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After Galaxia was defeated Serena disappeared. No one knew what happened to her. Five years later weird things begin to happen all around the world. A mysterious child shows up claiming to be the daughter of Princess Serenity. But if she is then who could be the father? What truly happened to Serena? S&D

Crystal Heart

Chapter 1

Lost Princess

The morning sunshine rays hit the bedroom of a young sixteen year old. Her sleepy form covered by the pink covers shielding her from the unpleasant light. An annoying sound rang trough the room. Automatically her arm was stretched out and with her fingers she turned off the source of that sound, her alarm clock.

Last night had been a really long night. Stopping chaos, bringing people back to life, etc. and to think that this was what she is going to do for the rest of her life.

Deciding that she deserved a longer rest, since she was the one that did most of the work. She ignored what the alarm sound tried to warn her. Not even opening her eyes she pulled her cover over her head and slept some more. She only achieved to sleep for a few more minutes courtesy of her guardian.

Luna had come in the room and noticed that Serena was still asleep. She only sighed, some things never changed. Jumping onto the bed she began her daily routine.

"Serena wake up." Ignoring her guardian and drifting more into dreamland. "Serena I said wake up." Once again she ignored her.

Luna, deciding that her princess wasn't going to wake up anytime soon she did what she thought was best.

Serena quickly sat up. Her face with a sleepy yet pain look. Removing the blankets from her right leg, checking if Luna's bite had left a mark.

"You didn't have to do that Luna." Serena said with an annoyed tone. She wanted to sleep some more. Luna had no right to wake her up like that.

"Of course I did. You have school today and if you kept sleeping you're going to be late." Luna replied.

Serena's jaw hit the floor. School? "Come on Luna. I just defeated Chaos last night, I'm tired and I need some rest." Serena protested.

Luna shocked her head. "No Serena. Today you have a test and you can't risk your grades. Now get up. You have to get ready." Luna stated. She got off Serena's bed and walked towards the door.

Serena sighed. This was not fair. "Yeah, since it wasn't you who fought last night." Serena silently murmured.

Luna stopped, but didn't say anything. When will she learn that she was doing this for her own good?

With Luna gone from her room, Serena got up and began to look through her closet. Finding her school uniform she made her was to the bathroom. Maybe a nice warm bath would relax her and give her back some energy.

After a while she came out fresh from the bathroom. She was still tired but it wasn't as if she could do anything about it. Her only solution had been taken from her. Once she was dressed in her high school uniform she went downstairs.

Her parents and Sami were already there eating their breakfast. She greeted them and then sat on her place in the table.

Her mother gave her, her breakfast. "Serena are you alright?" Mrs. Tsukino asked.

"Yeah mom." Serena softly said.

"You don't look to well." Her father commented.

"Yeah, you look pretty awful sis," Sami even said.

"Maybe you shouldn't go to school today. You can make that test up another day," Serena's mother said.

Serena smiled, thinking that she was going to have her rest after all, but one look from Luna who was on the floor changed her mind. Sadly she sighed.

"No mom, it's ok." Serena sadly said.

"Are you sure sweetie?" Her mother asked a bit worried.

"Yes mom. Don't worry I'm fine." Serena replied trying to sound more cheerful.

Her mother only smiled and continued eating. No one made a big deal about it. Her father thought that she was finally taking more responsibility and was proud of it. Sami thought it was a bit weird for her to miss a chance like this then again her sister had always been weird on some things.

Serena finished eating her breakfast and said goodbye to her family. Grabbing her school bag and her lunch she left her house.

Turning on the corner of her block she stopped. She knew that Luna was right behind her making sure that she went straight to school. Serena turned around and looked at her with an annoyed look.

"Luna I want to go to school alone. I don't need you as a second shadow, so just go home or something." Serena sternly said. It was rare when she used that tone, but she was angry at Luna and if this was the only way to get her of her back then she welcomed it.

Luna only nodded not wanting to anger her more. Besides she knew that Serena wouldn't ditch school.

"Alright, Serena. Just remember that after school there's a scout meeting to discuss about last night." Luna said. Serena only nodded and continued her way to school.

Luna sighed. She hated it when Serena was angry at her. Why must she always be the evil one in the story? She only did what was best for her. Serena needed to be disciplined so that she would be ready for her future role. Earth needs her future queen ready when the time comes.


The inner scouts were at Rei's temple. They all sat in Rei's room waiting for everyone to get there so that they could begin there meeting.

Luna arrived and noticed that Serena wasn't there. /She must of gotten detention again./

"Hello girls." Luna said with a tired voice.

"Hey Luna." Mina said.

"Hi." The rest of them said.

Artemis went and sat next Luna while the girls all made expressions that said 'how cute'. Luna only rolled her eyes.

"Well I guess we should begin, Serena probably will arrive later from her detention." Luna said. She noticed all the confusion in girls' faces.

