If you wanna know more about me, read my profile. If you're wondering where I have been, I have been partially retired from writing fan fictions. It's really hard to crack my head when I have no time for the computer. So this might be my last fan fiction... NOT!

Okay, after watching Armageddon, I've cracked my head hard and came up with this 42 paged story. Ever wondered what's out there? What's beyond the powerful telescopes could see? Personally, I do believe that we are not alone in this universe. Maybe there are other intelligent lifeforms older than us, and perhaps are watching over us right now (Now that's scary). But why all the lightyears that separates us from them? Did god intend it for a good purpose? Will it come to war if the 2 worlds meet just like the movie "War of the Worlds"? Well thanks to Steven Spielberg (And those boring Science lessons I sat through) and a few other movies like, Signs and Armageddon, I'm able to think outside the box and come up with the craziest fiction possible.

So if you wanna become an astronomer cause you read this fiction, let me know cause I wanna become a part time one too...

Some locations and information might be false or inaccurate
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All events in this story do not really (And hopefully) occur in the show and reality.

Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Romance

Chapter 1 - The Universe
Chapter 2 - Creepy Space Much?
Chapter 3 - Up in Space
Chapter 4 - At the Mothership
Chapter 5 - Destruction on Earth
Chapter 6 - In an Alien Ship
Chapter 7 - Extra-Terrestrial Encounter
Chapter 8 - Getting Off
Chapter 9 - A Bad Mistake
Chapter 10 - An Emotional Moment

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For the astronauts who died in Columbia and Challanger

Chapter 1 - The Universe



This is our Universe. It all started with a "Big Bang" that flew apart in a giant explosion. Now, 15 billion years later, it holds everything that ever existed. From giant stars, to undiscovered planets and clusters, it is the biggest known object around. With many other solar systems still undiscovered by our mankind today, other life forms like us might be living billions and billions of lightyears away.

In one particular planetary system somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, a galaxy "not further" from ours, there was a planet very much like planet Earth. It had the basic necessaries for life; Water, oxygen and bacteria for food. But the planet was so far that light from their sun takes 2 3000 000 years to reach us. Despite advance technologies we have here on Earth, their civilization remains undetected.

As mentioned before, their planet was very much like ours, the surface was blue and green, its features covered by white clouds, it had intelligent beings very much like us, it had species of animals very much like ours, and it even speak our language. But its mass was 50 times bigger than our sun. The technology was more advanced than ours. The planet was known by other extra-terrestrials as 'Terrah' for a particular reason.

Floating above the planet was a giant object, 3 times the size of Jupiter. It looked very much like a black rectangular box with billions of tiny yellow dots all over it. It seemed to be a giant alien space station. In a room inside it, an alien that looked very much like a human being was looking through a hologram. The alien's skin was blue and it was wearing somekind of blue uniform. The hologram was showing 3D objects a solar system.

"Sir, we've just discovered a planet that is inhabited by 6 billion life creatures."

Another blue being wearing a black uniform walked out of the shadows. "Which galaxy is that?"

"The Milky Way Galaxy located about two thirds away from the center." The alien responded and a holographic 3D picture of the Milky Way Galaxy appeared on the hologram.

The alien being gave a wide smile. "Get The General, he'd like to know bout this."




Planet Earth is the 3rd out of 4 terrestrial planets located in the Solar System planetary system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Once more, the Milky Way Galaxy is just among the billions of galaxies in the Local Group. And the Local Group itself is one of the billions of countless clusters. The planet was inhabited by over 6 billion human beings, each having a purpose to live in that particular planet. But all of that was about to change...

"Houston toAtlantis.We have visual ofthe ISS." Cried Astronaut Billie Joe Armstrong, one of the 7 crew members of mission STS-207.

NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis had just arrived the main dock of the International Space Station. It was another mission of crew rotation and sending of supplies to the 8 year old space station. The dock docked onto the Shuttle's main hatch. One of the crew members, Astronaut Mike Drint looked outside the window to make sure everything was secure. It was then he spotted something bizarre heading towards Earth.

Mike's jaws dropped. It was nothing he had ever seen in his entire life and it was beyond imagination. Countless of gigantic black rectangular box alien spaceships were heading towards Earth at a very high speed. Each box was the size of planet Pluto. They were surrounding Earth. It seemed that nothing could stop them as they crashed through orbiting satellites. Mike ran over to his friend, whom he nicknamed "Trè Cool."

"Trè! Trè!" Mike called out, his voice raised slightly.

Trè was annoyed. He turned around and looked at Mike straight in then eye. "What?"

Mike was getting impatient. He was worried that by the time they finally looked, the strange sight would be gone. "Look!"

Trè unbuckled his seatbelt and ran over to the window. He was surprised to saw what Mike had seen. Immediately, he grabbed the radio and said,"Houston, we have a problem!" It was unknown to him that those were the last words that came out of his mouth.

One of the alien black box spaceships bumped onto Space Shuttle Atlantis, triggering an explosion. The Shuttle was completely destroyed, killing all the 7 crew members in it. Another black box ship also collided with the International Space Station. All 8 crew members inside were burned to a crisp. As for the alien spaceships, none of the explosions damaged it. The alien spacecrafts continued their journey towards the Earth's atmosphere.


Sirens sounded from a black WOOHP 2005 Chevrolet Suburban sounded as it rushed down Pennsylvania Avenue. It made a hard right and crashed through the front gates of The White House, damaging the front end of the SUV. The Suburban screech to a halt when it reached the front porch. 3 men in black suits and ties left the vehicles. One of them was Jerry Lewis. A veteran Briton agent who was the official director of WOOHP, a top secret organization that stops international crisis.

The 2 unknown WOOHP agents and Jerry entered the White House. As they were walking, a secret service agent stopped them.

"Hey! What the hell are you doin' in here?" The agent asked. He was dressed in a black suit and a red tie.

They ignored the man and continued their route to the President's oval office. Once they reached the door, the 2 WOOHP agents kicked the door open before entering the oval office. Sitting at the desk, was the President of the United States, Johnny Terry. An average country man who won the elections by a tight margin. (Note that he's the President you see in show. I just gave him a name)

"Why it's my old friend Mr. Jerry Lewis! What can I do for you?" Johnny Terry asked in a southern accent

"Sir, we have a situation in our hands." Jerry spoke seriously.

Terry raised an eyebrow. "Why what the dang hell are you talkin' bout Jerry? Nothin' has happened over the last five months."

"Look outside the window sir."

Without hesitation, Terry turned around and looked outside. Everything looked normal. "Nothin' here Jerry."

"Look up sir." Jerry prompted again.

Terry turned around again and looked into the sky. His skin turned pale. He was stumped to find a giant black rectangular box covering the blue sky. It was the alien spacecraft, floating right on top of the White House. Terry didn't know what to. He turned to look at Jerry. He was basically quite calm.

Immediately after that, they evacuated everyone out of the building. The President ran along with Jerry and his agents in his Suburban. The streets were flooded with traffic and people were running about, carrying personal items along with them. It was filled with screams and honking from the angry drivers. Suddenly, a bottom section of the alien spaceship opened. A blue laser beam shot out from the hole, destroying the White House like it did in the movie, "Independence Day", only this time, it was for real.

President Terry looked at the incident helplessly as Jerry navigated through the traffic jam of cars and people.

"Jerry old boy, I want you to call The Center."

Jerry smiled. "Yes sir."


It was a sunny Sunday in the spies' household. The morning sun was blazing already, casting long shadows through the windows. It was going to be yet another hot day. For now...

While Sam had her eyes fixed on the television, Clover was sleepily browsing through some old magazines. Alex however was at the kitchen, cooking up a snack in the microwave. The girls just got out of bed and were still in their sleep outfit. The spies had not noticed the terrible incident that was happening right outside their house.

