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Pairings: Speed and Calleigh

Author's Note: This fic is based on a dream...wait no let me rephrase it a nightmare that I had a few nights ago. its going to stick to the nightmare. Except i'm adding a little to make it longer. And of course its going to be Calleigh instead of me and there's going to be a few other minor changes. I might not get right into the nightmare but i'll put 'this is were the nightmare began' when its time.

Author's Note: Thank you to Speedfanatic05 and Speed'sgirl22 for telling me that it I should write this and get it off my chest.

Author's Note: The beginning of this chapter is going to be part of the end of the story. I know its a little confusing but you'll see. lol.

The Results Of Drinking And Driving


Calleigh sighed. "Eric I can't do this."

"Cal...he's going to be fine."

"Eric he's suffering. I mean look at him."

Eric and Calleigh looked over at Tim who was struggling to get out of his wheelchair for his rehablitation session. "Calleigh he's going to get better. I promise."

"I just want it to go back to the way it was before...all this happend."


"Good morning guys." said Calleigh as she walked into the scene.

"Hey Cal." said Tim.

Calleigh looked around for Horatio and Eric. "Where is everyone else?"

"Its just me and you today. H is in court and Eric is working solo...disspointed?"

Calleigh smiled her smile that could make Tim Speedle or any other man go weak at the knees smile. "No...but Eric working a case solo. Is that wise?"

"I dunno...I guess we'll see."

Alexx looked up at the flirting pair. "Are you guys done or would you like my anaylise?"

Calleigh smiled. "I always like to hear what you have to say Alexx."

Alexx smiled and continued. "Her kneck was broken."

"What's that crystalized susbtance around her mouth Alexx?" asked Tim as he snapped a picture

"I don't know Timmy...your the trace expert you tell me."

Tim eyed Alexx and then smiled. A smile that could make some girls go weak at the knees. Especailly Calleigh Duquesne. But the thing about Tim Speedle's smile was it was rare. Like a shooting star. You had to study and watch closely or you'd lose it and you might never know when you'd see it again.

Tim and Calleigh finished processing the scene and were on there way back to the lab when they got stuck in traffic on the Causeway.

"Damn its hot." said Tim as he turned up the air conditioner another notch.

"Does it make you miss New York?"

Tim looked at her. "And miss the heat, sand, sun...never." Calleigh didn't hear it but he muttered you as well.

Calleigh smiled and wiped the sweat from her forehead. "You ok you look a little flushed." said Tim.

"I'm fine...I just haven't drank anything in awhile. I think I may be dehydrated."

"Here..." said Tim as he reached back in the back seat and grabbed a bottle of water from his bag. "Drink some of this."

"Are you sure?"

"Cal, its just water...its not like its gold or anything."

Calleigh smiled and drank some of the water. "Hey there whoa whoa." said Tim as he took the bottle away from her slightly. "Don't drink it so fast. I just traded in my Ducati for this car. And I really don't need you throwing up in it because you drank to fast."

Calleigh smiled. "Aren't you the perfect gentlemen." suddenly it dawned on her. "Wait a minute...you sold your Ducati?"

Tim nodded. "Yeah...I figured I'm not a teenager anymore get a car it has an a.c." Calleigh laughed lightly.

"I liked the Ducati though."

"Really?" asked Tim with a smirk. She nodded. "You like the bad boys?"

Calleigh blushed. Weither if it was from the heat or just from Tim Speedle she didn't know.

"Every girl likes a bad boy once in awhile."

"And do you think that I'm a bad boy?"

Calleigh turned her head to look at him but then someone honked there horn at him. Calleigh cleared her throat. "Um...Tim...I think its your turn to go."

Tim nodded and hit the gas.


"Hey." said Tim as he entered the ballistics lab not looking up from his file. "I identified the substance on her mouth. Its syrup. Alexx said her stomach contents had waffles in it so...i'm guessing it was her last meal. Did you.." Tim was cut off as he looked over at Calleigh and saw that she was asleep. Her hair pulled back into a messy bun. She was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. She had her head in her arms that were resting on the small desk of hers in the corner.

Tim smiled and walked over to her. He got down on his knees and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. She was really the most beautiful women he had ever met in his life. He just wished he could be there for her one day. The way she was there for him. When Holis died she was there for him. When Wally killed himself she was there. She was always there.

Tim reached out his hand and nudged her shoulder lightly. "Calleigh...wake up." She shifted in her seat but didn't wake up. " Tim smiled. "Calleigh...honey...wake up."

"Tim...five more minutes."

"Cal...your at work you need to wake up."

Calleigh shifted in her seat and when it dawned on her head snapped up. "Oh my god Tim. I am so sorry. I guess I just got tired from the heat. I swear I didn't mean to."

Tim laughed lightly. "Hey i'm not Horatio...you don't need to explain yourself."

Calleigh smiled weakly. "So what did you find?" Tim was captivated by her rick southern accent. Sometimes it would jsut send him overboad.

"The substance around her mouth was syrup. Alexx said she had waffles in her stomach."

Calleigh nodded. "So we still thinking accident?"

"Looks that way."

Calleigh shook her head. "Its bad when someone kills someone but its sad when its an accident."

"Its always sad."

Calleigh smiled weakly. "You ok?"

Tim nodded. "Listen uh...you want to go get some dinner. I'll pay."

Calleigh smiled. "Always the gentlemen."

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