"Uh Luna, Serena didn't go to school today." Amy said.

"Yeah she was absent today." Lita said confirming Amy's statement.

Luna frowned. "I told Serena to go to school today! I saw her walk towards the school."

Everyone noticed Luna sudden mood change. Oh she was angry alright. Poor Serena, she was going to get it now.

"Well Luna, she probably was tired from the fight last night and went back home to rest." Mina said trying to help Serena.

"No she didn't. I was at the house all day." Luna said angrily.

"Maybe she went to see Darien. After all it has been months since they've seen each other and they probably had a lot of things to talk about." Rei said hoping Luna would calm down.

"Call Darien and when you find Serena tell her to come here immediately!" Luna ordered.

The girls nodded. Rei grabbed the phone and call at Andrew's place. Since Darien had just came back from 'the states' he didn't have a place to stay, so Andrew offered his place to him.

"Hello Andrew, hi it's Rei. Listen is Serena there?" Rei asked. She watched as Luna glared at the phone. Rei just hope that Serena would get here quickly.

"Hey Rei. No, Serena isn't here, but since I haven't been here all day I'm not sure if she came. Here let me pass you Darien." Andrew said.

"Thanks." Rei said.

"Hey Rei. Is something wrong?" Darien asked.

"No. Has Serena gone by to see you today?" Rei asked.

"No she hasn't. Actually I'm planning to go visit her at her house tonight, why?" Darien asked.

"Oh it's that she didn't go to school today and since she wasn't at her house we thought that she was with you. But don't worry; she probably went to see Amara and the others." Rei said.

"Oh ok then." Darien said, not to sure of what Rei had said.

"Ok, bye." Rei hanged up and found Luna starring at her waiting for answers.

"Well." She said.

"Serena wasn't with Darien. I guess she went to see the outer scouts." Rei said.

"Call them." Was the only things Luna said.

Everyone else remained silent, not wanting to get scolded by Luna.

Rei waited until someone answered from the other side of the line.


"Hi, this is Rei." Rei said.

"Oh hi Rei. How are you?" Michelle asked.

"I'm fine. Hey I was wondering is Serena there by any chance?" Rei asked.

"No, she hasn't come by today. Is there something wrong?" Michelle asked worried.

/There will be if she doesn't show up soon./ Rei thought. "No, it's just that we can't find her."

"You can't find her?" Michelle asked.

"Can't find who?" Amara asked.

Michelle pulled the phone slightly away from her. "It's the girls. They can't seem to find Serena."

Amara took the phone. "What do you mean you can't find Serena?"

"It's not a big deal. She just ditched school and we don't know were she went. Serena is just probably hiding because she knows that Luna is going to scold her." Rei said the last part softly.

Amara sighed. "Alright, but call me when you find her, ok?"

"Yeah, sure." Rei said.

"Ok then, bye,"


Rei hung up. Now where in the world was Serena? Her little stunt was creating a lot of trouble.

"When Serena gets here she will regret disobeying me." Luna stated.

"Come on Luna. Don't be so hard on her. She's trying and you pushing doesn't help." Artemis said, yet with one look from Luna he shut up.

Hours passed and yet there was still no sign of Serena. Darien arrived a while after Rei had called him; he had been worried by what Rei had said. Now that more time had passed only caused to worry him even more.

The phone that had been silent for hours finally rang. Rei went to answer it; everyone had the same thought on their mind, Serena.

"Hello." Rei anxiously said.

"Oh hi Rei. This is Serena's mother. I was wondering if Serena is still over there with you?" Mrs. Tsukino asked.

Rei smiled faded. For some reason she felt terribly worried. It wasn't like Serena to just disappear like that.

Everyone paid attention hoping Rei scold the person that was on the other side of the line.

"No Mrs. Tsukino. Serena isn't here." Rei sadly responded.

Just as Rei had felt moments before, everyone else were becoming extremely worried. What if something had happened to Serena?

"Oh dear. Well how long was it since she left the temple?" Mrs. Tsukino asked, not realizing what was truly happening.

"She didn't come to the temple today." Rei softly said.

"What? I thought that she was going to go today to the temple, or maybe I was wrong. Perhaps she went to the arcade and here I am bothering you." Mrs. Tsukino said.

"She's not there. I already called." Rei said.

Mrs. Tsukino face paled. Where was her daughter? Maybe with that boy that had been around her these past months. What was his name? Seiya, yes that was it!

"Do you think that she is with that boy Seiya?" Mrs. Tsukino asked.

Rei's eyes widen. Everyone else noticed that thinking that she had gotten a clue to were she was. "I'm not sure. I'll get to you on the Mrs. Tsukino. Bye." Rei quickly hung up not allowing Serena's mother to answer her back.

"What is it Rei?" Darien asked.



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