Hey, all. I became unsatisfied with the way "The New Genin" was turning out and decided to reevaluate some things. This piece, "Legacy of Sand and Wind" is for all intents and purposes, "Worthless Destiny" but it has been thoroughly scoured over, revised, and edited. Parts were taken out, parts were added, and still some parts were left the same. The biggest and most obvious change, aside from title, is that there are less chapters. All I did was condense the chapters that were short to begin with into longer chapters.

I hope with the changes made in "Legacy…", when I go to re-write "The New Genin" it will be a better story that flows and has less holes. My purpose has always been, and will always be, to write great quality writing; writing the begs to be read and revisited. I'll leave Worthless Destiny up for a week or so if you'd like to retain a copy of the original but in accordance with rules, I'll have to take it down eventually.(Unless you like WD over LoSW then the opposite will occur)! Thank you and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Goodbye; An End to the Sand Trio.

Temari held the baby girl in her arms and cooed. "She looks like me! Look at all that blond hair." The baby responded by yawning and shielding her eyes from the light with her fists. Nara Shikamaru wiped his brow and looked down on his wife and new child. They had only been married a year when they were blessed with a baby.

The Nara family estate had been passed to him a few months earlier since he would soon be a father and his parents had moved into a smaller home close by so that they could help with the baby if they needed too. Shikamaru thought that having his mother so close was troublesome but it would be nice to have someone to babysit for them sometimes, Temari reminded him repeatedly.

Kankurou walked up to the bed and patted his brother-in-law heartily on the shoulder. "Good job, Nara. She's beautiful. She does resemble us more though. Look at those eyes!" He waggled his finger in front of her nose. "Gaara, come and see our new niece."

The silent jounin of Sand remained leaned against the wall to watch the event unfold before him. He shook his head without replying and bowed his head. It was not that he didn't feel happy for his sister but rather that he did not feel safe around such a fragile life. It would be better, he thought, to remain distant.

"Geez, Gaara," Kankurou said aloud. He looked down at his niece and gave her a kiss on the hand. "He's an old grouch but don't mind him, he's really happy about getting to see you."

Temari sat up, causing Shikamaru some worry, and held the baby out to Kankurou. "You take her for a while. I feel sore from lying in bed for so long."

Shikamaru held her hand tightly. "Stop trying to rush things. You should still be in bed a while longer." However, he did help her get out of bed. "It'll be troublesome if something should happen to you. My mother would kill me."

His wife only smiled and gave a hearty stretch. "Ah, feels so good." She looked over to Gaara. His eyes were intent on her. He was worried, she could tell. "Oh, I'm going to faint!" She fell over but was supported instantly by a soft cloud of sand. "Gaara, stop kidding around and hold the baby. You won't hurt her." Again, he only shook his head as he righted his sister on her feet.

"Man! Temari," Shikamaru yelled. "Don't scare me like that!" He had his hand over his chest as though he was going to have a heart attack. Gaara pushed off of the wall and took something out of his pouch. I was a small plush teddy bear.

"Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. Nara…Happy Birthday, Fumi." He left the hospital room with that.

Six Months later, Kankurou was standing in front of a massive crowd of Sunagakure villagers. He was dressed in white robes and was without his usual face paint; instead, he looked nervous. Sweat was beading up on his forehead and cheeks. The speech preceding him seemed to be dragging on for a long time.

Gaara was also in a formal outfit but stayed in the shadows. It had been hard for the elders to decide on whether or not Kankurou could become Kazekage but aside from being unpopular due to no fault of his own, the elders decided to make him the next leader of Sunagakure no Sato. The hope that Kankurou would surpass his father and do a good job as Kazekage was heavy on the young man.

They brought in the Kazekage hat from beyond the stage and Kankurou bowed. The hat was placed on his head and adjusted to look presentable. With that action, the new leader of the village step to the edge of the platform overlooking the crowed of Sunagakure citizens and bowed. There was clapping and some cheering as well.

