Part One: The Opera Ghost


Before he became an angel he was just a ghost. A story that tells how the infamous Opera Ghost became the Angel of Music. Set before the 2004 movie.
Antoinette Giry's footsteps were drowned out as she walked through the bustle of the backstage. In two weeks time an opera was to be performed and rehearsals were now in full swing. Costumes were being fitted and props were being finished.

"Hurry up my dear," she said to her daughter. The small blonde scurried forward and grasped her mother's hand.

The stage was relatively calm compared to the back stage. The conductor, Monsieur Reyer was discussing something with Monsieur Lefevre, the manager of the Opera Populaire. Upon seeing her however, Monsieur Lefevre turned his head.

"Madame Giry," he smiled, "how are you today?"

"I am fine, though I wonder why you have called me here," she replied irritably, "I have to make sure my dancers are ready for rehearsal."

"Ah, yes. I apologise however, the new first violinist will be arriving today. Any minute now actually."


"And I would like you to meet him. Seeing as you are the ballet mistress it is only appropriate."

"I see, and where is he?" she asked. That wasn't the real reason; it did not matter if she were to meet the man. But the Ghost would be interested and she was the means he conveyed his thoughts.

"Here he is now. Monsieur Daae!"

Antoinette turned her head to see the man. He was fairly young with dark somewhat curly hair and dark eyes. He looked slightly dishevelled and pale though, as if he were sick. He was with another man with greying brown hair and a moustache, dressed in a suit. No doubt his patron.

"Welcome to the Opera Populaire Monsieur Daae," Monsieur Lefevre said, "I would like you to meet our conductor, Monsieur Reyer and the ballet mistress, Madame Giry."

"A pleasure," he replied, "I am Gustave Daae."

The other man leaned in and whispered something in his ear. Gustave nodded his head and the other man left with a stiff nod towards the others.

"Monsieur Daae is quite well know in Sweden," Monsieur Lefevre went on, and the Opera Populaire is very pleased to have him with us."

Gustave smiled and a bit of colour crept into his cheeks, "Thank you."

"Well, you are no doubt tired from your trip," Monsieur Lefevre said, eyes darting up to the flies, "you will of course be wanting to return to your apartment."

"Maman," Meg whined, pulling on her mother's skirts.

"Hush my dear," Antoinette scolded.

"How sweet," Gustave murmured, "I have a daughter of my own…Christine?"

Antoinette looked down and noticed the young girl hiding behind her father's legs. Thick brown curls surrounded her small face and her large brown eyes widened with fear.

"She is very shy at times," he explained, "Christine why don't you say hello to…I'm afraid-"

"Meg," Antoinette replied, "Meg go say hello to Christine, perhaps you could take her to show her your doll?"

Meg beamed at the prospects and hurried over to grab Christine's hand. It took a bit of coaxing, but soon Christine was trailing behind Meg as they hurried off the stage.

"Monsieur Lefevre," Monsieur Reyer sighed, "we really must begin rehearsal. Will Monsieur Daae be joining us or not?"

"I will," Gustave answered, "if it is at all possible."

"Of course," Monsieur Reyer said, "you will need to learn the music."

"Yes, of course," Monsieur Lefevre sighed, "carry on. Madame, I will no doubt see you later on today."

"No doubt."

"Well, I will be leaving you to it then. Good luck!"

Monsieur Reyer directed Gustave to the orchestra pit and handed him the folder of music that they would be playing in the next orchestra. Antoinette could not help but sigh, his first rehearsal, which meant his true trial was to begin.

"I hope you like him," she murmured, glancing up at the rafters above the stage.

The rehearsal began and the stage immediately became a mess of dancers and singers, at some points in time Antoinette wondered how they ever managed to get the show together for opening night. It never seemed possible at first, but it always happened.

"Non!" she shouted, "Charlotte, you are off count!"

The final chords played and everyone scattered, moving off the stage or to the side to gossip and discuss the horrendous costumes and crowded stage. The dancers all hurried over the Antoinette.

"I'm sorry," Charlotte apologized.

"It is fine, just try to keep time. Take a break for now the rehearsal is over. Stretch and do back to the dormitory to get changed."

They murmured their ascent and bustled off the stage in a flurry of practice skirts and gossip. Antoinette allowed a small smile to grace her lips they were all good girls.

"Madame Giry?" Monsieur Reyer called.

"Oui Monsieur?"

"A good rehearsal, wasn't it?"

Antoinette nodded her head. Monsieur Reyer always looked so nervous, as if the smallest upset could set off some sort of panic attack. It reminded her a little of a mouse, or perhaps that was because that was what he had used to describe him. 'A twitchy mouse of a man.'

"Yes, it will all be together by opening night."

"I hope so...what did you think Monsieur Daae?"

"Its different," he sighed, "and a bit…I'm not sure I could describe it."

"Hectic?" Antoinette offered.

"Yes, hectic. But the music is simple enough, I will have it memorized for the performance."

"Good, good," Monsieur Reyer sighed, "I will give you the music to the other opera we will be starting soon."

"Tomorrow," Antoinette said, resting her hands on her cane, "I hope you are ready Monsieur Daae, the life at the opera can be quite interesting at times."

He sighed and looked over the music in front of him, then gave a small smile to Monsieur Reyer and Antoinette. Life at the opera did look to be quite exciting, if not stressful.

"I would like to hear you play, without the rest of the orchestra now," Monsieur Reyer said, "just so I can hear what you can do."

"Of course Monsieur."

Gustave lifted the violin and placed it under his chin. Without hesitation he lifted the bow and played the sheet music in front of him, eyes darting across the page as he read the notes.

"Enough thank you Monsieur Daae. You may go home now," he waited until the violinist had left before turning to Antoinette, "what do you think Madame?"

"He is very talented, I cannot see our Ghost having any problems with him."

"No, but then again I don't know what was wrong with the last one. Poor soul…"

Antoinette sighed lightly and turned to head back to her room. True, there had been no evident problems with the last violinist, but then again he was not known for his cool thinking and rational behaviour. Still, what he had done did seem rash, but it was best not to dwell on what he did for no matter how hard she tried Antoinette still could not understand his wild moods and unpredictable behaviour.

"Maman!" Meg exclaimed, running over with Christine following behind.

"My dear, Christine's father will be looking for her. Come we must go find him."

"Of course maman."

Antoinette led the two little girls through the theatre. She found Gustave waiting back stage, obviously hoping that his daughter would somehow show up.

"Papa!" Christine exclaimed, dashing over to her father.

Gustave swept her up into his arms and kissed her cheek, "Thank you Madame. Christine did you have fun?"

"Mmm hmm," she murmured.

"I will see you tomorrow," Antoinette said.

"Yes, thank you again Madame, for letting our daughters play together. Aurevoir."

Antoinette sighed and started to make her way back through the theatre. Meg dashed ahead of her, eager to try and find one of the younger dancers to play with. That suited Antoinette well, for as she walked she kept her eyes peeled on the ground. But there was nothing, no note. Perhaps he was waiting for tomorrow's rehearsal. That way everyone could hear his opinions.

"Hurry up maman!" Meg urged.

"I am coming my dear," she replied. Then with a final glance at the floor she hurried after her daughter.

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