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High school, thought Tanizaki Yukari as she lay stretched out on her bed, I can't believe it's all starting tomorrow. She grinned widely as all of her expectations of her new life sped through her mind. The best years of her life were about to begin and Yukari intended to take full advantage of them. Rolling over on her stomach, Yukari picked up the phone sitting on her nightstand and quickly punched in Kurosawa Minamo's number.

"Yukari, why are you calling me so late?" grumbled Minamo as soon as she picked up the phone. It was almost ten o'clock, but Yukari was never one to care about time or place whenever she had something to say.

"Come on, Nyamo," said Yukari, twirling the phone cord around her finger, "We're starting high school tomorrow! You've gotta be at least a little excited, right?"

"I guess," Minamo sighed, sounding unsure of herself.

"What, are you scared? Don't worry about it! You know you'll beat everyone in gym class and become the star athlete of the school."

"You only say that because you can't even go one lap around the track without getting tired."

"And? Come on, you know you're the best athlete ever. Go in tomorrow and show your mightiness to all!" Yukari laughed and Minamo laughed a little as well. This was enough for Yukari to know that Minamo felt better; both of them knew each other all too well. After all, they had been friends ever since elementary school.

"I just hope we're in the same class," said Minamo.

"Don't worry about it. If we aren't in the same class, you can just sneak into mine and pretend to be whoever doesn't show up!"

"Who wouldn't show up on the first day though?"

"I dunno. I guess someone who sleeps through the whole day."

"You mean you?" Minamo teased, knowing what was happening on the other end of the phone. Yukari was making a dramatically angry face and in a few seconds she would yell at Minamo for making fun of her.

"Hey! I just made you feel better about school tomorrow and this is how you thank me? I will definitely not sleep through my first day of high school, but I'll bet Chia will."

Both Yukari and Minamo giggled at the thought of their friend Chisaki, who also managed to be given a nickname by Yukari.

"I don't think that even Chia would miss the first day of school," said Minamo.

"Well if she does, you can pretend to be Chia and Chia can pretend to be you. Then, in the middle of the year, you guys can switch back to your normal selves," Yukari explained while keeping a serious tone, leaving Minamo baffled at her friend's strange logic.

"Why would we do that?" asked Minamo, though she thought immediately after speaking that she should've dropped the subject.

"Because Chia won't show up tomorrow and you will! Then you'll have to pretend to be Chia for that day and then Chia has to be you!" Yukari replied cheerfully.

"Yukari, stop now before you confuse yourself."

"Fine," Yukari grunted. "Listen, mom's yelling at me to go to bed. See you tomorrow!" After hanging up the phone, Yukari crawled under her sheets and turned off her lamp. The closer she drifted to sleep, the more vivid the images of everything she wanted high school to be were. Nothing but pleasant thoughts passed through Yukari's head.

Meanwhile, Minamo stared at the ceiling in her dark room. Despite Yukari's attempts to calm her nerves, she still felt a flood of emotions at starting this new stage in life. Excitement, fear, joy, and nervousness were all mixed up inside of her; there was no way she was going to get any sleep tonight.

High school, she thought as she closed her eyes to make herself fall asleep, I wonder what kind of people we'll meet?


Yukari's alarm clock cried incessantly early the next morning. Of course Yukari, who wouldn't wake up even if her house was crumbling to the ground, didn't hear it. After five minutes of the constant beeping, Yukari's mother came storming into her room.

"Yukari, shut that thing off and get up!" she shouted and slammed the door as she left the room. Yukari slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room, wondering where all the noise was coming from. When she finally realized that it was her alarm clock, she glared at the digits that read 6:00AM. Subconsciously, Yukari squeezed the clock in her hand and made ready to throw it at the wall.

"And don't you dare throw that alarm clock against the wall, Yukari! You're not getting another one if you do!" her mother's voice shouted from downstairs.

