Harry stormed out the door walking as fast as he could praying that his
heart would slow down, he kept muttering to him self hands wringing the
strap of he bag over his shoulder.

It happened again only this time he had participated in the forbidden act,
he couldn't keep going down there to Snape's class.

Harry finally reached the portrait leading to the common room, once again he
walked quickly through the room waving off any questions that were asked.

The boy dressed quickly for bed and closed the hangings. He closed his eyes
trying to sleep but he couldn't relax all he kept thinking of was the hands
that played him so well, and then his eyes flew open he realized what he had
done to Snape. Well he had remembered it but now, how was he going to be
able look at the professor now knowing what lies under the robes. Harry got
no sleep that night no matter how hard he tried to think of other things.
Not even Quidditch could distract him this time.

The next few days Harry had a drained tired look to him, but went to potions
and his extra credit hour with Snape, neither one ever saying more then,
'There's the work,' or, 'Yes sir'. Harry didn't know when it had happened
but at some point he had developed a need to the professor's hands to be on
him, and it was getting harder for the boy to focus on his work. After a
week of the silent treatment they were giving each other, Harry had enough
and snapped halfway through the nights lesson. A slam of a book broke the
thick silent tension in the classroom.

Snape didn't look up, he only ordered, "Potter, finish your work."

"No," was the defiant retort from the boy.

That brought Snape from his papers to glare at the boy, "Detention, now

"No," Harry glared back.

"10 points from Gryffindor, you want to make it 20?" the professor voice was
like ice as he stood. Harry clenched his mouth shut his hands in fists on
his desk, "Now back to work." the boy's eyebrows knotted in thought and bit
his lip as his sat.

Quiet fell between them once again and Harry scratched out a few more lines
on the parchment, and got up and went to Snape's desk slamming the paper
down. "There. I'm finished," Potter sneered, but he didn't move.

"You may go, Potter." the boy still didn't move. "Leave." It was an order
and yet Harry still didn't move. Snape looked up at the defiant boy that was his undoing, standing tall, trying to intimidate the boy. Harry still
held eye contact as the man stood, not backing down. Not this time. Snape
moved around the desk. If Potter wasn't going to go willingly he was going
to toss the boy out. He gripped Potter's robes and started to pull the boy
along, grabbing his bag along the way. "Since you won't listen, I'll just
have to show you the way out." Snape's voice was dangerous even as he
dragged the boy along.

"I listen just fine, and I'm very aware of where the door is." It was as if
Potter was trying to get him mad. But Snape was not going to be goated by a
student. Not this student.

The man opened the heavy oak door, pushing Potter out and slamming it
closed. Halfway back to his desk, there was a knocking on the door.
Growling, Snape turned, closing in on the door, quickly flinging it open as
if it were nothing. "What, Potter." His voice was low and dangerous.

"I forgot my bag," Harry said matter-of-factly, pointing to Snape's hand.

It snapped. Whatever control the man had was gone. He reached out, pulling
the boy into the room by the front of his robes, closing the door with the
boys back sharply, dropping the bag in his one hand. They were so close,
they were breathing each other's air, eyes never parting. Neither one was
sure who moved first but in a second, Snape was kissing a pinned Harry,
assaulting the young mouth, not caring if it was gentle. Harry closed his
eyes, tightly gripping the man's robes, moaning at the contact that he was
finally given, trying to pull the body closer, wanting to fall into that
dark warmth. Snape bit the boy's lip before pulling back, causing Harry's
knees to buckle. The only thing keeping him up is the grip he had on the
man's robes.

After a moment neither one had moved. Harry felt a need to keep his eyes
closed, but ignoring his brain he opened them. The site he met was nothing
he had ever felt before. The look in Snape's eyes were that of want and
fire, and Harry felt his stomach tighten almost uncomfortably, feeling the
pain move lower still, though it wasn't really pain. When his hips pushed
forward wanting contact, any friction at all, and when he finally got it,
his head lulled back to the door, biting his lip, eyes lidded but still
focused on the potions master.

When the boy pushed against him, he felt that Potter was in the same
position he was, and the look in the boy's eyes were not that of a fifteen
year old, and surely not a look he should be giving a teacher. Snape let
out a growl and pulled the boy from the door, pushing him toward the lone
desk in front of the class. Harry walked up to the professor's desk and sat
upon the wooden desk, leaning back, watching the professor approach. Snape
moved soundlessly up the way to the desk, keeping his face emotionless, but when Potter leaned back on the desk. Severus could see that the boy wasn't
exactly uninterested in anything he was gong to do to him.

Snape stood in front of the boy, keeping his hands behind his back, not
touching him at all. Potter sat up edging forward off the desk, closer to
the professor. Harry tentatively reached out to run his hands over the
man's cloth covered chest. Looking up over his glasses at the professor,
his hands slowly moved lower, but before the hands got to their target,
Snape grabbed Potters wrists, holding them out to the sides. He bent down
to the boy's lips so close, Harry shivered feeling the warmth that was so
near. But Snape didn't move. The brunette opened his eyes, frowning at the
look in Snape's eyes.

"This can't go on, Potter," Snape said evenly, pulling back, letting go of
the boy's arms.

"You're just afraid!" Harry's voice was an angry whisper, "You just want to
cover your own arse!" Harry shouted moving quickly off the desk.

"If that's how you see it, Potter." Snape was looking somewhere past the

"You twisted evil BASTARD!" Harry screamed as he moved down the walk to the
oak door, grabbing his bag.

"Potter," Snape called out, stopping the boy, "There is no need to continue
your lessons. You've pulled your grade up enough." He moved around the desk,
standing next to the chair. "You'll just have to pay more attention in
class." Snape smirked.

Harry glared at the professor, anger filling him. Without another word, he
went out the door, slamming it as hard as he could behind him. Snape sat
quietly behind his desk in the empty class, rubbing his face, taking a deep
breath. He exhaled, hands going back to the papers. He needed to finish
grading the 2nd year Hufflepuff papers.


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