A/N Koori asked the dreaded "I wonder what..." question about Vader's thoughts when he sent the telegram at the end of Knights and Eros Bound.

Here is the answer.

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Just Names

Canaille, Aubé Gris MIA-KIA-BNR-398-0098-876-877.

Missing in Action, Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered

If it were possible, Vader thought that he might have sighed at the news.

Canaille, Aubé Gris


Shurke Canaille…Kampher…

For as long as he could remember, Darth Vader had retained a database of names on a 'watch list' – a virtual 'ear to the ground' of persons of note: Jedi that may have come out of hiding to join the rebellion, Senators whose activities denoted more careful scrutiny, and other persons of potential interest.

Canaille, Aubé Gris.

The daughter of former Jedi.

Kam and Schurke..

He had watched the career of young Canaille with great interest. She had joined the Imperial Academy in her 17th year, and had been an excellent student. Extensive combat training. Intelligent. Minor discipline issues due to temperament.

Anger is not the Jedi way…

But she wasn't a Jedi.

He had tracked her career from the beginning, watching for signs that she had inherited any Force abilities from her parents, hoping to snatch her from the clutches of the Emperor. who would seek such a candidate for himself as a lesser agent. To his dismay, if she did have any such abilities, she had kept them well hidden.

At least at first.

Feigning a general inspection of the graduates, he had met her only the one time in hopes that his instincts were actually correct; that a child of two Force sensitives would have at least some potential of her own.

As it turned out, had been right. The potential was there. Like a bright light that had been intentionally shrouded by tossing a cloak over it, her Force ability called to him like a whisper in the dark. With the right direction, that light could be reflected and redirected to serve the dark.

To serve him.

An apprentice of his own.

Subtly and discreetly, Vader had orchestrated a few opportunities for his potential apprentice to prove herself. A minor command here; a successful mission there. Nothing that would attract the attention of the Emperor, at least not directly, but simple tests to see if she was truly worthy.

She had been.

But now, she was just another name to cross off the list of potential candidates.

Just another name, nothing more.

Kam and Schurke's daughter.



When the name had shown up on the list, his list of losses, Vader had gone to his personal training room and destroyed nearly a dozen combat training modules in an attempt to channel his rage. What he was raging at, he wasn't exactly sure: after all, it was only another name.

Aubé Canaille – daughter of Schurke and Kampher.

A child, as he and… She… had been denied.

Schurke and Kampher had left the Order, and although they, too, were names on his list, they had never shown up as being involved in any insurgent activities. Indeed, even though Schurke had become a politician on Correllia, neither he nor Kampher had ever shown the slightest signs of being anything other than ordinary citizens. Not even the fact that they were former Jedi was of any consequence, for their son had followed the path of his mother as a Healer, and Aubé had been nothing but a model citizen of the Empire.

In short, they had the life that he could have had. That they should have had.

Beneath the mask, what remained of Anakin Skywalker bit his lower lip, and then angrily pushed the feeling aside. Regret was for the weak.

Canaille, Aubé Gris IA-KIA-BNR-398-0098-876-877.

Missing in Action, Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered

Kampher and Schurke had lost their daughter.

Regret was for the weak.

Transmission date: 29.34.018

Transmission source: ISD Executor

Transmission source: Classified

Recipient/s: R.H. Canaille, Schurke & Kampher

Message follows:

Condolences on your loss of your daughter Aubé. She was lost with a garrison of the Academy's finest students and would have been a great asset to the Empire, in time.

In service,

Lord Vader

Message by courier:

Received at the Gubernatorial Offices, 3rd Sector, Correllia

TO: The Right Honorable Schurke Canaille, Governor 3rd Sector, Correllia

PERSONAL and Confidential

Pappa; Alive, well and with friends who think as I do.

Will come home when this is over.

The Force is with me.