"Ugh, shut up," Yukari groaned and slammed her fist against the top of the clock to turn it off. Rolling her head to the left, Yukari could see her reflection in her full length mirror. Her dark, wavy brown hair was a mess and her dark brown eyes were glassy and slightly red from lack of sleep. Yukari stretched her arms above her head and threw her blankets off of her.

Still half-asleep, Yukari walked over to her closet and fished around in the very back for her new uniform. When she finally found it, she took it off its wire hanger and held it up in front of her. The top was pink and had long sleeves with white cuffs at the wrists; a golden clip held two red strings together in the center beneath the white collar. The bottom was a pleated, burgundy skirt that fell about half-way down the thighs.

Yukari slowly undressed herself and eagerly slipped on her new uniform. She looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her hair and thought that it looked very good on her. As her excitement grew, Yukari became more awake and began humming a tune as she looked through her drawers for socks.

Half an hour later, Yukari was ready to leave. She stood impatiently by the door as her mother prepared her a piece of toast for breakfast.

"Mom, do you wanna speed it up a little?" Yukari asked.

"Do you want butter or not?" her mother shouted back.

"I don't care!" Yukari snapped. "Just give me the toast and let me leave!"

"Watch your attitude!" her mother said as she shoved the toast into Yukari's mouth. Yukari didn't respond (her mouth was full, after all) and zoomed out the door.

Up ahead, Yukari spotted Minamo walking very slowly as if she didn't want to go to school. Yukari decided that this was the perfect opportunity. Still running, she grew closer to Minamo and then jumped on her shoulders.

"Nyamo!" Yukari cheered and threw her arms up in the air, completely unaware that Minamo was losing her balance.

"Yukari! Do you have to do that so early in the morning?" Minamo asked as she lifted Yukari off of her shoulders and set her feet back on the ground, still in shock from the sudden impact.

"Nyamo, why don't you ever let your hair grow out?"

Minamo stared at her blankly, not expecting the topic change. "Oh, you know why," she said after she pulled herself together. "It's easier to swim with short hair."

"Well, can you at least grow it out so it covers all of your neck instead of just half?" Yukari crossed her arms as the two of them began walking.

"No way! Besides, short hair is easier to manage."

"Fine," Yukari grunted.

They remained silent for a few minutes until Yukari couldn't handle it anymore and started another conversation.

"What color do you think Chia's hair will be this year?"

"Don't know," Minamo replied. "I guess we wouldn't find out today anyway since you think she isn't going to show up."

As if on cue, Yukari and Minamo heard someone calling them from behind. There was no mistaking that loud, crisp voice. Yukari and Minamo turned around to see Chia running toward them.

"Heh, I almost slept through the first day," Chia laughed lightly as she caught her breath.

"I told you Chia wouldn't miss the first day," Minamo smirked; Yukari glared at her.

Chia blinked and stared at her two friends. "Did you guys place a bet on me?"

"Not this year," said Yukari, "but that's only because mom kept telling me to go to bed." Yukari grumbled and suddenly took notice of Chia's hair. "Is-is that your natural hair color?"

"Yeah, except for the red streaks, obviously. I think they really stand out against the black," said Chia, grabbing at her hair.

"It looks good," Yukari smiled. "Your hair is long and pretty, unlike Nyamo's same old boring style." Minamo rolled her eyes and didn't say anything.

The three of them walked the rest of the way to school in silence for the most part, enjoying the April weather. As they neared the campus, they could see the cherry blossoms falling and decorating the buildings and paths. The buildings only grew larger as they approached, and soon they were swept away in a sea of their fellow classmates.

"It's kind of a bummer that this is an all-girls school, don't you think, Nyamo?" said Yukari.

"You'll be able to concentrate better," said Minamo, "and believe me, someone like you needs to concentrate as much as possible."

"Well maybe I don't want to be single for the rest of my life!" Yukari crossed her arms.

"I care more about creepy teachers than anything," Chia said nonchalantly. "Hey look, our room assignments are posted over there." Chia pointed to a large bulletin board that listed everyone's name. Already, a thick mass of girls were crowded around it. