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Chapter 10 - An Emotional Moment


Back at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center mission control, NASA officials were busy at work, looking through the monitors to keep track of the Shuttle Independence UE5's status when one of them received a signal from the Shuttle. He immediately patched it to the giant plasma screen plastered on the corners right in front of them. The officials stopped and stared at the screen. It showed all 9 crew members; except for MOM and Alan.

"Um, Huston, the crew of Constitution are safe. They're right here with us. We have however successfully planted the bomb.. But...uh due to a technical problem earlier on, we had to risk... Alan to go out and activate the bomb from outside using the backup remote." Neil spoke through the video.

Everyone in the room looked at each other in confusion. Kelly, Alan's sister wasn't too happy about it and started to cry. The monitor changed to the outside where Alan was.

"Hi, I would like to say a few words to my family before I go. Kelly, my dearest sister. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to break that promise. I have to stay behind and activate the bomb. And Sydney, I.. I want you to promise me to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams."

The 14 year old brunette hugged her mother and broke into tears. She was about to lose her dearest uncle. It was a solemn moment in the control room. Everyone who was watching shed their tears as the transmission broke off in silence.

Meanwhile, back on Shuttle Independence, the 11 astronauts were strapped in the shuttle. Neil, Valeri, Yuri, Sam, Alex, Clover and Marty were strapped in the cockpit while Martin, Diana, MOM and Alexis were strapped in the lounge. Banging sounds were heard coming from the rear as they were getting ready. The alien beings had already swamped all over the exterior of the Shuttle.

"Main boosters activated." Cried Valeri and switched on the boosters.

"All hatches and locks are shut tight, there's no way to enter the ship" Said Neil as he looked at the monitor which showed the status of all the exits

"Okay, let's get this show on the road!" Yelled Valeri and pressed the red start button. But the engine stalled. Valeri tried again but again, with no luck. "Wait something's wrong! The engine's not starting!" Valeri yelled in a Russian accent and banged his fist onto the controls.

Neil unbuckled his seatbelt and went over to the controls in the rear. After 5 minutes, Clover was beginning to feel impatient.

"What's taking him so long?" Clover yelled.

Yuri swiftly unbuckles his seat belt and quickly left his seat. "I'll go.."

The Russian quickly ran towards the backup controls. He was shocked to see Neil still pressing on the buttons. He quickly grabs a red wrench and walked towards his direction. The terrified British looked up and saw at the wrench that he was holding. He suspected that Yuri was going to hit him. He asked the Russian, "What the hell are you doing Yuri!"

Yuri pulls Neil away from the controls and banged the controls several times with the wrench.

"This.. is.. how... we.. fix.. problem.. in.. Russian.. Space.. Shuttle!" He yelled at Neil as he banged the controls with every syllable he said. As he was doing so, the engine suddenly came to life. Yuri was amazed. The Russian dropped the wrenched and cried "Finally! We can all go home!" He cried in a Russian accent.

Neil and Yuri returned to their seats. Meanwhile back on the surface of the alien spacecraft, 5 of the human like extra-terrestrials surrounded Alan. He was about to press the button when his hand suddenly froze. The aliens had used telekinesis to freeze his hand.

"What do you think you're doing human?" The General questioned.

"Saving my home planet."

"Forget it human, look at your planet, your land separated into hundreds of countries, beings killing each other and riots everywhere you go, nature is suffering and everyone is being judged by their face and skin color. Look at our world. We are one country united, everyone is free to roam around, no one steals from each other, no one kills for pieces of green paper, every single one is the same in our world. We have been doing this for a million years, destroyed thousands of other planets very much like yours. No one can beat us." The General sounded confident.

"Well, this ain't no perfect world. And it's about time that someone tried to beat you." Alan said and struggled to press the button and this time with a little hope and luck, the button clicked. The General screamed. All of Alan's sweet memories flashed right in front of his eyes.

