Authors Note: Now before people start flaming me and telling me stuff that I already know, please read the following so that you understand the story.

I now that in the manga, Akito is a female. But I'm going by the anime version in which Akito is male. Also, there shall be no Rin or Kureno will be appearing.

I also know that its impossible for someone to know Japanese right off the bat but this is a fanfic so please ignore it.

I know that there is no Falcon in the Chinese Zodiac. This story is kind of AU so please forgive that. Hey, at least I didn't choose a cute and fuzzy animal like most fangirls.

I know that you all probably think that this will be a Mary-sue but it wont. That much I can promise you ok.

Now that you have read my authors note, you can read the story to your content.

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We all know about the legend of the zodiac. And about how god invited all the animals to a banquet. Then how the rat deceived the cat so that he would miss the banquet, then how the rat rode on the cow so that he was the first to arrive. Well, what if the cat wasn't the only one who missed the banquet? There was also a falcon, perched high atop the tree, which was also invited. The falcon however, rejected the invitation and instead spread its wings and took flight into the heavens and left the banquet behind. No one is really sure why it did that but since then, the falcon has always been born apart from the other animals. And only those most knowledgeable in the zodiac know of its story.

A loan blue bird flew high above the clouds, its great wings spread apart as it soared through the air. A shrill call could be heard from the bird. A call of freedom and grace as it flew further in the horizon until it disappeared. The only proof of its existence was a loan blue feather and the haunting melody of its call, which still echoed through the sky.

Dark eyes opened from their sleep. The figure of a man got up from his bed, drenched in sweat. Panting hard his dark hair fell over his black eyes. A smirk played on his lips and he gave a shrill laugh. "So, the bird disappeared in the horizon huh? Well its time for the little birdie to come back to its cage." He said, his eyes burning with a dark desire.

"Hatori, come here." The black eyed man ordered. Another man entered the room.

"What is it Akito-san?" the man, Hatori, asked.

"The falcon. I dreamt about the falcon. I need all the cursed ones here in order to get rid of this curse. Find the falcon and bring them to me!" Akito ordered, a smile still played on his lips.

"As you wish." Hatori said before exiting the room.

"You damn rat! I'll kill you" Came a cry from the other room.

"Oh boy, there at it again." Shigure commented as he looked up from his newspaper. Tohru sighed hopping that there was some way that she could stop them from fighting. Yeah, like that could ever happen.

"Idiot." Was the answer as the orange haired boy was sent flying through the paper door.

"Would you two stop trying to destroy my house!" Shigure yelled at the two boys. Yuki walked calmly into the living room while Kyo limped back in.

"Oh, Kyo-kun, do you need my help?" Tohru asked the boy as she rushed toward him. Unfortunately for her, she tripped over the rug and fell on him. Inevitably hugging him. Now in place of the orange haired kyo, there was an orange cat. A really pissed looking orange cat.

"I'm so sorry!" Tohru said apologizing. Shigure was laughing from behind his newspaper. Yuki on the other hand, didn't seem fazed at all.

"Come on, we better go to school." He said as he picked up his bag.

Suddenly there was a poof noise and a nude kyo was back. Tohru gave a quick yelp and shut her eyes.

After about 10 minutes, kyo was now back and fully dressed in his school uniform.

"Bye Shigure!" Tohru yelled at the older man. He waved back at the trio.