He made his way through the bustle of the crowd, staying in the shadows to remain unseen. Luckily with such crowds he went relatively unnoticed, just another well-dressed man amongst a hundred others. He quickly found the dressing room Christine would be using and slipped a key out of his pocket.

No one noticed him slip inside and close the door. He breathed a quick sigh of relief and pulled a single red rose tied with a red satin ribbon out from the folds of his cloak. He quickly lay it on a nearby table and made his way to the mirror. It had been years since he had ever used the passage behind the mirror and he quickly checked the weights and counterbalances to make sure that it was working. Then, just as he had entered, he exited, slipping back into the shadows and away from the room, just as Antoinette pushed though the crowd, ushering Christine.

He waited, staying as far back into the shadows as he could. He watched as the new patron entered the room with a bouquet of flowers and frowned.

As the other people started to leave he edged towards the door and listened to the end of the conversation through the door.

"No doubt of it. And now we go to supper!" Raoul said.

"No, Raoul; the Angel of Music is very strict!" Christine gasped.

"I shan't keep you up late!" the young man reasoned.

"No, Raoul…"

"You must change. I'll order my carriage. Two minutes - Little Lotte."

Erik quickly stepped to the side as the door opened and held his breath as the young man hurried away, not noticing him. As the door closed he heard Christine, "Raoul! No, wait!" Erik growled low in his throat, this was no time for a handsome young man to enter her life, especially one she seemed to know. He quickly turned the key in the door, locking Christine inside and hurried around to make his way back behind the mirror.

Christine sighed and stared at the door for a moment before looking around the lavishly decorated dressing room. With a sigh she began to undo the dress and, though she was not entirely sure how, she managed to get it off and found a dressing gown to put on. After all, there was nothing else for her to wear, the dressing room wasn't even hers.

She put it on and began to tie it as she walked to the door. She had no intentions of going out with Raoul, even though she did want to see her old friend again. She figured that if she returned to the dormitory he would not be able to find her, and then she would not have to worry. She just hoped that her Angel was not upset that she had been alone with him.

With a final sigh she murmured, "I'm sorry, Raoul."

Erik emerged in the passage behind the mirror slightly out of breath and heart hammering in his chest harder then he had ever imagined it could. He took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves, still unsure whether or not he should actually go through with it. But he was here and she was just beyond a trick mirror.

He saw her just as she started to tie the dressing gown and heard for the door. For a moment his resolve faltered, but then he heard her murmur the name of the young man and he felt his temper flare. he took a step forward just as she reached for the door and focussed his anger before opening his mouth.

He had no idea what chain of event would unfold from that one moment. He did not know that through opening his mouth he would set off a chain of events that would put the theatre in peril as well as his own life and the life on the one he loved so dearly.

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