Summary: A poem of darkness, of angst and despair. A cry from the pit of Ryou's jaded soul sends shivers throughout the Universe. R n' R please!


Sakina the Fallen Angel

These words I hold dear to my heart
Stab my wounds, they tear me apart.
Why must I endure this never-ending pain?
When I have nothing to lose; nothing to gain?

This carnage and bloodshed lies deep in my soul
This darkness that threatens to consume me whole
This never-ending nightmare that I live as a lie
When will it end, and when can I die?

You killed me with your poison tongue
When you struck me down that fateful night
You filled me with your bitter hate
And turned my soul away from the light.

Now all I hear is your blood thick lies
All I see are your sinister eyes
Now everyday with each whispered breath
I die a little, and wait in vain for death.

Very cliched I know, but I felt I had to try it out.