Kankurou looked over at Gaara and smiled, as if to say "Well, I did it." His brother nodded in acknowledgement. After their exchange, Kankurou began a long speech describing his hopes and dreams for his reign. By the end, everyone seemed impressed and excited. He was a far cry from the cold statue that was his father.

When he looked to see how Gaara reacted, the red-haired jounin was gone but there was no time to go and look for him. The Elders were beckoning him to join in the festivities so that everyone could become more acquainted with their new leader. Kankurou sighed. The news that he would likely become the next Kazekage was a big shock to everyone but he could tell that it bothered Gaara the most by the way the missions they conducted afterwards went. Since Temari left they had to rely on each other more and they became closer because of it. But when the news came, Gaara become more aloof. He didn't make much of an attempt to talk anymore. It was kind of hard but Kankurou couldn't understand that ultimately it meant leaving his little brother behind. It meant leaving him alone.

"Kazekage-sama," spoke an aide bowing deeply. "We should go…"

"…Yeah." Kankurou nodded to the attendant and left the stage.

"Seconds please!" A five years-old Fumi had rice sticking to her face as she held her bowl out to her mother. She had grown a lot. She had a large golden brown ponytail like her father and spiky bangs like her mother. Her bright green-eyes were filled with mischief and intellect.

Shikamaru took her bowl and held it idly in one hand. "You're only supposed to say seconds if you're eating seconds. This is your fourth bowl."

Fumi pouted and gave her father a displeased look. "Man, you're too troublesome, Papa… How do you expect me to become a good ninja if I'm starving?" she muttered. This caught the jounin off guard. When did his little angel become such a sharp tongued brat? She sighed at him and crossed her arms.

There was a knock on the door. Temari had her chopsticks halfway to her mouth. She hadn't got involved in the little spat between her daughter and husband. They were always fighting because they were so much alike. She stood up and opened the door. Standing there in the pouring rain was a Gaara. He was relatively dry thanks to the sand umbrella he had made but he looked cold. It had been a quite a few months since he had last visited but she was used to his random visits. He had no home of his own and wandered around like a grain of sand in the wind.

She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "Gaara! It's been a while." He hugged her back and she let him in. He dispelled the umbrella into his gourd and put in the cork. Shikamaru waved with a small smile. Fumi was already running over to him. She jumped into his arms.

"Gaara! Did you bring me presents?"

"Oy! What kind of greeting is that?" scolded Shikamaru. She turned around to look at him over here shoulder. "Don't look at me like that."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever!"

He gave her a warning look. "One yeah will do, thank you," he barked but surprised himself. He found that he was sounding like his mother with every passing day.

Gaara rubbed her head and put her down. "It's fine. I did bring her a gift, she probably just noticed it and got excited." He pulled out a long item wrapped in paper. It was nearly as tall as Fumi herself. When her uncle put it in her hands she found it to be quite heavy.

She looked up at him to be sure that it was okay to open it. Since his expression never changed from one of solemn regard, she quickly began to unwrap it. It was a miniature tessen like the one here mother used. Fumi gasped.

She posed dramatically in the center of the room. "This is the first star…" She unfolded the fan to the first circle and grinned. "When you see the third star…" She paused to give a small chuckle. "It's over."

"Yeah, yeah." Shikamaru said with a sigh.

"One yeah will do, thank you!" she yelled back at him. They glared at each other. Gaara and Temari looked at each other and sighed. It was an endless battle between Shikamaru and his clone.

Gaara patted Fumi on the head and took a step back. "I'm going now. I have to report back to the Kazekage. I just stopped by on my way back."

Temari looked disappointed but nodded. "I wish you would stay longer, little brother." He shook his head and headed for the door. "At least until the rain stopped?"

He ignored his sister's protests as he always did. "Fumi… I expect you to be able to use that when I see you next.""

"'Kay!" Fumi said with an enthusiastic nod.

"Goodbye." The door closed behind the sand wielder and vessel of the One-Tailed Tanuki demon.