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One Week Later:

Buffy Summers smiled as she took a swig of her drink. Thanks to the help of everyone they had managed to get the Wolfram and Hart bar entirely to themselves. 'It helped being connected to the guy in charge.' The blond Slayer mused to herself with a satisfied smirk, remembering the hissy fit that some evil lawyer guys had made about the place being ruined by the whole goodness thing that they all had going for them. Now that almost everyone was healed up thanks to a combination of various magic's and technological methods that they had at their disposal, methods that had put just about everyone at least between eighty and ninety percent back to full health, except for a few that had been hurt a bit worse than others. They were now having a proper family reunion before they all had to head back toward their own various lives where they were needed to do their jobs in keeping the Earth safe from the various threats that endangered it. Soon they would be back to fighting their own individual fights, but plans had been made so that things like this could happen if the need ever came up again. They had all found out they weren't alone in the world they were going to make the most of that bit of information. The realization that they didn't have to hold the world on their shoulders alone anymore was relieving.

There had been discussions and they were even now finishing some of their theories for what they would be doing. The Air Force and Army, or more importantly the SGC and Riley's demon hunting unit would now be where Slayer's or demon hunters former or in the know would be sent if they decided to join the military complete with scholarships that were slightly larger than most were. There would be little Slayer academies scattered all around now as well instead of placing all of their hopes in one place from now on. Caleb had shown the problem with that when he had placed his bomb during the Emergency meeting that the old Watchers Council had called. They had also thought that rotating the Slayers around between the various schools/bases would be a good idea as well. It would make it so that the newbie Slayers didn't feel as if they were being trapped defending their area as Buffy had. She had made plans, and the Hazzard and Smallville farms were perfect out of the way places for super strong teen girls to go and get their schooling and to train, the fact that they would have excellent people to give them the great set of values was just icing on the cake as far as she was concerned. The fact that there would be plenty of things for the Slayers to do to keep themselves busy was another bonus. Weird happening always seemed to just happen somehow in Hazzard, and meteor rock mutants needing to have their butts kicked were in Smallville, it was perfect training ground as far as she could see. There was also the added benefit that at farms the girls could use some of their extra energy and strength to help keep the farms going, something that Jonathan Kent had smirked knowingly at his son about. The Charmed Ones had also agreed to take on at least two Slayers for the time being, and Xavier had promised that he would arrange for any of the excess girls at his school and for smaller versions of the Danger Room to be built within these new training areas. Hercules had agreed to design a training regimen similar to the one that he had followed as a teen at the Academy under Chiron. Xena, a reluctant Ares and various military people would be designing the tactics that would be used by the new crop of Slayers. Things were coming together much better than she had hoped for, and now all she had to do was wait for the various details to iron themselves out, but for now they could sit back and relax and enjoy the quiet after the battle that they had just fought. None of them were under any illusions though, and knew that in time that they would have to return to their lives and individual battles that they belonged in. It seemed it was their family's duty to stand between the various forces that threatened the Earth. They also knew though that a number of the next generation of watchers was going to be coming from the friends and family that were around them.

The Slayer stole a look around and couldn't help but smile at what she was seeing. Daniel Jackson and Jesse Duke were sitting in a corner discussing how to make the best Moonshine was, the two of them were actually arguing about their recipes. In another corner Dean Winchester, Xander Harris, Jack O'Neill and Luke Duke were discussing explosives. Amusingly enough all of the Sam's had gotten together and were talking, the Slayer was tempted to walk up and call out Sam except for the fact that Dean and Jack had already done that. Mad-Eye Moody, Wolverine and Bra'Tac were off in a corner bar talking about old battles that they had been, in and drinking toasts to the ones that had fallen in their latest set of battles. The Golden Trio were in another corner tending to their giant friend Hagrid who was unused to the attention that the three were bestowing onto him and kept on insisting that they go and enjoy themselves. The Half giant meanwhile was talking with some of the other older members of the family about animals and other things. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the Slayer was glad that they had been given this brief respite from their various enemies before they were forced back into their various fights.

"To Family!" Someone shouted.

"Whether it be by blood or by love." Giles added from his own seat where he had been talking to Minerva McGonagall and Duncan McLeod.

