A/N: I have left this story hanging for ages, and now that I have managed to accept the news that HBP brought with it - to some extent - I have decided to revise this story, simply to add a little more... something... to it. So, this is the new version of the prologue; not very different, but then again, I left you hanging at a very early stage, so there is no great harm done!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, just a silly wish to make things right (at least, what I consider right)



Last Things First

So this is it.

This infernal, crazy era of my life is going to an end and I will return to the one I was ages ago – a second ago – right now.

I cannot do it!

Again I check my hair – yes, it is long, curly and completely out of anyone's control – and my clothes. Being back in clothes identical to those I used to wear at the time when I was young has not brought back anything that I need.

I feel helpless.

With a last look at the man by my side, I put the invisibility spell on me, and slowly and carefully I open the door to the potions lab. The man accompaning me bowes his head at me and I go inside.

Harry is there, of course, and Ron. Hermione-17-years-old is standing at a desk, measuring something for a potion; dragon blood, if I'm not mistaken.

I walk around her table so that I can follow her doings, and when I finally see her taking the bowl with kneazle hair I walk back to stand behind her. Harry and Ron are chatting about quidditch. Not that I have ever cared particularily about the game, but then again, of course I should know what they are talking about. I do not have a clue at this moment.

Then I relax. I'm an actress now, for God's sake, I know I can manage.

When there is a loud crash and Hermione suddenly disappears, I am ready. I quietly lift the spell, take a step forward, and start to cough when Harry and Ron turn towards me with worried looks on their faces.

I am back.