What are you when you have no memories of who you are? Yami soon discovers that Bakura remembers the past. How far is he willing to go to find out the truth, especially when Bakura refuses to tell him anything? Is there a limit at all? (not yaoi, not torture, not in a humorous way either.)

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Screams of Shadows

"Why have you forgotten! Why!"

Yami stared about frantically, but all was complete darkness. The voice was distant, echoing. There was something familiar about it; its deepness held a regal air, yet he could not place it.

"Where are you?" Yami screamed, turning around helplessly.


"Why aren't you up yet?"

"Huh?" Yami slowly opened his eyes, staring at the figure almost identical to himself.

"I asked you why you haven't gotten up yet. For heaven's sake, Yami, we're supposed to meet up with the others in half an hour!" Yugi's large, violet eyes held a look of complete exasperation.

"Who? Wha…?" Yami blinked, his mind still clouded by the dream.

"Just hurry up and get dressed. I'll get some breakfast set up for you," Yugi sighed, walking quickly for the door.

"Why?" Yami murmured, brain still replaying the voice.

"So you won't starve until lunchtime, silly."

"Huh? I'm sorry, abiou. Did you say something?" Yami asked, glancing about the room for the first time.

"You are impossible sometimes. You know that," Yugi muttered, shutting the door behind him.

Yami blinked in confusion before shaking his head and walking to his closet.

What were you thinking about this morning? Didn't you sleep well last night?" Yugi questioned as the two of them walked down the street.

"I slept fine, abiou. I was just…I've been having strange dreams lately… I think they may have something to do with my past." Yugi's eyes widened at this.

"But…I thought you didn't have memories…" he said softly, still staring at his other half.

At this, Yami's gaze dropped to the pavement ahead of them. They both knew this was a delicate subject for him to discuss. He knew Yugi was trying to be as gentle as possible when discussing it. Yami sighed heavily.

"Perhaps…it's nothing, abiou. It's probably just my mind trying to make some sense of it all," he murmured, eyes still cast downward.

Yugi finally tore his gaze from Yami. "I bet you're right. Your mind doesn't have a past to remember. So therefore…it's trying to create a reason for not remembering. It's something the human mind does; tries to create logic from confusion."

Yami nodded slowly. They continued on in silence until they reached the apartment building Jou lived in. In front of the complex stood Honda and Jou.

"Jou! Honda!" Yugi greeted cheerily, running up to them.

"Hey Yug! How's it goin'?" Jou grinned, slapping his shorter friend on the shoulder.

Yami smiled as he watched the trio joke about. He slowly trudged up to them. He was having a difficult time focusing on anything this morning.

"Hi Yami," Honda grinned while holding a struggling Jou in a headlock.

"Hey Yami man, could you help me get this jerk off?" Jou squirmed violently in Honda's tight embrace.

Yami chuckled as he and Yugi helped free Jou.

"So where's Anzu?" Jou asked, glancing about.

"She had to run some errands or something. She said she'd meet us at Ryou's," Yugi smiled as they began to walk away together.

"WHAT!" Yami, Jou, and Honda halted to a stop, staring in amazement at their little friend. Yugi smiled innocently as he looked back and forth between his companions.

"Yug, you're not serious!" Jou exclaimed.

"Heh," Yugi grinned, scratching his head.

"I'll take it you are," Honda moaned, slapping his forehead.

"Yugi, you do realize that the tomb robber resides in that house?" Yami muttered, rubbing his temples. This day was going from bad to worse.

Yugi stood up to his tallest, (heh) staring confidently back at his darker half. "Yami, I know, all right. That's where you come in…"

"What?" Yami narrowed his eyes, not liking where this conversation was going.

"Ryou has made Bakura promise not to attack, insult, or in any way mock or infuriate you. No shadow powers either. I promised you'd show the same courtesy."

"Ryou can't make Bakura do anything," Jou rolled his eyes.

"It's a trick," Yami agreed at the very thought of the ancient thief's smirking face. "He's always up to something."

Yugi stood his ground firmly, staring defiantly at his friends. "Ryou said Bakura gave his word. At least give him a chance."

"The tomb robber does not deserve a chance. He's had multiple chances where he could have made peace but instead chose violence and destruction," Yami stated, folding his arms.

"Plus he's just psychotic," Jou grumbled.

Yugi threw up his arms in exasperation. "Fine! You wimps wait here. I'll go get Ryou and Anzu myself. You guys are pathetic." With that he stormed off towards Ryou's.

"Abiou, you are not going there alone!" Yami yelled, running after with Jou and Honda at his heels.

Yugi spun around, facing them. "Then promise, Yami."

Yami's eyes widened as he stared back.

/ Yugi, I cannot make a promise like that! What if…/ Yami began through their mind link.

/ Just promise you won't start anything. You have a time controlling your temper, you know. / Yugi pleaded.

/….Fine. But if he throws a fireball full of shadow magic there will be no holding back on my part. /

Yugi grinned at this comment and was satisfied.

Jou and Honda watched the two smile and begin to walk away.

"Man, I hate it when they do that. I never know what's going on!" Jou shook his head as they trailed behind the pair of multi-colored haired boys.

"You said it," Honda replied dully.

"Hey guys!" Ryou beamed, opening the front door to his home. The four friends stood somewhat awkwardly on the porch, alert.

"Hi Ryou!" Yugi replied cheerily. "Is Anzu here yet?"

"Not yet. She should be soon though. Does anyone want a snack while we're…?"

"Hoo yeah!" Jou grinned before anyone could stop him.

'Damn!' thought Yami.

"All right, come on in!" Ryou smiled, disappearing into the house.

