Well, everyone. This is good ol' DarthMonkey, speaking to you from the dust. It's been years, and then more years. Since I stopped writing "Runaways", I've had adventures and found myself in a whole new place in life. I've learned a language (ironically, not Japanese!) and seen things I could have only dreamed of. I've found myself thrown to the other side of the world and back, for causes which I don't entirely understand. It has been an adventure, and I'm almost a different person because of it.

But to this day, "Runaways" has always been on the back of my mind. Barely a day has gone by that I didn't regret leaving it unfinished. Now, because of circumstances that I couldn't have anticipated, I've fallen back in love with the world that I spent so many hours creating. Thousands of reviews and hundreds of thousands of hits have convinced me that even though my writing style is so different now than it was back then, I want to finish what I've started.

I'll be writing for the rest of my life, so I hope that you all stay with me. Let's enjoy "Runaways" again, together, and at long last experience the end of the epic adventure together. - and I hope you'll be with me for my next work as well!

I have one request... I know it's not really the established way of doing things, and I know that I've asked for reviews before, but I want to know something. If you ever leave me a single review, do it now - just to tell me what you think about all this. Are you with me?