Their World
By Henrika

Henrika- I had originally intended this to be a series of fics, but then I realized that would get kind of boring (Real reason- Found out that the thing would have been insanely short.) So I crammed them all together, fleshed them out and here we go. Enjoy and review!

His world was all circles and lines. It was all battles and train rides and hastily written reports. It was all blood, pain and guilt. And it was also an unbearable sense of hope that his world would not always be bound by the law he lived his life by.

His world was all flames and protocol. His world was all manipulation and loyalty and power. His world was compassion beyond rank. His world was being consumed by his own desire and he wondered if he had the strength to make a new one.

Her world was all gunpowder and sightlines. Her world was all paperwork and protection. Her world was built on a structure that was consistently ignored and she did everything in her power to bring it back in order. Because when it was in order she could control it and care for those in it. Her world was the structure to the fire she pushed in front of her.

Her world was all tools and oil. Her world was built on friendship and worry. Her world was increasingly cut off from those she loved as they built walls to protect her. Her world was built on connections that she worked desperately to maintain. Her world belonged in the sturdy metal foundation she built beneath another.

His world was all nothingness and metal. His world was outlined in blood. His world was concern as another sacrificed his world for his sake. His world was the hollow clang of empty, cavernous steel and the strange feeling of void that was something and yet not there at all. His world was built on the bonds of family blood, in every sense of the word.

His world was all sparkles and family honor. His world lay in pride and joy over the triumphs of human bonds. His world rested in duty to his country and to the life of the innocent. His world was built on strength; the strength to protect the weak.

Her world was all tough love and regret. Her world consisted of a tiny hand in a sea of blood and the lessons taught to two boys with determined eyes. Her world was built on wifely devotion and the determination that the flow of the world should remain as it was meant to, even though she had to learn that lesson on her own, at the cost of the blood that ran between her fingers as she coughed.

Their world was built on love, on blood, on hope.

But mainly their world was built on each other, on the ties that bound them all together.

Their world was bound for something beyond reach of one, but within grasp of them all.

Their world was their own.

Henrika- Anyone not understand who a specific character was? I tried to make it obvious, but then again, I usually don't make sense to a lot of people, so don't feel bad if you missed one.