The brand new General Electric Microwave gave a loud beep, signaling that it had finished its job. Alex rushed towards it with a yellow bowl right beside her. She opened the microwave and took out the cooked instant popcorn which was wrapped in an attractive medium sized package. She tore it open and poured the popped popcorn into the yellow bowl. After doing so, she grabbed the bowl and went to sit with Sam on the couch.

"Morning Sammy, what cha watching?" Asked Alex as she threw a handful of popcorn to her mouth.

"Mornin' Alex." Samantha responded as she switched to the news channel. "Just tuning into the daily morning news."

The television screen was displaying an African-American news presenter, presenting the latest news to the audience "This just in. A giant alien black box spaceship just destroyed the White House. We warn you, what you're about to see may shock you.

Clover dropped her magazine and with Sam and Alex, they widen their eyes. The TV showed the building. On the clear blue sky, a gigantic black box was floating in mid air. A blue laser beam suddenly shot out of the alien spaceship, destroying the White House within seconds.

Alex, Clover and Sam looked at each other and flipped the channels. From Egypt to Japan, all the channels were broadcasting about the alien attacks all over the world, showing skylines with giant black boxes covering the cities.

The spies rushed out to the front door. When Clover opened it, Sam, Clover and Alex dropped their jaws and widen their eyes. Floating on the blue morning sky was a giant black box. It was one of the alien spaceships. On the one way street, the atmosphere was noisy. People came flooding out of the neighboring houses, filled their cars with luggage and drove off quickly, others were running all about, screaming in fear. The spies spotted a neighbor, Mandy stuffing her red 2005 Pontiac GTO with luggage. They went over to her to find answers about the black box covering the sky.

"Mandy! What's going on?" Sam asked. Mandy was carrying a large black suitcase.

"Aliens are coming! Quick! Run for your lives you idiots!" Yelled Mandy as she pushed the black suitcase into the backseat window. The GTO Sports car was full of suitcases that there was no space for her to drive. They stared at her blankly as Mandy opened the driver's door and stuffed herself into the car. Sam, Clover and Alex sweatdropped.

Suddenly, the grass patch the spies were standing on open like a trap door, tumbling Alex, Clover and Sam down the WOOHP tunnels again. On the way, they bumped into Marty, another WOOHP agent and a friend who was sliding from another tunnel that merged into an intersection. They continued screaming until they landed. But when they touched, they were cushioned by a white couch instead of a pink one. Sam, Alex, Clover and Marty looked around. They were not in Jerry's office but instead they were at MOM's office in The Center's headquarters. Standing right beside them was Jerry, MOM and Billy the little green alien, floating in little thingamajig. At that time, the spies and Marty didn't know who MOM was.

"I believe you all have been in space before?" A man in The Center's white uniform stood in front of them spoke.

"Jerry, what's going on?" Marty ignored the man and asked. He was in an 80's denim jacket unbuttoned, a white shirt, and jeans, old skool red and white Nike Burins trainers. "A big black box is floating on the sky of Chicago!"

Martin Andrew Mitchell or as he'd like to be called Marty, is your average, old skool style, 19 year old Chicagoan. Like Sam, Alex and Clover, Marty was a WOOHP agent and once trained with the girls. He had extraordinary driving skills which he picked up from his dad and training in WOOHP. He is also handy with the guitar and the tool box. His driving skill was what Jerry was impressed about.

"Yeah Jerr. It's also in Beverly Hills." Clover concluded as she curiously gazed at the office "What's going on? And what happened to your office Jerr? Looks better than the old one"

"Yeah Jerr." Sam noticed MOM standing beside him and asked, "Is that woman your new assistant?"

Alex looked at Jerry and MOM. Their faces were very serious. "And why the solemn faces? Did someone died?"

