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Talking "...."

Thinking /..../

Chapter 9
The Proposal

It was raining all over Tokyo. There had been an unexpected weather changed and the news reported that this was going to last several days. All though Serena didn't mind, especially since it was only rain with no thunder. She smiled as she snuggled closer to the warm chest that was next to her.

Darien had brought her over to his apartment so that she could see it and get better acquainted with it. It was much bigger than the last one that he had. This one had a private study and another bathroom separated from the bedroom. Besides, the view of the Tokyo tower and the city was ten times better. How Darien was able to get these kinds of places was a mystery to her.

"What are you smiling so much about?" Darien asked.

Serena shifted her gaze from the television to her beloved. "Mmm nothing really, I'm just enjoying my time with you."

This caused Darien to smile as well. Serena was a person that enjoyed the simply things of life. She wasn't like other women who wanted to be showered by expensive gifts all the time or be taken to the most prestigious places; and that was what he loved about her and he knew that he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life with her enjoying the simply things of life.

His mind wandered back to the black velvet box in his drawer next to his bed. It had been one month since Serena had been released from the hospital and all her physical examinations were coming out great. Serena was in perfect health except for the lost of memories of the past four years. All though he noticed that it didn't affect her as much as he thought it would. Instead, Serena was retaking her life like nothing had happened.

"What are you thinking about?" Serena asked.

Darien gently caressed her cheek as his other hand link with hers. "You." Was his simply answer.

"Me?" Serena asked as she shifted her body so that she could be face to face with him.

Darien nodded. He began to play with her long blonde/silver like hair. Darien frowned. Her hair was more silvery now than a month ago.

"What's wrong?" Serena asked seeing Darien's frown.

"Your hair," he said.

Serena looked at her hair but didn't see anything wrong with it. Was it dirty? Or tangled? Seeing that she didn't understand him he decided to voice out his thoughts.

"It's more silvery now. A month ago it was purely blonde and now it's lighter." Darien said.

Serena stared at her hair more intently now and moved it closer to the light so she could see it better. Darien was right; her hair was lighter taking the tone of silver.

"Perhaps your body is changing and taking more of your Lunarian attributes." Darien said seeing the worried look upon his girlfriend.

"But I thought that would happen when I turned twenty one and I had Rini." Serena said.

Serena was right. Her physical changes were suppose to start after she turned twenty one and had Rini, but then why was this happening?

"We will talk to Amy tomorrow so she can check this out, okay?" Darien asked.

Serena nodded. She hoped that everything was all right and that nothing wrong was happening to her body.

"Don't worry Sere, I'm sure everything is going to be all right." Darien assured her.

"Yeah you're right. Besides it doesn't matter if my hairs gets silvery earlier then it's suppose to." Serena said with a bright smile.

Darien smiled liking that Serena had already gotten over it. Suddenly his phone began to ring. Darien got up from the bed and grabbed the wireless phone and answered.

"Shields residence."

"Dr. Shields, hi this is Alice from the hospital." Alice said through the other side of the line.

"Oh hi Dr. Alice, what can I do for you?" Darien asked.

Alice frowned because he had not acknowledged her simply by her name. "I was wondering if you had the number of Dr. Smith." She knew that he had it; she even knew that the hospital had it but lately she hadn't seen Darien and she needed an excuse to hear his voice.

"Sure, I'll give it to you in just a moment," Darien said, "Sere, could you give me the phone book that's in my drawer please."

Sere nodded and took it out and gave it to Mamoru.

Darien searched for the name of the doctor and once he found the number he gave it to Alice.

"Thank you Dr. Shields." Alice said all though she was forcing the words out. It hurt her to know that his girlfriend was with him in his apartment. Oh she had heard when he had so lovingly said her name when he asked her for the phone book. Why couldn't he use that tone with her. That tone that held so much love and respect.

"It's nothing, goodnight Dr. Alice," and with that he hung up without so much giving her the time to reply.

