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Description: This story is a unique time travel fic, Hermoine? style. When Hermoine finds a curious locket and tries to opened it, it sends her 20 years in to the past… There she falls in love again with the man that broke her heart in the present time.

Hi, everyone. I' am Ryoulover14 and this is my first fanfic for Harry Potter that has been submitted here…so, please go easy on me. By the way this story is dedicated to all my friends, including the author of several Hermoine/Remus fics evil cat hater who helped me A LOT! Thank you! So, now, on with the story.

Story: The time on the cinnamon moon

Chapter 1: Default chapter

The soft evening breeze blew on Hermoine Garnger's soft long honey brown curls. She stood before her wide open window, with her chin resting gently on her fist, as she watched the sun go behind the hills making the sky go dark.

Stray tears left her hazelnut eyes, as the setting in front of her reminded her of someone that her heart held so dear… So many sad things happened last year. Dumbledore gone…Snape turned an assassin…Malfoy running away…and He loving someone else…

As she watched the stars appear on the black velvet sky, she couldn't help but see a small brown puff cotton, about the size of a tennis ball, flying towards her. Hermoine raised her thin eyebrow in question.

"What is that?" she murmured silently to herself.

Soon enough, her question was answered as the cotton ball fell on her. She gave a shriek of surprise, but then giggled as she saw what had made her scream. It was Ron's owl, 'Pig'. Darn owl was so small and like always he carried a letter larger than himself.

She untied the letter from the tiny owl's leg, and as soon as she did so, it gave her a cheerful peck on her ear, before going out the window and flying into the dark night.

Hermoine opened the letter and a small smile crept on her face, as she saw her best friend, Ron's untidy witting.

"Hello Hermoine,

How's everything doing? I suppose your reading the old school books…Anyway, just so you know, since Hogwarts isn't opening for our seventh and last year, mum gave me the A-okay (it took a lot of convincing from me and Ginny) to let you and Harry spend the year with us at the new order headquarters. Dad told me to not tell you were it is, because it may fall on wrong hands. Someone from the order is going to pick you up tomorrow, so don't say your not coming because we are going to pick you up anyway. See you soon,

Your friend, Ron.

P.S. Harry arrived today and sends you a big hello"

Hermoine finished reading the letter and sighed. Although she felt momentarily happy, she couldn't help to feel the need to cry her eyes out as she placed the letter on the desk. It was clear she would be going, but still it meant she had to face someone who hurt her, without knowing it.

Taking one last glance at the black sheet that covered the night time sky filled with silver sparkles, she headed out the door and went downstairs to tell her parents the news.

- - - end chapter 1- - -

Authors note: Well, how was this chapter? If it was lame then don't worry, cause in the following chapters, there's going to be romance, drama and more angsty parts. By the way, who do you guys think is the one that broke Hermoine heart? OOOOhhhhh, I know who it is, the man is…. Sorry, you'll have to read the next chapter to see who it is. Please review, Thank You!