"Ooooh shit…" Jou breathed, realization hitting him in a full swing.

"Great going, champ," Honda groaned.

"Well, let's not offend Ryou," Yami said through gritted teeth.

Yugi rolled his eyes and led the way into the house.

"Just make yourselves comfortable here in the living room. I'll go find something to munch," Ryou grinned as he strolled toward the kitchen. "Oh guys," he stopped in the doorway. "Stay out of there, okay?" he stated, pointing to a closed door near the entrance to the hallway. "Bakura's in there. He said he'll stay out of our way if we stay out of his. You get the idea," Ryou added knowingly before disappearing into the kitchen.

"All too well," Honda muttered as they stood awkwardly in the center of the living room.

"Well," Yugi chippered up, "let's sit down and wait for Anzu." He plopped down on the nearest blue lazy-boy chair.

"Y-yeah. Shouldn't take too long. Then we can get outta here," Honda sighed, glancing at the "forbidden" Door.

"I don't know 'bout you guys, but I'm starvin'!" Jou grinned as he stretched out on the couch by the large front window. This statement was met with exasperated sighs from the others.

"I doubt he's even in there. It's too quiet. You can always tell something's amuck when the tomb robber's quiet," Yami stated, peering towards the Door.

"Forget about it, Yami," Yugi sighed, tired of the whole ordeal.

/ But abiou…/

/ I said no more and I meant it! I want to have a fun day with our friends. Is that so much to ask for/

/ But the tomb robber…/

/ I said knock it off/

Jou and Honda watched this subtle interaction. Honda looked quite bored with it. Jou finally spoke up.

"Will you two stop dat? It makes me really uncomfortable," Jou sat his chin on his hand.

"My apologies, Jou, it's kind of a habit," Yami grinned sheepishly.

"Here we are!" Ryou appeared in the doorway with an assortment of snacks on a huge glass tray.

"Dat's what I'm talking about!" Jou jumped up immediately and in an instant was beside their host who was attempting to set the tray down on the coffee table whilst Jou and Honda attacked the contents upon it.

Yami and Yugi laughed.

"I swear, Honda, you're as bad as him sometimes!" Yami chuckled as they watched the two cram as much food as their mouths would permit.

"Y'know, they'd probably be able to eat three times as fast if they could unhinge their jaws like a snake," Yugi stated matter-of-factly.

"What?" he asked cheerfully when everyone stared.

They all froze at the sound of shouting what sounded like threats came from the Door. They were all on their feet in an instant. Jou and Honda looked ready to flee the house.

"Not again," Ryou mumbled wearily.

"Who-who's he yellin' at?" Jou asked, trying to look calm.

"….Yami?" Yugi asked worriedly.

The others turned to the former monarch's entire frame tensed, trembling slightly. His eyes were wide in disbelief, fists clenched at his side. Without warning, Yami raced to the door and barged in, ignoring the others' yells.

The former tomb robber sat in a swivel chair with a look of pure shock on his face, a cigarette dangling between his slender, pale fingers. Yami marched over and yanked the other up by the collar of this shirt so they were eye to eye.

"What did you just say!"

The others reached the doorway and skidded to a terrified halt. The two Yamis stood in the corner of the room. The tension was obvious. Yami appeared out of breath and unable to find his voice at the moment. His eyes glowed with aggression and…was it disbelief?

/ Yami/ Yugi whispered tentatively through their mind link only to find Yami's end sealed.

Bakura's eyes had lost their surprised look. In place there was a look of indifference along with a glint that was hard to place. A slight grin spread across his face. He opened his mouth and blew a cloud of smoke directly into the panting pharaoh's face. Said monarch lost his grip on the tomb raider's collar as he coughed, his lungs choking on the smoke.

"Ryou," Bakura's gruff voice cut through the silence like a knife. "I do believe you said that if I held up my end of the bargain that this dolt would do the same…not that I expected him to," the thief added, raising the cigarette to his lips as he studied the other yami before him who had regained his composure.

Ryou trembled slightly beside the others.

"Don't you…go blaming…anything on him," Yami wheezed, clenching his fists tightly.

"Hmm…." the tomb robber let out another puff of black smoke. "And to what do I owe the pleasure of your…greeting?" Bakura eyed the pharaoh intensely as if he could pick apart the other's mind piece by piece.

"What you said….what you were yelling…" Yami began, remembering why he'd barged in in the first place.

Bakura scoffed, "Oh Ra, don't tell me you're upset because I was cursing all the gods and deity that came to mind?" Shaking his head in mock sorrow, the thief plopped back down into his chair and turned towards the computer monitor. "Machines can be such a pain in the ass…like former rulers of ancient civilizations."

'Oooh boy,' Yugi thought.

Yami grabbed the back of the chair and yanked it around so Bakura was facing him once again. The former pharaoh placed a hand on either arm of the chair to prevent the other from getting up. He moved closer to the thief, eyes burning with intensity.

"You listen here! You were speaking Ancient Egyptian!" Yami finally voiced what he'd wanted to say since he'd come into the room.

Bakura's eyes were now full of boredom and annoyance. "Oh my, you don't say. Ra forbid a former ancient Egyptian thief should be able to speak ancient Egyptian!" he cried in mock horror.

Yami closed in on Bakura. "How did you learn it! Where! When!"

Bakura blinked in confusion. "I grew up speaking it. Ancient Egypt. A few thousand years ago."

Yami gawked at him in disbelief, his jaw slacked. The others remained silent, befuddled and quite intimidated by the scene before them.

"What are you getting at?" Bakura asked suspiciously, slanted eyes narrowing.

"You….you remember!" Yami whispered hoarsely.

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