Darien walked back to the bed and it was then when he noticed what was in Serena's hands. He stopped as he saw that she had the small black velvet box open and eyeing the ring inside of it. Slowly Serena's gaze met his and he was met with a sad look that made his heart cry. Serena placed the velvet box on top of the drawer and ran out of the bedroom. A few seconds had passed when Darien finally reacted and got to the door of his apartment before Serena did.

"Let me out." Serena said trying to control her voice from breaking.

"Sere what's wrong?" Darien asked. He had thought of different scenarios of when he would show Serena that ring, but this was not one of them.

"I want to leave so move." Serena said avoiding looking at him.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong." Darien insisted. She was facing the floor so he couldn't really take a good look at her face.

He saw one tear fall and then another and another. "You want to know what's wrong." Serena said as she looked at him. "What's wrong is that I find an engagement ring hidden in your drawer."

Was she upset because he hadn't shown it to her sooner?

"Sere I was meaning to show it to you but…"

"Show it to me?! Why would I want to see another woman's ring?!" Serena exclaimed.

Darien stayed silent. Did she think that the ring that he had was for another woman? But that was ridiculous.

Serena felt her heart breaking. There were times when she thought about Darien's love life when she was gone. After all Darien is gorgeous, with shinny black hair, midnight blue eyes and a body to die for, heck anyone woman would love to be with him. Perhaps he had an affair or two to keep his mind sane, but having an engagement ring meant that something serious happened and it hurt her to know that someone else had been able to occupy her place.

"Please step aside so I can leave." Serena tried to remain her voice steady but it was so hard with all those tears.

"Sere this is a misunderstanding." Darien began to say but the look on her face shut him up.

"Is it? Is it really a mistake Darien? Tell me, who is she?" Serena asked.

Darien sighed. He had forgotten about Serena's insecurities. While he knew that she knew that they were meant for each other and that he loves her with all the mighty power of his heart she always doubted herself when it came to other woman. She always believed that if someone prettier or smarter came along he would dump her and leave with this new person. He needed to show Serena that she was the only woman in his heart.

Darien took a step forward and placed his hands on her shoulders. Looking straight into her eyes he said, "you."

Serena tried to deny his answer but was stopped with Darien's kiss. It was a slow, calming kiss, telling her to believe him, to trust him. Slowly he pulled back.

"I bought that engagement ring a few days before you were released from the hospital. I knew that the previous one was lost so I decided to get you a new one, but I was waiting for the right moment to give it to you." Darien explained.

Serena's eyes widened as she listen to him. The ring was hers? But… Serena sighed. How stupid was she? She had reacted so badly and doubted Darien all for nothing; all for a stupid idea that she had created.

"Forgive me for not showing it to you sooner, but like I said I was looking for the right moment." Darien said.

Serena nodded believing him. God what was she supposed to say now?

Darien walked back towards the bedroom and Usagi stood there watching him.

/ Is he mad?/ Serena thought. / Of course he is, I acted like a complete fool accusing him of something that wasn't true./ But once again Serena was proven wrong.

Darien came back, but this time with the small velvet box in his hand.

"Darien, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to react this way but the mere thought of …" Darien placed a finger on her lips signaling her to stay quiet.

"Don't worry love. I would have done the same if I had been in your place." Darien said. Slowly he brought himself down to one knee and said, "Sere, I love you with my entire heart and soul and I could never dream of living the rest of my life with anyone else that wasn't you. So please, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Darien opened the small black velvet box to reveal a beautiful ring.

Tears began to fall once more from Serena's eyes at hearing what Darien had asked her.

"But I don't deserve you, I just doubted your love for me and…"

Darien immediately got up and held her. "Shhh, please don't ever say that you don't deserve me Serena because you know that it's not true or have you forgotten what you have done to my life? You brought me back to the living with your love, you showed me a world that was foreign to me and gave me all the love that I have needed. You gave me a reason to laugh again, a reason to live. So please don't ever say that you don't deserve me for it is I that don't deserve you."


"I love you with all my heart Serena, please don't leave me alone with all this love that I can give you." Darien said.

Serena met his eyes with hers and smiled. "I will never leave you again, I promise."

