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Summary: we all know there is a thin line between love and hate and crossing the line can be ever so much fun, but that's only if they let the line be crossed at all. (Yeah I think I just summed up every single snarry out there lol) Harry has to take remedial potions with a professor that hates him. But what will happen when them being together so much starts to affect Harry? Or is it affecting Snape? Only one way to find out.

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Chapter One

"Well it couldn't get any worse." Ron said giving Harry a half smile.

The dark haired boy rolled his eyes and threw himself into the couch, "Yeah you can say that 'cause it's not you."

"You're right, sorry mate." Ron sat next to his friend. "So when does these extra classes start?"

"Tonight after dinner. This is insane." Harry rubbed his eyes from under his glasses.

"Well just do what he tells you and try to pay attention better then you do in class, and you should be fine," Hermione said sitting in the arm chair across from the two boys.

Harry just sighed and looked at his watch three more hours till his nightmare began. Dinner some how went by insanely fast, probably due to the fact that Harry wasn't paying much attention to anything. After dinner Harry left Ron and Hermione, and made his way to the dungeons. He could swear every step down it got colder. He couldn't understand how anyone could live down here, even if it was the Slytherins. The only sounds he heard were the sound of his shoes on the stone floor, and the crackling of torches on the walls as he passed. Soon he was at the wooden door of the potions class, and the thought of just turning around flew threw his mind.

He knocked on the door, and heard 'Enter.' He took a deep breath and exhaled. He opened the door and walked in the room felt so much bigger when it was empty like this, he looked around and saw Snape sitting behind his desk, most likely failing all papers that weren't a Slytherin's. Harry made his way to the front row of desks, and waited for Snape to tell him what to do. After a few moments, the professor pulled his attention from the papers in front of him, and looked to the dark haired boy.

"Well Mr. Potter, do I really need to tell you to sit down?" Snape asked annoyed.

"No sir," Harry mumbled as he took a seat.

"On the board is what you need to do, you have a hour," Snape snapped pointing to the black board.

Harry sighed and pulled out a quill and paper, and wrote down what he needed. After copying the ingredients he moved to the storeroom to get what was required. Half an hour into the potion, Harry knew he had messed up somewhere. The potion wasn't looking like it should be. Instead of the dark blue, it was a kind of a blue-green and was still rather thick. Snape moved from his spot behind his desk when he saw Harry looking back and forth from the board to his notes. Harry didn't have to look up he could feel Snape next to him, and he was inwardly cursing.

"So you have already botched it and you have only just began." Snape smirked.

"Well sir, I'm here 'cause I botch them up, and shouldn't you be helping me, since it's ever so obvious that I can't do it?" Harry shot back looking Snape dead in the eye.

The potion masters smirk turned into a sneer, "Very well Mr. Potter." he crossed his arms across his black clad chest, "Do you know what could fix this mess?"

"If I knew I would have used it," Harry said looking form the professor to his caldron.

"Ten points from Gryffindor, don't smart off to me Mr. Potter or else you'll be serving detention as well." the smirk came back to the man's face. "Well if you paid any kind of attention, or read your potions book you would know that two drops of belladonna would help greatly."

Harry did as Snape instructed, and it did bring the colour around to what it was supposed to look like. It was less green, and more blue. Snape moved around Potter watching as he measured out ingredients, and stirred the contents in the caldron. But when Harry was cutting up a root the wrong way Snape corrected him, but the boy still messed it up.

"No like this Potter." Snape behind Harry and hunched over the boy grabbing both of his hands.

Harry was shocked at the move, and only half watched what Snape was making his hands do. He was focused on Snape's slightly larger, paler hands guided his own to cut the root correctly. Harry suddenly felt surrounded, as the dark sleeves of the professor's robes fell along either side of him, and the feel of Snape's chest behind his head. Snape moved his feet slightly causing him to move closer to the boy. Harry could now feel the heat radiate off of the body around him, and he didn't feel as cold as he once was when he first entered the dungeons.

Then suddenly it all was taken away, the dark shroud that covered and warmed him was replaced by the poorly lit room and the cold air, feeling colder on his back. He felt relived that Snape had left him, and yet he missed the warmth, as his hands still moved the way Snape had guided them cutting the rest of the root. The rest of the hour went by with out having anything else going wrong.