"Here! Here!" Everyone shouted raising a glass in a salute before throwing his or her drinks back. This was one family that would always help each other out.

Buffy grinned a bit as she looked around one more time before knocking her own drink back. Yes things were finally looking up, and her family would always have her back and she would always have theirs. Always.

Harry Potter performed the hover charm on the necklace and nodded to Hermione who was standing on the other side of the bulletproof glass working on a piece of machinery. They heard a voice that was echoing in the room but ignored it there was a flash of bright light and the Horux was gone. Harry grinned to the people on the other side of the glass as they applauded him and Hermione. Jack O'Neill had a satisfied smirk on his face as he had never quiet forgiven Voldemort for slamming him into a wall, and this was one way that he could make the wannabe snake suffer.

Clark Kent stood alongside the soldiers blasting away at the replicators as they tried to gain access to the super weapon that everybody had realized was in some holy space temple as the things froze he took a breath for a moment and then blew on them freezing some of the various creatures in their tracks and then super sped around the area disassembling a large group of the others.

Clark watched from his spot on the ground as the Charmed Ones pulled Lana out of the haze that Isobel had created within her, and soon the young girl had not only her own mind but the powers of her dead ancestor.

"Clark?" The girl asked in confusion as she looked around and saw that they were no longer in the prison being tortured but were outside and she was now wearing some type of silk robe over her clothes.

"Its okay, your memory is going to be kind of screwed up for a few minutes though." A young woman a bit older than either of them was said, as she knelt down in front of her.

"What happened?"

"Isobel." Clark said as he was helped to his feet nodding his thanks to Leo and Piper.

"How much more of this am I going to have to deal with?" The girl asked in frustration.

"No more, at least if you don't count the fact that you have all of the knowledge and power of your ancestor now." Phoebe said with a Cheshire cat grin. "That may come in handy one of these days, after you learn how to control it that is."

"Who are you?"

"Oh, didn't Clark tell you about his family from California?" Prue said with a smirk at the farm boy who was turning a nice shade of red at the moment.

"I think we should feel insulted that you haven't said anything about us."

"Anyways back to what we're here for. Piper said as she knelt down and checked the newly made witch out. "With our help we can teach you how to use your powers for good."

Lana looked at the three hopefully. "Really?"

"Yeah really."

"And if they can't do it Willow can." Clark said with a grin. "Besides we need a witch in the Smalville area, it will make some of our work a bit easier if we had someone with some magical training to help us out against the mutants and occasional demons that pop through."


"We'll explain it all to you, or rather your friends will explain it to you." Piper promised the girl.

"My friends?"

"Yes, Clark and Chloe will just love to explain everything wouldn't you Clark?"

Clark sighed a bit both scared and excited at the same time as he nodded.

Belasco growled in defiance as the witch Willow bound the soul of his Darkchilde to her making the soul sword crumble where it rested, the girl would now never truly be rid of her humanity now.

"Thank you." Colossus said as he held his little snowflake protectivley.

"No problem all in the work of a witch." Willow told the giant of a man.

The X-men gave cheers as a force of Slayers and SGC personal were beamed onto the island enforcing them as they stood against the various forces that Magneto had managed to convince to join up with him.

Magneto frowned as he watched the X-Men and their human allies mow a wave of his troops down with some type of energy weapons that shot blue light out, the weapons looked metallic yet they felt like no metal that he had ever felt on the Earth before.

The Scythe came crashing down and snapped the Ravenclaw tiara into two pieces. "Lets go." Buffy said taking the scythe back from Ron Weasley, as she led her forces while Harry and his friends did whatever it was that they had to do.

Angel grinned as he watched a sight he hadn't seen in a year as Slayers and other fighters rose from their hiding places to battle the forces of darkness, they now had an army that would match the forces of Wolfram and Hart.

Spike chuckled and took the time to take an extra large drag on his cigarette lighting his face up for a moment. "Slayer called her family up again I see." The blonde said casually.

"Gotta love cell phones." Angel said with a chuckle wondering briefly what Cordy would have thought if she had heard him say something like that.

Lana, Chloe and Pete stood beside Clark nodding in support; they would be here to help their friend if he needed or wanted it when he went to face Zor-El.

