any head that's been chopped off, and the full body of a large snake.

Old King Cassius was one of those Hydras. He had a dark green snake body, almost bigger then a full grown Basilisk, with nine heads full of gleaming fangs, even after death. Osiris already knew about the poisonous blood, it hissed whenever moved about in the vials. But he wasn't about to try the venom or chopping off heads.

Coming closer to the body, hoping against hope that the transfusion would work, Osiris wasn't ready when Typhonics suddenly appeared. But seconds later he was grateful to see the creature still dead.

Osiris pulled a large vial of dark blue potion from his pocket, for once glad that as Harry Potter things never worked the same as others. Even in death he was still able to do anything any living being could possibly do. But his attention now was forced onto the hissing vials, which he quickly dumped into a larger vial of Rare Fallen Angel's blood, giving it a quick shake. He handed the mixture to the imp, "Pour the mixture, carefully, into each vial. We'll need to pump the blood back into every vein for the potion to work." For every vial the imp poured, Osiris taped a needled tube into the snake body of Cassius. Then he traced each tube to a levitated vial, taping them into place. "Start a steady flow. I'll revive the guardian."

As the imp began a constant blood flow, Osiris began to drag the limp Chimera inside the cave. More torches flared up. He could see a reflecting watery area hidden further in the back. About halfway inside was a small niche in the right side of the cave. Just before the niche was a single silver platform.

Not sure what to do, Osiris followed his instincts. Placing a hand on the wound he allowed his spiritual energy to sink into the creature. Steadily the wound closed as the creature jerked.

"The traitors have.." Four loud thumps revealed four bodies, making Osiris pale even more than his ghostly looks at the sight of the tortured bodies. Despite their already being dead, She-Demon had taken more delight in torturing the bodies even more, "I guess they finally arrived."

A living Typhonics bounded out to them, dragging each inside the niche, "Uh?"

Trophies. My enemies are tortured, even in death, since their souls are now trapped. A curse when coming after me. Typhonics will lay the bodies at his side. The souls will soon try to escape and he will wake to snap them in two, forcing them back into their body to relive their deaths and torture.

Torn from his watching, Osiris faced an overshadowing Hydra, Cassius?

Old King Cassius, I be. In return of Isis' obedience, she's been healed and life forfeited for another few centuries. In return for your sacrifices, you may have your life back. All the powers that be have granted this gift.

Osiris had been tired as Harry Potter, even more tired as a War Mage. Now as a ghost he could rest. But a sudden image of a flushed, moaning Severus Snape almost caused a whimper. That one time he had seen the man lose control and desire for more. Besides he had yet to feel those talented hands over his bare skin.

All nine heads bickered gleefully at the gleam in the ghost's eyes and dreamy smile. Teeth gleamed with venom as the ghost was lost in thought. Off to the side, a comfortable Typhonics lay down for a few centuries worth of napping. I'll go back.

The heads hissed in agreement as one head stuck the ghost with cobra speed, fangs tearing into the transparent body.


Inside Hogwarts, a small group visited the fallen Mage's body for a last time when a very familiar piercing scream shocked them all into almost fainting. It seemed that the mage had finally awakened.

Pain. White-hot, pulsing, flooding pain scrambled through every nerve. It hurt to wake, even more then leaving Hell. "HARRY!"

Emerald pain filled eyes peered up as the vision cleared. A watery smile crossed the pale features, "Hi."

"You had us worried to death."

"Sorry. Had to revive a few old friends."

"Everybody back! Give him some room!" Madame Pomfrey ran a quick scan, "Healing nicely but you need plenty of rest. And no strenuous movements. Keep everything to a minimal for the first two weeks or I will bind you to this bed under constant sleeping draughts. You've been in this infirmary far too many times, Mr. Potter!"

He smiled, "Haven't hear that in ages."

"Get use to it, Harry. Albus told us about how you did accept a new staff position next year. Sirius and I will be learning the ropes with Isis." Remus gently hugged the War Mage, knowing his mate would gleefully glomp his Godson.

"At least I'll simply say Potter. Much more reasonable." Draco stepped around the gentle werewolf, wanting to see the wizard that made his life better.


The blonde smirked, "Just stopped by. Mum and Father are at the Ministry, finishing up a few things. Lucas was on his way here, I came along. I'll be your future Charms Professor, Flitwick's retiring."

"Your welcome." The blond smiled, grateful for all that was done.


Alone in the dungeons as the unsuspected reunion continued, Severus Snape was finishing his last few potions needed in the hospital wing, grieving in his own way. "Severus?" The dark haired man's head snapped up.

In his private fireplace was Albus, the only one with the password to his private lab, "Albus."

"Harry has awakened."

Severus snorted, relieved to have another chance and glad that Potter lived up to his famous name, "I'll be up in a moment."

"Very well. I'll see you in the morning." Severus glared at the twinkling headmaster. Then stalked out of his rooms towards the hospital wing, hands clutching several finished potions.

Inside he swooped to find a nervous mage and an irritated medi-witch, "War Mage." Everyone jumped at his sneering tone.

"Professor." Osiris couldn't believe Severus made him feel like a guilty child caught stealing.

"I've come to collect you. The headmaster believes you won't follow Poppy's rules." Severus didn't think the headmaster would mind that little lie. Nor did Poppy when she was roughly handed several potions. She secretly smiled, knowing those potions were used as an excuse to come after the Mage.

Osiris' family and friends were ready to argue when the Mage weakly pushed them aside, stumbling to the Potions Master. "I'll be fine, you guys. I'll see you at breakfast."

His pointed look slightly satisfied them with the knowledge he would be theirs for the day, "Sure, Harry."

With a backwards wave, Osiris was dragged through the castle to Severus' rooms. "You pull that stunt again and I will personally hunt down your spirit, bring it back to life, slowly poison, and torture you myself."

"Uh, I promise?"

Quite satisfied with the fearful, pale features, Severus yanked the Mage into his bedroom. Osiris barely got a chance to see the color scheme when his clothes disappeared with a spell. His breath quickened as those talented fingers lightly brushed over his newly sensitive skin, shoving him onto the bed.

Severus enjoyed the feeling of a melting Mage as he drew forth every whimper, making them louder as one hand trailed downwards and the other wrapped into black hair. Tugging the Mage's head back, he crushed their lips together in a dominate possessive kiss, murmuring, "Mine."

Osiris barely answered coherently as that wicked hand moved quicker and tighter. The persisting tongue made him lose all control as his body soon exploded, falling over a cliff of pure desire. He shivered delightfully at the passion filled voice, "Want you, now."

They both hurried beneath the silk and satin sheets, both completely nude as the passion grew more heated and fierce. Madame Pomfrey's demanded rest wouldn't happen until hours later as two satisfied and sweaty males curled together. "Severus?"


A pause, then, "All right?"

Onyx stared down at emotionless emerald, giving off a true smile, "Very. But I won't do with idiotic mush."

Osiris curled closer, "Good. I wouldn't know what to do anyways."

A snort, "Sleep, Potter."

Silence was broken by a sleep voice, "Harry."

Chuckling, "Harry, sleep before I toss you out naked into these halls."

Osiris did as told. Both knowing Severus really wouldn't do that. For Severus never was one to share well with others, nor was he going to start now. Nor allow anyone to see what he saw beneath the Mage's clothing and robes. Both content with what they had with each other as they slowly fell asleep within the other's embrace.