Back in the Power Core Room, the cylinder shaped nuclear bomb received the signal and began to blow up. It gave out a huge explosion and destroyed the generators and the whole of the sector. Slowly, the mothership turned orange and parts of the exterior started to explode. From the lower deck, the explosions slowly made its way to the roof of the alien spacecraft

On Earth, The blue alien beings started to disintegrate and vanish into thin air along with the giant black rectangular spaceships floating on the cities. Everyone who was outdoors cheered as the spaceships turned orange before blowing up slowly into unseen dust particles.

Back on the mothership, the surface was starting to fall apart. Space Shuttle Independence UE5 slowly started to move under its own power. The black rocky surface turned boiling hot and rubber from the tires started to soften and melt, making the shuttle harder to move and lift off the surface. The digital speedometer in the cockpit slowly decreased from 12 900 MPH to 1800 MPH.

"What's wrong Valeri?" Yuri asked

"The tires are melting. I can't speed it up. But I have 2 decisions, we can move slowly to the edge but the fires might burn the shuttle. I can also activate the boosters, but that will affect the fuel and we will be stranded in space." Valeri answered and pointed his right hand at the Nitrous Oxide tank gauge. It read 10 percent.

"We have to get off this thing right now!" Cried Clover. The cockpit was starting to heat up. The temperature had reached 126 degrees. And with the insulation of the heavy spacesuits, their bodies were cooking like chickens in an oven.

Valeri closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The young cosmonaut had a very important decision to make. He banged a button and activated the boosters. The shuttle moved and it's speed increased slowly.

"Get ready for hyperspeed!" Valeri stated and pulled down a leaver. The shuttle engine roared louder and the speed increased rapidly. The Orbiter lifter off the surface before fire covers it. The astronauts looked through the windows. The black rectangular box was slowly falling apart as Shuttle Independence went past Mars

The digital speedometer rapidly went up from 10 342 MPH to 519 973 MPH. They were moving at the faster speed than before.

Unknown to the astronauts, The General had hitched a ride of the left wing of the shuttle. Despite the speed the shuttle was traveling, its feet were holding firmly on the titanium surface. Using its telekinesis power, The General ripped the hatch open. In the cockpit, an alarm beeped, signaling that the left rear hatch was opened.

"The rear left hatch is open." Valeri cried as he looked over the monitor

"But that's impossible!" Neil doubted. "The UE5 Space Shuttles can withstand high speeds!"

"I'll go check it out. Some of you come with me"

Yuri removed his belt along with Clover, Alex and Sam before going to the rear. In the rear, they were stumped to find the hatch wide open. Small objects like packed space food, extra spacesuits and other small gadgets were all sucked out into space.

It was there. The General was standing right infront of the astronauts, staring back at them with red glowing eyes and angry lines on it's blue face. Yuri nearly fainted

"Yuri!" Neil said through the intercom fitted on Yuri's suit. "What the hell's going on? We're losing air!"

"I don't know, but one the alien leader made it to our ship."

"I'm going to conquer planet Earth if it's the last thing I do!" The General said firmly, meaning every word said.

"Well, you're gonna get through us first!" Warned Clover as she and Sam got into their karate positions. Screaming with all their might, they made the first move and attacked The General. But The General fought back with a few defensive moves of his own.

"Wow, for an extra-terrestrial, you sure are good in your martial arts..." Sam said in amazement.

"You humans ain't seen nothing yet..." The General let out a queer smirk and closed his eyes. The spies and Yuri started to float in mid air. The General was using its telekinesis power to lift them up. Alex was then headed for the open hatch.

"ALEX!" Sam, Clover and Yuri screamed

Alex managed to cling her open arms onto the hatch stills before flying out of the shuttle. Small objects that were unfixed to the shuttle were headed for the open hatch, hitting Alex's face like small rocks. She was in danger of flying out of the shuttle and into space where she could die within minutes.


