Harry Potter and the Guardians of Power

By Teacherbev

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the Potter-Universe besides a warped plot, several original characters and the desire to share my story with others. I am a medically retired teacher, four children, seven grandchildren, three cats and one husband, therefore no reason to sue me, you won't get anything!

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Summary: AU/ Middle of 5th Year. No spoilers for HBP. After being captured by Voldemort, Snape and Potter escape to... New relationships, new powers.

AN: Chapters one and two are both prologues and both situations will be revisited and expanded in the main story which begins in Chapter 3. Please stick with the story until then, thanks for reading and reviewing.

Chapter One: Ambush

Harry Potter didn't think his week could get any worse. After detention with the horrible toad, Umbridge, he was told to go to the Headmaster's office directly after dinner before reporting to Professor Snape's office for remedial potions. He just never understood how or why his best friend Ron Weasley could ever be jealous of his life. His life sucks!

Just great, the old coot has ignored him for the entire year and now he is supposed to report to him but no one gave him the blasted password. How many sweets would he have to guess before getting the right one? He could feel his anger growing inside him like a fire being stoked with coal, 'I will not loose my temper; I will not loose my temper. If I can hold my temper with Uncle Vernon beating on me and degrading me with every word I can certainly hold my temper now.' He thought to himself.

Luckily the head boy, bloody hell, he couldn't even remember his name, happened to be passing and whispered, "Skiving Snack Box." That was the final proof Harry needed to know the old man really was going senile. He gave a snarl worthy of Snape as he stomped up the stairs and banged loudly on the Headmaster's office door.

Great, just great! All Dumbledore wanted to tell him was that the ministry was renewing the wards around Hogwarts over the holidays, and that he would have to spend Christmas with the Dursleys. No matter how hard he had railed and pleaded with the old man, Dumbledore had been adamant. Unless Harry would tell him exactly why he didn't want to return to his relative's care, then he, Harry, would be leaving on the Hogwart's Express with the rest of the students for three weeks with his family. And there was no way that Harry was going to embarrass himself with telling Dumbledore what actually happened at that house. The whole wizarding world would laugh that Harry couldn't even protect himself from a grossly overweight muggle who liked to beat him senseless at every opportunity. Yeah, right, he'd be sure to admit that so the Daily Prophet could do a front page expose on him. His life really sucks!

He stormed down to the dungeons to make his remedial potions appointment with Snape. Actually he was taking Occlumency lessons from the greasy git but no one was supposed to know that. Of course he didn't actually learn anything from the git, he just managed to make his scar hurt and make Harry relive every bit of guilt from his parents' and Cedric's deaths over and over until he couldn't stand any more. Then all the flashbacks to his 'loving' relatives' care as an extra bonus! As if yelling 'Clear your mind' before attacking was teaching anything!

He knocked loudly on Snape's office door already in a foul mood. His life really sucked! Snape yelled for him to come in and immediately attacked the boy without warning. Images of the graveyard started to flash in Harry's mind. 'I have had enough! If everyone is so intent upon my life let them have it!' Harry may not know Occlumency at all, but he was an incredibly strong natural legilimens. He gathered up every memory from his time at the Dursleys and blasted them out of his mind and into Snape's. Snape reeled at the onslaught of memories not his own and staggered back in shock as Harry threw open the office door and ran down the empty corridors. He was so angry and upset that he didn't notice the appearance of Malfoy, Goyle, and Crabbe around the next corner until it was much too late. Malfoy threw curses and hexes at Harry until he was bleeding and unconscious on the floor.

As Malfoy started toward Potter, Professor Snape came barreling around the corner intent upon catching Potter and making him explain what had just happened and what all those memories meant. Snape reached Harry's side on the floor, rolled him over, and put his hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing, just as Malfoy, with an evil glint in his eye, tossed a scarf onto Potter's chest. With a soft pop, both Potter and Snape disappeared. A Dark Arts alarm in Professor Dumbledore's office went off and the corridor around the Slytherin trio sealed itself until the Headmaster could arrive.

After hearing the whole story of the unprovoked attack against a fellow student and the unauthorized portkey kidnapping of the same student and a professor under Veritaserum, all three of the boys were summarily expelled pending a hearing at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, it didn't change the fact that Snape and Potter were still missing and no one had any idea of where they were.