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Chapter 1: Beginnings

Dark Link opened his eyes. Day. He looked at the ground he was sitting on, a lone island with the dead tree. Dark Link examined the ground. It was light brown. He scooped up a little with his hand and rubbed it between his fingers. It felt very grainy, and it stuck to his hand. Dark Link looked at where the ground went under the water.

Dark Link stood up. His legs felt stiff and weak from inactivity, so he stretched a little before doing anything else. After that, he walked to the edge of his island. He peered over, and immediately fell back in surprise. There was someone there! Dark Link peered again, but cautiously this time. There it was. A pair of red eyes in a dark face, looking at him. They looked at each other for a while, neither moving. Dark Link then put his hand to wave, but the other waved his hand too. Dark Link furrowed his brow, and the other person did so as well. Dark Link tilted his head in confusion, and the other person mimicked him.

Then Dark Link tried to poke him, to get him to stop imitating him. Instead of touching a face, his finger touched something cool and the face was lost in gentle ripples. Dark Link touched the surface again. It made a second ripples, circling outward. Dark Link plunged his hand in, and felt sand at the bottom after a splash. Dark Link stood up again and walked to the surface. His black leather boots made a soft splashing noise as he walked. Dark Link stopped when he reached a door. It had steel bars going down from it, so he couldn't open it. But what was the point of opening a door that didn't lead anywhere? Dark Link couldn't see anything but more mist and water beyond it.

Dark Link sat on the door's threshold. His boots were wet. He waited for the ripples from his walk to disappear, and looked back into the water. He could see his own face for the first time. It was a pleasant face to look at, or at least Dark Link thought so. He had brown skin, rather like those people that were with Ganondorf shortly after he was made. Dark Link gazed at his reflection with bright red eyes. His hair was black, just like his clothes. Dark Link stared at his appearance for a little while longer, and then stood up. He walked over to the water again, and made his way back to the island. He noticed that there was another object in the distance. He made his way toward it; it was another door to nowhere. Dark Link tried to look behind it, but when he walked to the side of the doorframe, he was knocked back. Dark Link looked around.What had hit him? There wasn't any obstacle he could see. Dark Link went slowly toward the space where he was hit. He bumped against something. He put his hand out, and he felt something hard and cold. But Dark Link could only see air and mist and water. Dark Link pushed against the hard and cold surface, but it stayed. Dark Link put his other hand to it, and started fanning his hands outward, feeling for an edge. He stretched his hands as far as they would go, but there was more invisible surface. Dark Link stepped to the right, but the surface continued. So he took another step. Then another. Then another. Dark Link's hands met with another surface perpendicular with the first one: a corner. Eventually, Dark Link came to three more corners, and was back where he started.

So, he was surrounded by invisible walls. Dark Link sat under the dead tree and pondered about this. Why was he contained in one spot? Dark Link tried to recall what Ganondorf said… "You are to kill anyone that comes through the doors." That's what it was. And killing was… sticking your sword into someone until they stopped moving. But how could a sword do that? Dark Link pulled out his own sword. It was just a sharp piece of metal, really, with a handle. Maybe it's magic and freezes people when you stick them with it. But what should he do with the person after they stop moving? Should he help them go back where they came from? Anyway, how could someone come through doors that didn't lead anywhere? What's so special here, of all places? Maybe the tree is magical.

Dark Link walked out into the water. He kneeled down and touched it with his hand. The water was opaque. It was white, and it seemed to have no depth to it, but it rippled when Dark Link touched it. He dragged his hand through the water, watching the ripples it made. He had a strange urge… to…

Dark Link plunged into the water. He had expected a splash, but there was none. He just slipped into the water, without even a ripple. He felt strange as he hung below the surface. Light, like mist. Maybe that's why he could float through the solid bit. Maybe he became a shadow just to do it. He didn't feel solid, after all. He just hung in the clear white water. He drifted for a bit, but he bumped into the walls. Dark Link went up. He seemed to be solid again, and he was standing the on the water at the edge of the room. So he could go into the solid water…

Dark Link walked back to the tree and sat down underneath it. All that movement made him tired, so he went to sleep. Night.


And Dark Link discovers his ability to jump in the water. 3 Oh, for clarification, he's about 13-14 or so.

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