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Roses are red, as so are your stripes

Bold- Shout, or point out

Italics- Flashback, or thought

Goal For A Rose- Get Sonic

"Sonic, please, slow down!"

"Maybe, if you can catch me first!"

"You know I'm not as fast as you!"


Pink chased blue, mouth chased gumball, Amy chased Sonic. Funny stuff, if you weren't Amy Rose. The fun-loving fan girl of the world known hero, Sonic. Every time, everyday, Amy would see Sonic, she would attempt to catch her blue friend, and get him to like him. He never gave her a chance to show her true self. He thought of her as a cute ((like a puppy)) hedgie, and really sweet, slightly brave girl. But, one problem, she was too obsessive, and Sonic hated being smothered on. Heck, she was already talking about marriage, and they weren't even going out, slightly. Even if they were, he was the type that liked to be with good company, but not smothered all over. Espetualy for love.

Amy tried running faster, as Sonic felt like teasing her. He slowed down, enough for her to try to grab his tail. As soon as she attempted, he ran faster, making dust fly, creating a smoke screen-like atmosphere. She closed both of her eyes, and came to a halt. She heard Sonic laugh, and he called out to her,

"See ya' later, Amy!"

As soon as the dirt faded, as Amy saw that Sonic, her love, disappeared. She then sneezed.

"Ack, some got in my nose…"

She smiled to herself,

"Don't worry, Sonic. You will definitely see me tomorrow. I won't be so easy on you this time…"

And with those words, she was heading for the nearest mall, an evil smerk on her perky face.

"Let me see… there has got to be a gun store in this new mall… If there isn't, how will I get Sonic?"

Amy Rose said, looking all over the place, with no luck.


Came a voice from behind. It sounded familiar, and sounded a bit surprised.

"Hello, Rouge…"

Amy smiled, looking at the female bat.

"Did I-I just hear you right?"

She twitched, dropping one of her shopping bags.

"About what?"

Asked Amy, as if nothing was wrong at all.

"You just were looking for a gun shop, weren't you?"

"Oh, yeah. What about it?"

"And you said something about Sonic, too!"


"What were you planning to do with a gun to Sonic?"

"To get him!"

"You can't shoot him with a gun! It is against the law!"

"Not if I was planning to use a tranquilizer gun!"

That made Rouge fall down, out of shock. She then started laughing hard, leaving Amy there confused and blank. The bat even had to hold her stomach from laughing so hard. Tears fell from her eyes, as she shut her eyes tight. She finally got a hold of herself, and stood up, picking up all five of her shopping bags, a big smile on her face.

"Dear, you can't get a guy like that!"

"Of coarse I can! All I do is shoot it with him, he is out for awhile, I take him to my apartment and make him like me!"

"No no no, Hun. You can't make someone like you. Wouldn't you rather want true love?"


"Okay, then. You just need to show him a side of you that he might like. Your personality, and maybe your image."

"What is wrong with how I look?"

"Nothing at all, but some guys get tired of the same look."

"Well, I could have a wider variety of cloths, instead of my red dress, and headband…"

"Yeah, and lucky you ran into me, or you wouldn't have such a good helper! Fallow me, we are doing some shopping for you!"

Rouge said, as she grabbed Amy's hand, and headed for the closest store.

"How about this?"

Amy looked up, and twitched,

"Rouge, this is… Victoria's Secrets!"

"I know! Awesome, eh?"

"Erm… I would rather go, somewhere else…"

"Well… okay, Amy."

The bat took her to the next store, not too far from the other. Amy looked around happily for some cloths to wear. As she picked up an awesome white spaghetti strap shirt, Rouge poked her,

"Think of it this way, Amy. You are doing this for you, not Sonic. That would seem like you were desperate, and you aren't."

Amy nodded,

"I know, Rouge. Hey! Do you think Sonic would like this shirt?"

Rouge sighed, as a sweat drop went down her face. ((Anime style! XDD))

"I, um, mean… I um, love this shirt! Can I get it?"

Amy Rose corrected her self as soon as she saw her friend's expression. She then picked out a pink skirt, made from silk with a hand sown beautiful rose on the bottom, Her eyes also caught attention to a lovely pair of blue jeans, hand made, and perfect for her. It had real jewels where the pockets were, and was very stunning.

"Wow, I want these, too…"

She ran to the counter, where they had rings and beautiful bracelets. She picked out a butterfly ring, and one silver bracelet.

"There, now, can you buy some of this? I didn't bring much money or paying rings."

"Of coarse, Amy."

