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Que Sera Sera

He often found himself wondering to himself,

How could he love someone so shallow?

Though as much as he tried to reinforce it in his mind, no matter how much he drilled all her bad qualities into his head over and over again, like a third-grader would with his time-tables; no matter how much he tried, nothing changed.

He was stuck with the notion, the audacity, really, to believe that she was more than the loud-mouth, vain, egotistical girl she always was. And somehow he was glued to the belief that it was all a facade, that there was something more than skin-deep in the blonde-haired girl.

Perhaps he felt it at times, when she just finished saying something uncharacteristically nice, or wise. He could kind of remember how it looked like. That little glint, or shine in the corner of her eyes, that made him feel like he could lose himself in those blue orbs forever.

Something deep, something about her, made him feel that there was so much more than her than she let on.

Or maybe it was those small sighs she let out, when she stared at the setting sun after a long day of training. Something unnaturally kind, gentle and honest about those little sighs. And he felt himself fall in love with her all over again.

But despite all the confusion and instability, he was sure of one thing. She was blind.

Kind of hard to believe? Those shiny, bright, blue eyes he loved so much were blind. No, not literally, of course, but metaphorically blind. Blind to love, to emotion, to feeling... His feelings.

He felt they were rather obvious, for had he been a by-stander observing their interactions, he definately would have felt some sort of attraction on his part. However, she seemed to be oblivious.

At first, he felt she was blinded by her love for the Uchiha. Uchiha Sasuke. The infuriatingly cool twerp. Cool as in, what he was not. Slick, dark-horsed knight, the whole suuuaaavveee thing. Sigh.

But then, once the Uchiha started to court Haruno Sakura, Ino's love seemed to wane, and then fade away. And soon, it was like she never fancied the dark-haired boy to begin with.

However, she was still blind.

Logic forced him to abandon that hypothesis, but he was unable to find another reason, and eventually he forced himself to give it up as 'god's will'.

Que sera sera... What will be, will be...

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