Darien smiled and leaned down to kiss her again. Serena happily replied and wrapped her arms around his neck. Darien brought her closer by placing his hands on her hips and bringing her forward.

Serena separated her lips from Darien for a moment. "Yes." She said and then proceeded to kiss him again. Darien couldn't help but moan as he felt her tongue teasing his. He separated his lips from her and she could see the curiosity in his eyes.

"Yes?" Serena wanted to roll her eyes. At least she wasn't the only dense one in this relationship.

"I mean that yes I do want to marry you." Serena said.

Darien smiled and picked her up and started spinning making Serena laugh.

"I'm the luckiest man in the world!" Darien yelled wanting the whole world to hear him. Serena only continued to laugh. Gently he put Serena down; he took her hand and stared directly into her eyes.

"I promise that I will make you the happiest woman upon this world." Darien said as he placed the ring on her engagement finger.

"I know," Serena said with a smile.

Darien leaned down for another kiss and Serena happily complied. Pulling her closer he led her back towards his bedroom, closing the door with his foot.

"Want some more fries?"

"No that's okay. Thank you for inviting me to come." A polite voice said.

Lita smiled. It had been a while since she had seen this girl. Over the past few years she had grown and now she was a teenager, all though her personality hadn't changed that much. She was still a polite person and her reserved nature created an aura of mystery. But perhaps that was all do to the events of that happen so early into her life. After all having your father possessed by an evil alien being trying to destroy your world and then having yourself being possessed by one was creepy enough and after that finding out that you're a senshi destined to protect the reincarnation of the last moon princess who was to become the new queen of this planet was sure to have some side effects in your life.

Hotaru smiled. The inner senshi had welcomed her into their lives without a problem and were constantly inviting her over for 'girl talks' or a shopping spree. She knew that they didn't want her to feel lonely especially since Haruka and Michiru left two weeks ago due to their jobs. She was now living by herself in an apartment that Haruka and Michiru had rented. At first she thought that it was going to be real lonely since she was going to be by herself, but that thought went out the window once the girls showed up and since then she hadn't had a moment to rethink that thought.

"So Hotaru, is there a boy that you like?" Mina asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Hotaru practically chocked on her milkshake once she heard that question. Oh god, not again. Mina tended to ask her that question every time she saw her, according to her, her soulmate was around here somewhere and it was only a matter of time before he showed up. Hotaru wanted to roll her eyes. Even if her so call soulmate was around here, she didn't have time for a boyfriend. Her time was strictly reserved for her duty and duty alone.

"No, like I said before, I just moved back to Japan three weeks ago so I haven't had time to start liking a guy and besides I'm only making friends right now." Hotaru said.

"Ohh." Mina said, "Well guess what? Remember Jack? The guy that worked on the last commercial with me, he has a younger brother just about your age and he would like to meet you."

"Mina I'm really not interested in guys at this moment. I just want to dedicate myself to my studies." Hotaru said trying to sound as convincing as possible.

"Oh Hotaru, life isn't all about studies. Every now and then you can have fun with a boy and…"

"…end up like Mina." Raye finished.

Mina glared at Raye but Raye just ignored it.

"Mina leave Hotaru alone. If she is fine dedicating herself to her studies then let her be. I for one am proud that Hotaru is such a responsible young girl." Amy said.

A soft blush appeared on Hotaru's cheek. She could always count on Amy to understand her more. It was strange that even though in the past she and Amy weren't so close now they shared a bond that was almost sister like. Perhaps it was because Amy had been like her when she was her age, and maybe that is why she identified herself more with her.

"Fine, but when you decided that you want to go out with a guy tell me and I'll make sure that it's a success." Mina said with a smile, her eyes sparkling with determination.

"Sure, just like your dates go." Raye dryly said.

"Oh shut up Raye, like yours are any better." Mina retorted.

"I'll have you know that-"

"Cut it out you two! Geez, we're supposed to be the adults here and look how you guys are acting." Lita said shaking her head.

"How about if we go to the movies? I'll call Serena and we could meet her there." Amy suggested.

"Fine by me." Mina said.

