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Another Day, Another Broken Heart

Deep red blushes escaped the pink hedgehog, as she walked down the street, thinking about what to say to Sonic, once she would find him.

Even though Amy hugged him, and practically told him how she felt, he still didn't seem to get it. She was, indeed, a shy girl, mostly when she thought about things... like Sonic.

'I… hope I can get it all out…'

Where could he be? Rouge's mansion? Tails's workshop? In the very street she walked in. Maybe… the park?

Amy was almost shocked to see Sonic at the park. He didn't go there very much. He usually had more important things to do.

He wasn't eating, a chilidog for that matter. He wasn't eating at all. He just had his arms over the bench, sitting on it…

'I can do this…'

Amy smiled, walking over to her hero.

"Hello… Sonic…"

She seated herself beside him on the bench, giving him a sweet smile. That made Sonic smile right back, happy she wasn't rubbing all against him.

"May I… ask you something?"

"Sure, Amy. Ask me anything."


She started to sweat. This was not going to be that much of an easy question. She wiped her head, and sighed. Placing one hand on his, she smiled sweeter, getting one back.


She started,

"How do you… that is… what I mean is… um… hooooooooooow…"

She gave a long, nervous pause. Letting out a sigh, she continued.

"Sonic the hedgehog, how do you feel about me, Amy Rose?"

Sonic gave a slight confused face, tilting his head to the left, and scratching the back of his head.

"What do you… mean?"

"Erm… I mean… Am I really… REALLY special to you? You know…"

"Well… depends… what do you mean by that?"

Amy sighed, mostly out of slight annoyance of him. Wasn't it obvious?

"You know… as a… girlfriend?"

Sonic paused for a long moment looking straight at Amy. Did she really just ask him that? Blushes hardly shown on his face as he started to speak.


He started,

"I… can't say I do… I mean, to me, you are just a very good friend. One of my best ones… You are so kind, but… I just, am not… looking for a relationship…"

Amy turned her head away, her eyes wide as a dinner plate. He… said no… He… didn't like her… like she loved him…

"I just can't like you like that. I could try and try… but still, you are my friend Amy. That is all you will ever be to me…"

Without hesitation, he stood up off the bench, looking over at Amy.

"Bye bye, Amy…"

He said to her as he left, left her there… heartbroken.

This was not small. This was big. She loved him. He liked her. Friends. Friends. Friends…

That one word echoed in her mind…

She fell to the ground, her eyes still wide, as tears fell down her eyes.

'I… should get… home…'

She was too broken to talk, even to herself. She only thought. She should have waited… longer…

But wait, he said 'always friends…'

Even if she had waited… he would have said the same thing…





Amy Rose clenched her gloved hands, so tight… Her teeth touched together, as if it was a jail sail, sealing away her tongue. So tight…

Ping bangs covered her eyes, as those held shut, too. She held those tight, also. It almost hurt.

Some people would think she was being too dramatic, but in fact, she was not. Understand. Her lifelong hero, her crush… her love, had just told her, with no emotion whatsoever, that he did not think of her like that. Heck, not even close to that. He didn't stutter, he would pause. Trying to get right words out, he did it. It hurt…

She was in pain


In her heart…

But wait. She felt a slight… sting…

Not in her heart, though.

Her heart was worse than sting.

Something was stinging, physically.

She soon felt some type of liquid flow down from the sting.

It wasn't tears…

She gasped slightly.

. Opening her eyes, which were pouring down salty liquid, she looked down at her clenched fists, both of them. Blood was making a snail's pace worth of blood, but it seemed for a lot.

She was clenching her hands so tight, she had made them bleed. Amazing.

The girl slowly opened her fists, seeing a pool of red blood. Strange as it seemed, she almost admired it. Never had she made herself bleed. Ever.

The weather seemed to notice her emotions, for it started to pour down rain, and thunder whispered to her. Lightning struck a couple miles away, showing its beauty to any living thing, miles away from it.

The rain washed away the hedgehog's blood, as it wasn't much red, but a very light read as it escaped… But, she had stained her gloves. But… these were her only ones… She had them for who knows how long. Maybe… Just maybe… she could get the stains out. If she didn't, someone would suspect something once they saw her blood stained gloves.

But, she also didn't have to wear them… She could easily just take off the white gloves.

Crap… Wouldn't the marks and cuts still show? Either way, she couldn't win. But she didn't worry that much. Like anyone would notice. Nobody…

'Yes... I really should be… leaving…'

Amy Rose thought as she slowly stood up. She had to hold on to the bench for support, to help her stand.

As though as she was a baby, just learning how to walk, she walked through the busy city, getting pushed a few times by rushing people, trying to get away from, the storm.

As she passed an ally, she heard some strange noises. Her green eyes turned to the ally, only seeing darkness…

'Should I go in there?'

Who cares? What would it matter? Nothing was in there. Nobody was in there. Might as well go check it all out…

The curious pink hedgehog made her way in there. It was so dark… she couldn't see-


She had hit the wall. Hard, too. Her nose started to bleed.