The General froze and slowly dropped to the floor. Clover, Sam and Yuri dropped to the floor. The looked up and saw Martin standing infront of them, holding a fire extinguisher with both hands above his head. "There, that should do it."

Yuri, Clover and Sam were surprised as they got back up to their feet. "MARTIN?"

"Hey girls, Yuri." Said Martin as he put down the extinguisher. Sam and Clover went over to him and kissed him repeatedly on his face. Martin melted in delight. There were lipstick marks all over his face.

"GUYS! SOME HELP PLEASE!" Alex shouted with all her might, still clinging onto the hatch stills. They helped Alex and quickly grabbed a giant metal sheet to cover the open hole. They watched The General's body turned into dust before disappearing into thin air.

Yuri, Sam, Alex Clover and Martin got back to their seats. The shuttle passed by the Moon 2 minutes later. (Too lazy to calculate!) Despite a long, horrible ride, they were relief and happy to see the Earth's blue surface again, and back safe and sound.

"Huston, we're comin' home." Neil cried happily over the radio as they passed by the Moon. "We're making an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia."

"Roger that Independence UE5." An excited voice cried out over the radio.



That morning, Space Shuttle Orbiter Independence UE5 landed hard on the warm grounds of Saudi Arabia. The landing was so hard that its landing gears snapped, leaving the Orbiter to slid down the rocky runway. When it came to a halt, the emergency hatch opened and an emergency orange slide was inflated. The 11 astronauts slid down the shuttle wearing the inner orange NASA spacesuits. As they slid down, they were welcomed by an atmosphere of cheering and celebrations. NASA officials and a few Arabian paramedics helped them to their feet as the President walked towards them in a black suit and tie.

"It's an honor to be the first ones to greet you." Cried President Terry in a southern accent. With a smile on his face, he gave a salute to the 11 astronauts. The NASA officials behind him raised their hands and followed the President in a salute. It was a proud moment for Sam, Alex, Clover, Martin, Diana, MOM, Marty, Alexis, Yuri, Valeri and Neil.

"Thank you sir." They all responded. Except for Alexis and Yuri that is! The President and the others put down their hands.

"Stoopid Americans." Alexis whispered softly under his breath. Yuri nodded in agreement.

As President Terry and the NASA officials cleared the way, a few known people ran towards them. One of them was Clover's mom, Stella. She was dressed in a white short sleeved shirt, jeans and high heeled shoes. Clover was the first to saw her mother and excitedly ran towards her. Stella squeezed her daughter tightly. It had been 3 months she last saw her.

"Oh mom, I'm glad you're safe!" Cried Clover in happiness and relief. Tears of joy rolled out from her eyes.

"Nothing to worry about sweetly. We managed to leave Ireland just before the attack occur. What matters now, is that you're safe, sound and a hero!"

It was a touching sight indeed. In the meantime, Sam observed a brown headed lady among the crowd. On closer sanctuary, she immediately knew it was her mother, Gabriel Simpson. She was wearing a long sleeve purple sweater, denim bellbottoms and a pair of 70s Nike Blazers. Samantha ran towards her and hugged when they reached the meeting point.

"Sammy, I was so worried for you! Good thing that orange spacesuit protected you from the sun's harmful rays!" Exclaimed Gabby

"Oh mom, I'm just fine." Sam replied as she started to cry. "I was so scared when the aliens destroyed the Earth!"

In the meantime, the 3 Russian cosmonauts, Yuri, Valeri and Alexis were greeted by a Russian crowd. They surrounded them, exchanged handshakes, took pictures and signed autographs.

"Finally! I'm a real Russian hero!" Yuri cried as the Russian crowd carried him, Valeri and Alexis. About 2 feet away from them was Alex and Marty. Walking hand in hand as the spies reunited with their families.

"See, told ya we make it back to Earth!" Marty exclaimed

Alex jumped onto Marty and gave him a huge kiss on the lips. It took Marty by such surprise that he almost lost his balance and fell. For Alex, the smooch was a way of saying thank you.