"What movie would you like to see Hotaru?" Raye asked.

"Mmm, I'm up for an action movie." Hotaru said with a smile.

"Oh there are some really good ones right now, let's hurry up so we can get there before they start." Mina said.

"Serena is not answering her cell phone." Amy said which got the attention of all the girls. Once Serena had been released from the hospital the girls had gotten her one of their cell phones to keep in touch and to make sure that she was fine. Even though they knew that Serena was safe every now and then when they called her and if she didn't answer it made them want to go into a panic attack.

"Okay calm down. Remember that she's with Darien. Call him just to make sure." Raye said trying to keep everyone calmed.

"He is not answering either." Amy said.

"Perhaps we should go over and check things out." Lita said already standing up.

"I don't think so." Mina said. "Serena is with Darien guys, I'm sure she's fine."

"Then why aren't they answering their cell phones?" Raye asked.

"I'm sure they're busy doing other things." Mina said with a mischievous smile.

Amy blushed understanding what Mina was saying. She looked over to see that Hotaru had a confused look upon her face.

"How about if we just go to the movies and let them be." Amy said.

The girls nodded all though Raye, Mina, and Lita had a sly grin on their faces. Serena was going to be met with some interesting questions tomorrow.

Serena admired the engagement ring that was on her finger. She couldn't help but smile. She was so happy. She felt Darien stir behind her and she decided that it was time to wake him up.

"Darien." Serena softly said yet Darien didn't answer. That got Serena's curiosity started. She turned around to fully face him and he was apparently still asleep, which Serena found that hard to believe because Darien is a very light sleeper and any noise usually wakes him up.

"Darien." Serena repeated but he still didn't answer. A small grin appeared on Serena's face as she thought of something.

Darien was definitely awake, but he just wanted to stay like this with Serena for a while longer. He wanted to feel her presence next to him and to enjoy the warmth that her body exposed. Of course all of that when out the window when he felt Serena's curious hands wander around his stomach. He tried to suppress his laughter, but Serena's insistence made his resistance fall. Soon the entire bedroom was filled with laughter.

"Sere stop, please." Darien pleaded as the blonde continued with her attack.

"Not a chance." Serena said with a smile as she continued to tickle him. Who would have ever thought that Darien was such a ticklish person?

"Mercy." Darien managed to gasp out between his laughter. With a sudden movement he was able to flip them over and now he had Serena under him at his complete disposal.

"Hey! No fair." Serena said and added a cute pout to it.

"Well that's too bad love, because I'm definitely enjoying this position." Darien said with a grin causing Serena to blush.

Serena punched Darien's shoulder playfully. "Well so do I, but unfortunately it is getting late and you have to take me home or else my dad will give you a hard time." Serena said catching Darien's attention.

Darien sighed, Serena was right. "All right." Darien said which caused Serena to raise an eyebrow. He wasn't going to try and persuade her? Something was not right here.

Darien got up without giving a care that that his dark blue sheets were no longer covering his body. He made his way to the bathroom, but before he got in he turned to face his beloved. "I'm going to take a shower, want to join me?" He asked but already knew the answer. The look that Serena had been giving him since he left his bed told him. There was no need for words to be used. This was going to be a very steamy shower.

She was so tired that she could barely keep her eyes open. She knew that she had a fever; she had heard the maids mention it. Her throat was dry and she wanted water. Slowly, she tried to reach with her hand the glass that was next to her bed, but before she even touched it another hand had stopped hers.

"Here, let me help you." It was the voice of the man that had helped her.

Gently he guided the glass of water to her lips so that she could drink from it. Immediately she drank it all and smiled as she felt the freshness of it running through her throat.

"Are you feeling better?" The man asked.

The young woman nodded. Compare to how she felt when she had first woken up she was feeling much better. "Why are you helping me?" She softly asked.

The dark hair man gave her a small smile. "Is it wrong to help someone in need?" He answered her with a question.

"No, but I guess I'm just curious." She said as her eyes began to close.

"You should rest. You are still very weak." He said as he watched her close her eyes. Her breathing became even and he knew that she had fallen asleep.

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