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"Flight 352 from New York to Japan is now taking off. Please fasten your seat belts and out your trays in the upright position." The perky stewardess voice over the intercom said.

'I wonder how many happy pills you have to take in order to be a stewardess. If I tried to be this perky all the time I'd throw myself out of the plane.' A young girl with blond hair thought. Besides her was a young man with brown hair.

'I still can't believe my teachers gave me homework.' The girl grumbled. It was a true fact. Her teachers thought that this would be such a wonderful experience that she should do some research on Japan while there and that she could give a presentation when she came back. Teachers are so dumb sometimes.

The girl leaned back into her seat as the plane started taking off. Her mind drifted off to the events that took place this morning. Her mother and her two best friends had seen her off on the plane. Her mom had taken a snapshot of Hatori; she said it was so she had something to show the police if anything happened to Ashley. Lily had made Ashley promise to call ever couple of days and Trini had made her promise to go on MSN messenger almost on a daily basis so the three of them could talk. The girl held her breath as her ears popped.

Hatori was examining his surroundings. He too was also thinking about the events that had happened prior to the plane ride. He had called Akito the previous day after their meeting and told him all that he knew about the Falcon. Akito was very angry at the fact that the Falcon would only be 'visiting' but he was sure that once the Falcon came home, she would never leave. Akito was also disappointed with how little Hatori knew about Mika, he refused to call her Ashley, but he supposed it would have to do.

"So how are you?" Hatori asked Ashley. He could see that the girl was tense and apprehensive. She just shrugged her shoulders and continued looking out the window.

"Do you know why you bear the curse?" Hatori asked her.

"No. I've tried finding out but I always come up empty." She admitted.

"Then I'll tell you." Hatori said. "Once upon a time, god invited all of the animals to a banquet. The rat lied to the cat and told him that the banquet wasn't until the day after so that the cat would miss it. Then the rat rode on the ox to the banquet and was the first to arrive. There, the 12 animals of the zodiac feasted. All of the animals showed except for the Falcon. For some reason, the Falcon spread its wings and took off, rejecting the invitation. No one really knows why though." Hatori said, finishing his story.

Ashley was quiet for a minute. "So…So there are others like me?" she asked, looking at him. Hatori nodded.

"Would you like to see a picture of them all?" Hatori asked Ashley. She nodded. Hatori reached for his wallet and pulled out a picture of the whole family that had been taken recently. It had been Tohru's idea. Ashley leaned in to get a better view of the picture.

"Hm, well I suppose I'll start from left to right. Well the man with black hair over there is Shigure. He's the dog of the zodiac. He's a bit immature but he's pretty ok, although he gives his publicist hell." Hatori explained. Ashley nodded.

"That of course is me." Hatori said pointing to the guy next to Shigure.

"So you change also? What's your animal?" Ashley asked.

"You know what? Why don't you have fun figuring that out by yourself?" Hatori suggested. Ashley gave him a weird look and then just shrugged.

"Now the guy next to me with silver hair is Ayame. He's well how do I put this gently, eccentric. He is pretty funny though and kind. He is the snake of the zodiac." Hatori explained. Ashley wondered what Hatori meant when he said 'eccentric'.

"Now, this is Ritsu. The monkey of the zodiac." Hatori said pointing to the figure with long brown hair.

"She's pretty." Ashley commented.

"She's a he." Hatori corrected her. Ashley looked at him in a very weird way. "You'll figure out why later." Hatori said.

"Then we have Haru. He's the cow…I mean ox of the zodiac. He's pretty laid back and mature but just don't get him mad. He has a bit of a split personality." Hatori explained. Pointing to a boy with black and white hair. Ashley was beginning to wonder if everyone in her 'family' had some kind of problem or another.

"So I guess I can't crack any got milk jokes huh?" Ashley asked. Now it was Hatori's turn to look at her weirdly.

"Next is Momiji. He's the happy little bunny of the family. And yes I do relies that he's wearing girls clothing." Hatori explained. Ashley looked over at the picture of the blond.

"Is everyone in this family a cross dresser?" Ashley asked. Hatori frowned at her.

"Then we have Yuki, the rat of the zodiac. He's pretty polite and soft spoken most of the time." Hatori said pointing to the boy with grey hair.

"And this is Tohru. She's not a member of our family but she knows our secret. She's a very sweet girl but a bit naive at times." Hatori explained.

"Then we have Kyo, the cat. He's acts like a tough guy but he's sweet. He also hates Yuki and picks fights with him whenever possible." Shigure explained.

"And then we have Kagura. She's the boar. She a pretty sweet girl but well she likes Kyo so much that she pounds him into a bloody stump." Shigure finished. Ashley looked a little scared by what he just said.

"Wow, I can't wait to meet them." She said. Soon she was sleeping.

"Hey, wake up." Hatori said as he gently poked Ashley. "We're here." He said.