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Yami cleared his throat. "Bakura…is the reason you refused to tell me about Egypt because of the way I was back then?"

The other yami looked up in puzzlement. "What?"

Yami chuckled darkly. "I know what kind of person I was…I was a ruthless leader, allowing my title to get to my head…I wasn't the king I was hoping I was when I couldn't remember…I was a tyrant."

Bakura shrugged. "It wasn't a unique thing for a pharaoh."

Yami looked down at his feet. "Then I guess I did my job just right. A vicious, insensitive…" He turned away.

Bakura looked at him with his slanted eyes. "If you left Domino around the time that I did…why haven't you gone back?"

Yami's shoulders sagged in defeat. "I can't face them…not when I know what I was…things can't be the same because I know what I've done…"

Bakura scoffed. "So that's it then?" Yami looked up with soulless eyes. "You're basing what you can and can't feel on what you acted like in the past?" He chuckled darkly. "Well if that's how we should deal with this then I might as well go out and hang myself right now, eh?"

Yami glared. "You had reasons…I'm sure you did…"

"And that justifies it?" the thief asked darkly, staring up with fire in his eyes. "Yami, you're not the person you were. I could tell it the moment I recognized you in these times. You protected people…you were honest and persistent. If you're going to put all you've become to waste and focus on what you were perhaps you should be the one going off and hanging himself."

Yami blinked in astonishment. "Did you just compliment me?"

Bakura smirked. "Don't let it go to your head."

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