"All right Potter, bring me a sample of your work, and then you're excused." Snape was not even paying full attention to the boy.

Harry bottled some of his potion and wrote his name on the label of the glass vial. He headed up to the man's desk and sat it in the rack that was sitting on the desk. Harry went back to his seat, cleaned his caldron, and packed up his things. He made it all the way to the door before Snape called out to him. "Mr. Potter, tomorrow. 8 pm."

"Yes sir." Harry moved quickly out of the class, and into the cold hall. He made it back to the common room quickly not wanting to run into anyone on the way.

"So how bad was it?" Ron asked pulling back his bed hangings.

"No worse then what happens in class." Harry shrugged hands working his tie off. After Harry finished getting dressed in his night clothes, he crawled into bed not bothering with his hangings. "Night Ron."

"Night 'arry." came the half mumbled reply from Ron.

That night Harry dreamt of warm black cloak surrounding him, pulling him ever deeper into the darkness. He felt like he should scream; but he didn't, he felt like he should pull away; but he couldn't bring himself to get away. When the warm nothingness fully engulfed him he felt his chest seize and breathing wasn't an option. He woke up gasping for air one hand pressed hard against his heaving chest, and the other gripping his covers.

Ron gave him and odd look, "You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Harry smiled breathing going even again, and Ron went back buttoning his white dress shirt.

Harry showered and dressed quickly meeting Hermione and Ron in the common room before breakfast.

"So Harry how did it go last night?" Hermione asked standing up from the sofa.

"Eh. About as well as any other time I'm in his class." Harry grinned, moving for the Portrait, "We going to breakfast or what?"


Of course, the first class after breakfast that day was Potions, and the students sat in their desks waiting for class to start.

Harry held his head in his hand "I mean really how much Snape can one person take in twenty-four hours." He heard Ron snicker a little and frown at the red headed boy.

"Sorry Harry." Ron tried to stop grinning, and turned to Hermione so not to anger his friend further.

Then, there it was. The loud closing of the class door pulled Harry's attention to the black clad professor moving seamlessly to the front of the room. "Alright everyone, your potion is on the board. You have till the end of class to finish, and if it's not on my desk by the end of class, you get a zero for the day," Snape commanded and watched as the students as they started on the project.

Harry still hadn't moved he was still watching Snape, and it wasn't till Snape's gaze had fallen on the dark haired boy did Harry move. Snape sneered at the boy, and Harry tore his gaze from his professor to his bag, pulling out things he needed. When Harry started writing down from the board, Snape looked away from him and began watching the whole class again. After forty-five minutes of people gathering the ingredients, and talking did it get quiet with everyone starting their potions.

When everyone was busy working on their assignment, Snape started walking the class checking on everyone's progress. Harry could feel Snape next to him, he didn't know if the man was paying attention to him, but his hands felt shaky and he couldn't control his breathing for some reason. He fought to keep it even. Harry just focused on cutting his root.

"Apparently, somethings do sink into that brain of yours, Potter," came the condescending tone of the professor.

Harry jerked his head up sharply to glare at his professor. Snape just smirked at Potter and walked on to the next poor student. Harry glared after the man untill Ron jabbed him in the side, and pulled his attention back to his potion. Ten minutes till the end of class, Ron and Harry tried hurriedly to write their names on the labels to their own potion. Harry ran the to samples to the front desk, while Ron cleaned their caldrons. He got to the desk with his and Ron's work right before class ended.

"Cutting it close, eh Potter?" Snape's tone was even.

"It's in on time," Harry pointed out.

They stared at each other for a moment and Snape took the two vials from Harry, and looked them over raising an eyebrow to the boy. The vials were being held precariously in Snape's lose grip, but Harry still held the man's gaze.

"Your right they are on time, but you still wont get the full points." he smirked at the look of indignation on Potter's face.

"But, why?" Harry asked shortly.

"Its not the right colour, now don't question me again, and get out of here," Snape snapped at the boy.

Harry bit his lip not to say anything else and went back to his desk, grabbed his bag and walked out of the class feeling Snape watch him all the way out.