"Alex?" An unknown female voice cried.

Alex turned towards the direction of the voice. Alex's mom, Carmen was standing right in front of her. She was wearing a white tank top, blue shorts and blue and white Nike Burins. "Mommy!" She yelled and hugged her mother tightly. It's been many months since she saw Carmen.

"I see you've got a new boyfriend while I was away." Carmen chuckled softly.

Alex blushed "Yeah, mom, Marty, Marty, mom."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Vazquez." Said Marty and shook Carmen's hand. After that, she and Alex continued to have their moment. Marty stood back and looked to his left. A man in a light blue Chicago Police uniform, a dark blue tie and pants complete with the police hat and shoes ran towards him. Marty immediately knew it was his dad, Sergeant Kerry Martin Mitchell

"Dad!" Marty yelled and started running

"Oh Marty, I'm so proud of you!" Kerry cried as he hugged his son.

Marty started to sob. His tears fell onto his father's light blue uniform. "I wish mom was here."

"Don't worry Marty. I'm sure mommy is watching over us right now.

Marty continued to cry and hugged his dad tightly. As they were doing that, Martin Mystery and Diana Lombard were strolling towards a nearing ambulance when Martin suddenly spoke up.

"Ya know Di, you're really brave when we confronted the aliens just now."

Diana was stumped. That was the sweetest thing she had ever heard from Martin "Really? Thanks Marty."

Martin placed his hands around her neck and pulled her towards his hungry lips. Diana was stunned. She had never expected it at all and thought that was the most disgusting thing that she had ever experienced in her whole entire life. But deep down, she really enjoyed it and went along with it. 10 long seconds later, they repelled away from each other. Their faces turned red as roses.

"Martin! What the hell was that about?" Exclaimed Diana and looked down at the tarmac, trying to hide her blush.

"Maybe I just kinda like you."

Diana looked up and gave Martin a huge slap on the cheek, leaving a red mark on his face. Diana angrily removed her orange gloves and threw it at Martin's face. Martin sighed and chuckled to himself as Diana stomped her way towards a waiting ambulance.

Meanwhile, as MOM was walking, she stumbled onto Jerry. He looked into her eyes and MOM looked back into Jerry's eyes.

"I'm sorry MOM, are you okay?"

"Yes, a little tired but fine Mr. Lewis."

"Me too." Jerry responded and gazed lovingly at MOM. "After leading the Earth defenses that is..."

What happened next was unexpected. MOM and Jerry's lips met suddenly. They locked themselves in a tight embrace as they kissed. A warm feeling went over them as Martin, Diana, Sam, Alex, Clover and Marty looked on in amazement. The 6 agents were speechless for awhile as MOM and Jerry stop to stare at each other.

"Whoa... Jerr!" Said Clover in surprise.

"Looks like Jerry's found himself a girlfriend!" Marty mocked as he put his arm around Alex's neck.


MOM blushed a rosy tinge filled her pale skin. "Sure."

Jerry took MOM's right hand and pulled her to Jerry's parked 2003 black WOOHP Chevrolet Suburban SUV. The sides of the vehicle was muddy and dented from all the damage it went through during the attack. Once the couple entered the Suburban, it quickly left the runway and into a gigantic US Military airplane, which will leave for Paris within minutes.

"Hey guys!" A high, friendly voice called out. Making the 6 agents jump in shock. They turned around to find Billy sitting in his little hovering device.

"Billy, you've gotta stop scaring us like that!" Diana angrily requested.

"Sorry Diana."

"Anyway Billy, are we safe from any other ET's in the future?" Marty asked.

Looking at the holographic notes on his computer, the little green being smiled at them reassuringly. "According to The Center's UFO Satellite Radar, no extra-terrestrial visitors have come close to Earth at a 350 000 000 000 mile radius. Planet Earth is safe from harm.."

How wrong he was...


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