Rouge paid for all of the items, and gave Amy the shopping bag,

"I have no time to try them on here at all, so I need to go home and put them on! I hope they fit! And I hope Sonic will like them…"

Amy said as she ran lightning speed out of the mall, heading to her apartment to try on her beautiful new cloths.

Amy Rose, the cute, cheerful pink hedgehog was walking down the street, wearing her new cloths. Her white spaghetti strap shirt, and her beautiful pink skirt. She was so excited, searching for Sonic, her hero, and her crush. She couldn't contain it anymore, so she started walking faster, being careful not to get dirty, though. She spotted her sweet, blue love at where else, but the chilidog stand.

"Hi there, Sonic!"

She said cheerfully, as she charged at him, and hugged him tight, making him almost loose his beloved chilidog. He caught it just before it hit the ground, and sighed.

"Hey, Amy."

He smiled lightly, looking at the pink girl hug him from the back.

"Amy, please, can you do this after I eat? I am hungry…"

He asked, practically whimpering.

"Noooooo my Sonic. You will run from me again! Besides, you didn't look at my new cloths!"

Sonic sighed, and tried to look at her.

"I can't see you, you are hugging me from the back…"

"Fine… turn slowly, and I will hug from the front…"

He did as he was told, and looked at her.


Amy asked Sonic, as he observed her.

"I don't… really know… It is nice, but I just don't know. It looks the same a bit, maybe the colors…"

As Amy let go of him, she was not as happy as she wanted to be. It almost made her want to cry.

"But, Sonic-"

"Bye, Amy. Catch ya tomorrow!"

He left her. He really did. He left her standing there.


If it weren't for her telling him she had new cloths, he probably would have not noticed at all. Not at all…

"But... Sonic…"

She sighed, as she put her gloved hands over her now wet face. She cried. She cried there. Heart broken.

"I did this, for you…"

"For you…"


She wiped her eyes as she headed for her apartment slowly.

"Rouge was right… It was only for me, not him. If I listened, I wouldn't be so… sad…"

"Besides, it's not like he is my official boyfriend… He isn't even close. I fallow him and fallow him, change for him, become less attached when I changed, and what do I get? A 'I don't… really know, Amy'! That… jerk…"

By the time she got done ranting on to herself how much Sonic had hurt her, she had reached her apartment.

"But, I can't let me get that down… small things… No guy, heck, nobody will ask me, 'Hey, Amy, did you get new cloths? You look nice!' Feh. But… Rouge bought them for me… Might as well keep them, and use them. My dress was getting tiring…"

She smiled lightly,

"I will always love you, Sonic. I will chase you to the ends of the earth, and I will get you… someday…"

She ran and jumped onto her bed, on her stomach.

"Oh, my Sonic…"

She said lightly, silently, before she closed both of her beautiful, big eyes, softly.

"But Knuckie-pooooooooooooo…"

"I told you to quite calling me that!"

"But it is such a cute name, pleeeaaaaasssssse?"

"No! It is embarrassing!"

"Fine… But still, can we please go to the amusement park?"

"Rouge, you know you are babysitting Tails and Cream tomorrow, and nobody can baby sit for you!"

"I can find someone!"

"There is nobody!"

"But Knuckie-Pooooo!"

"You are lucky you are a girl, otherwise I would have taken you out by now…"

The red echidna said, before he rolled his eyes at her.

"Whatever, I guess we can forget it…"

Rouge said with a sigh,

"Ah well… I guess I am stuck with two kids in a mansion…"

"I guess so."

Knuckles chuckled,

"Why don't you help me, Knuckie- I mean Knuckles?"

At that moment, Knuckles started to walk away,

"Bye, Rouge. Good luck."

He said, leaving her there, her hopeless self-standing there.

"This stinks!"

Pouting like a child, the bat glided her way through town, on her way to her mansion.

"I wonder if I will ever find a baby-sitter! I must go with Knuckles to the amusement park! I will die if I don't, and I don't know if I would do that well with kids… I can't see them put their dirty little paws on my precious items!"

She sighed hard, as she landed in front of her mansion. As she made her way through the door. Flipping on the light in the living room, Rouge plopped onto the couch, grabbing the remote and turning on the wide screen T.V.

"Some romantic but sad soap opera will put me in the mood…"

She held a box of tissues beside her, getting prepared to watch something to put her in the 'mood'.

"Knuckles, oh my Knuckles…"

She 'cried out', making a dramatic pose,

"Will I ever get through this? Will I get a baby sitter? Will I go with you to the Amusement park, so we can ride the scariest of all roller coasters? Will I be able you go, so I can pretend to be scared and put my arms around you? So romantic…"

More dramatic posing came from the depressed female, as she whined a moaned.

"I will find someone… I will…"

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