Now, she was left with two bleeding hands, and a bleeding nose.

She looked around. Even if it were not dark, she wouldn't see anything, for nothing was in there. But a wall… maybe a few trashcans…

Amy gasped hard, as a hand touched her left shoulder. It was so cold, and… How could anything be in there? Besides her.

"What are you doing here?"

The voice sounded harsh, mean… Cold… Of a male. But… why? Why was she here?

"Speak up, woman."

Amy turned around, and saw that nobody was there. She breathed hard, once she turned around and saw the figure right in front of her. It was so dark… She could not see him.


She did see…

That he had…

Blood red eyes. They practically glowed.

They scared her.


The eyes didn't.

The whole fact that somebody was in there with her. It could be anyone…

"What business do you have here?"

It hissed, as it seemed annoyed.

She opened her mouth.

She could not speak…

All she could out was a whimper.

The thing sighed, and Amy left the ground.

He was holding her by the neck… Growling.

"Listen, girl. If you don't answer my simple question, I will be forced to dispose of you."

She opened her mouth once again, letting out another whimper…"

"I… heard… something… I… Curious…"

She choked out, and before she knew it, had been dropped to the floor.

"It is… dangerous out here… Why are you out alone?"

The voice seemed a bit concerned, now. Should she answer him?

"I don't… know…"

She had answered. Was it good enough?

"You are… Amy Rose, aren't you?"

She almost gasped, looking at the red eyes of the thing.

How did he… know her?

"You… how…?"

The eyes lowered, as if the figure was sitting down, to the wall. He was. They were now closed.

"I known you, awhile back…"

He answered.

Lightning lit up the area, and Amy got a short look at the figure. She saw him perfectly for a short while. Just long enough to recognize him.

"Sh… Sh… Sh-"

She was so surprised… that… couldn't get out his name.


Amy let out, as the black and red hedgehog nodded.

"Aren't you-"


He interrupted her, knowing what she would have said.

"You may have thought that… I honestly don't know how exactly I survived. I just, found myself in here. And for some years now, I had been hiding around here."

Amy paused, as she looked down, and back to his visible eyes.

"But… how do you eat?"

"The trashcans… I search around in there for any amount of food…"

That made Amy feel very bad. Here for all this time, he had been stuck in here, eating like a stray mutt. She even heard him stomach growl slightly.

"Yeah, it is true. I am hungry right now. People don't leave much food anymore. They eat most of it…"

He chuckled slightly, but it all went away.

Amy just couldn't let him stay here. He wouldn't survive that much longer if he didn't get proper health…

"Shadow… Would you please, come with me? You need shelter, and real food…"

Shadow looked up at her. Did she offer him a place to stay? If so, why?

"I… don't know."

He couldn't possibly take an offer such as that. Amy started to cry a bit, and it was hard to tell by the raid. He sniffed the air, and looked straight at her. He was indeed, some concerned. He didn't like it.

"Why are you crying?"

He asked, a bit annoyed.

"Shadow, please… come with me. I can't let you just stay here…"

She seemed serious… but… how could she even think about caring for him, even the slightest bit?

He thought for a long moment. And after that, he came up with his answer.

"Okay… but please…stop crying."

Amy Rose smiled lightly, and nodded, wiping away her tears.

"Fallow me-?"

She soon left the ground, and noticed, she was being picked up on his back…

"Tell me the way. I am faster…"

"Erm… sure…"

As she told him the way, he listened, and they soon made it to her apartment. He let her touch land, and she got out her key.

"I hope you will like it here, Shadow."

She said with a sweet smile, and let him in.

As he entered, he looked around. They were in her living room.

Amy went into her bathroom, and came back with a towel,


She said, as she handed him the towel.

"While you dry off, I am going to go get dressed into my pajamas, okay?"

Before he could answer, she left for her room.

Moments later, she came back. She had silky pink pants on, with sheep jumping over fences on it. A white cotton shirt with one sheep on it, no fence, held upon her upper body.

"There, I feel better…"

She looked at Shadow,

"Would you like a big T-shirt, or something?"

Shadow shook his head,

"I have no need for anything…"

"Oh… okay…"

Amy said, as she darted for the kitchen.

"Hey, I can make you something to eat! How does chicken sound? Beef?"

"I don't care…

He replied, as he sat on the living room couch.

"Okay, both!"

She smiled, and started to cook.

Many empty, messy plates sat in the sink, as Amy watched Shadow have his fifth serving of food. He was eating a great amount of seasoned chicken, with beef. He was, indeed, hungry. Amy smiled as she took his last plate.

"Wow, I am glad you liked it!"

Setting the plate in the sink, she rinsed it. She heard a big yawn come out of the black hedgehog, and smiled.

"Come with me, I will show you where you will be staying."

He did as he was told, as she led him to a nice room. The walls her white, and there was a big bed with a nice, warm blanket on top.

"You can sleep in the guest room, okay?"

She was making her way out, and soon felt Shadow's hand, holding onto her wrist.

"Amy Rose…"

He whispered, and let go of her wrist,

"Thank you."

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