Oliver Queen looked at the number curiously that Clark had given him on his way out of town, he had often debated about whether or not he should use it, but in the end he had decided to and had been welcomed into a family of heroes along with the other members of his team and rather than tell him how to do something or other they let him lead his team his way and offered ideas and support all of the time.

Storm directed the thunderstorm as the Wraith darts came flying down toward Atlantis. The mutant's eyes narrowed as she the horrid creatures coming toward them in their metallic ships. If they truly wanted to attack the Earth then by the Bright Lady they would have to slip past her first. The mutant thought as lighting bolts danced all around them blasting through the various dart craft.

Dawn looked up as a second group joined the Marines that were coming out of the Stargate and looked nervous as she saw who was there. After a series of hugs she looked at the leader of the group. "Don't worry about me I'll be perfectly safe, there's no chance that anything will happen its on the other side of the galaxy. Its not like they even have a tuesday in another galaxy." Buffy mocked as she looked at the head linguist of the Atlantis project. The woman was currently throwing each and everyone of her arguments back at her in a mocking tone. "So tell me, if all of that is true then why are there four dead slayers, and an attack that could destroy the world getting ready to happen?" Buffy asked her sister with a glare that could melt steel.

"Um good to see you to." Dawn tried.

"You're so lucky your to old to ground." Buffy said as she walked past her sister to join the Colonel who was busy barking orders at people.

Logan grinned as he dove into another group of the enemy, as the years had passed so had their numbers grown. A family that had at one time numbered some forty or so had now climbed as individuals and as groups so that now there were enough forces for each of them to send to help if the call came out. They now had friends and family from even farther and more diverse groups. They had beings that they were proud to count among their numbers the fact they were a secret family society within the realm of a world of heroes and superheroes was amusing since only those counted as family were allowed to truly know the secret.

Troops stood between the Charmed ones and the angry mob that were hungering for blood. There was no way that any of these people were going to be getting close to the family of a general if they could help it.

The family funeral for Superman was large as the various people came silently from the various shadowed corners of the streets. Men of wealth and freaks stood side by side as they stood beneath the large statue of one of their own. He may have been the last son of Krypton, but he was also one of their sons though and that was how he would be remembered by them. The parts of Superman's family that the world hadn't known about nodded to each other silently lost in the grief of the lost of one of their own that had been lost as they gathered around Ma and Pa Kent.

A group of Slayers stood ready at the command of the Batman as they entered the sixth month of the No Man's Land. Faith led the group of girls that followed the orders of the Batman as long as it came to humans and meta-humans, but when it came to the supernatural they did their duties as coolly as a team of trained soldiers.

The Beyonder stared with wonder at the family and gave as close to a mental shrug as he could as he summoned the entire family into his Secret War he would enjoy seeing j\how such a family survived against these kinds of odds that they were now going to be pitted against.

Everyone stood around, as they watched Piper and Leo tie the knot. Knowing looks were scattered here and there between various fighters and Champions as the people all watched the happy couple kiss. Aphrodite giggled as she saw one of her pet projects come to fruitation. The Goddess of Love always had been a bit of a sucker for making the impossible romances work out in some way. She looked over at the blonde Slayer with a mischievous smirk as the Slayer leaned against her lover. Perhaps she should back to work on that little project of hers. It was a sad tale of love that she had been forced to put on the back burner for several years, the Gypsies may have screwed up the young love that they had started with but perhaps she could make it worthwhile if she was careful. The power of the Slayer had increased in the young woman the Goddess noted and add in the fact that she was descended from the lineage of the Greek Gods themselves the girl would live a long life as long as no one killed her that is. Besides she hated to leave a project like that unfinished, and Spike was a bit to busy these days with the younger sister who was finally coming into her own powers after a few years of training to get in the way anymore.

"Leave them alone for the moment." Xena said as she came up behind her friend.


"You can do your thing after the soul is bound." Hercules told his half sister sternly. "We don't need Angelus on Earth sis, not with all that he knows about all of us." The goddess pouted and nodded in reluctant agreement with her brother.

Roma guardian of the multi verse nodded this universe which was a meddling of many had a strong chance of survival with all of its champions.

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