"And who's that nasty alien floating around?" Clover shrieked. Billy was a little angry by that statement.

Marty however noticed that Martin Mystery and his stepsister Diana was there, sitting on another white couch beside MOM. "And what's Mystery doing here?" Marty question. Martin gave a quite growled. Diana tried to hold him down. (Note that Marty and Martin are different people.)

"Spies." Jerry suddenly spoke. The spies and Marty looked at Jerry. "Mr. Cowells here has got something to say."

"Hello." A man in The Center's white uniform stood in front of them finally spoke as they turned their attention towards him. "I'm Henry Cowells. One of the NASA Officials and The Center's top agent..."

Martin was stumped. He had always been said to be The Center's top agent "Hey! I taught I'm the top agent!"

"Martin, please, don't interrupt!" MOM frowned at Martin.

"You've all have been brought here today by the request of the President of United States. Just a few hours ago, the crew of mission Space Orbiter Atlantis STS-207 and Space Orbiter Discovery STS-206 were killed by extra-terrestrials. Now, the alien spaceships are above the skies of every major city in the world. Without doubt, we knew that an alien invasion was gonna happen. The Center's radar also detected an unidentified object in our solar system. It is about 3 times the size of Jupiter. It is currently in Pluto's orbit and it's approaching Earth at a speed of 250 MPH."

"Cool! An alien invasion!" Cried Martin at the top of his lungs. MOM, Jerry, Diana and Henry were not amused at all

"Martin. This is not funny, so could you please STOP YOUR IMMATURE ACTS AND LET HIM TALK?" Diana shrieked at the top of her voice. "Man, that felt much better."

Sam slowly raised her hand and enquired, "So who are these aliens? Where do they come from?"

Billy searched his computer. "They're beings from the newly discovered Hercules S55 planetary system in the Andromeda Galaxy. Their planet 50 times the size of our sun and it is known by other extra-terrestrials by the name of 'Terrah' which means in Kapur, a major intergalactic language, 'a merciless tyrant'. They're the most advance alien beings in the universe. Destroying others inhabited planets, stripping them of their recourses leaving the planet to their dusk. The intelligent beings were then brought back and used as slaves until they die before dumping them in the universe."

Except for MOM and Henry, everyone else in the room froze. Their faces turned pale. Wild thoughts ran through their mind. 10 seconds later, Marty slowly raised his right hand. "Uh... question. What is 'The Center' anyways?" He question The Center group.

"The Center is a secret organization that investigates paranormal activities all over the world. It also serves as an airport for extra-terrestrials coming into Earth." MOM responded. Sam, Clover, Alex and Marty were speechless

"Wait... how come The Center didn't know its presence?" Martin questioned Henry.

Hendy sighed and sweatdropped. "Well, the alien spacecraft somehow got through The Center's detection satellites."

"So uh... why are we here?" Alex questioned.

"It was President Johnny Terry's order." Henry replied the question.

"Eww.. Johnny Terry? That redneck?" Martin suddenly shrieked out in disguised "He doesn't deserve to lead the world..."

"But I can't die now! There's still so many things I've not done, like getting a proper boyfriend." Clover screamed at Henry. Her loud piercing was heard by everyone in the room.

"What bout Terrance?" Sam enquired.

"Oh, we broke up 2 days ago."

Everyone in the room sighed and sweatdropped. "Well that didn't even last a week…" Sighed Sam

"So what are out chances against them Henry?" Diana the enquired.

"Well... Our chances against them are a 1 to a google." Henry responded. Everyone in the room except for MOM and Billy froze in fear.

"So when are we leaving?" Asked Sam, she was ready as usual. "This is after all an extra-terrestrial invasion."

"You astronauts will be leaving for the Kennedy Space Station right now." Henry responded. The spies, Martin, Diana and Marty were sitting on flipped over and WOOHPed them over to the Kennedy Space Station via the WOOHP tunnels.

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