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When Crystal hung up the phone and Sam and her started to talk.

"Can you believe it?" Crystal asked.

"Of course we did it three weeks ago." Sam said.

"Yeah and the doctor said I was about 3 weeks a long." Crystal said.

Crystal called her sister Katherine and then Katherine told her mother. They where all very excided. Then when she got off the phone Sam called Dean and he also got very excided.


The next day Crystal had gone to work because she had gone on the trip three weeks before graduating and getting her thing to become a doctor. The day before finding out she was going to have a baby Crystal had gotten the thing and she was a doctor now.

When Crystal got to work she had gotten a patent that was scratch up in the same way she was before and had a bit on her neck like the woman who died. She fixed her up and told the nurse to keep an eye on her. Then she went to the bathroom and called Sam.

"Sam it's back the chupacabra, I have a patent that has the bit and the scratches." Crystal told him hoping it was not true because she did not want to get hurt and especially with the baby on the way.

"What? Crystal I am going to pick you up, go and tell them that you are sick and you do not want to get your patent sick." Sam said in a nerves tone.

"Ok call me when you are outside." She said.

She went and told her boss that and they said it was ok and she had to be resting so it will not avect the baby.


Her cell phone started to ring and she picked.

"I am outside." Sam said. "Ok I'll be right out." She said

When we got home he told me to stay there for a few days and went looking for my patent to ask where she had gotten hurt.

"If you lie we might have to move and I don't want to move every time you do a case where we live." She said before walking out the door.

"Ok I won't do it, I'll send Dean to do it no one will know that he is my brother ok?" He said getting the phone getting ready to call Dean.

"Ok I love you now call him." She said giving him a kiss on the lips.


A few hours later Dean had gotten there. Sam had told him not to tell any one who he really was.

It was already too late to see her in the hospital so they waited until the next day.

The boys where in the kitchen talking and Crystal was in the room asleep.

"So Sam when you going to ask her to marry you?" Dean said with a smirk on his face.

"After the baby is born I am going to do it." Sam said

"Go to the guest room and go to sleep. You need it." Sam said knowing Crystal might wake up if she doesn't find him there.

So they all went to sleep.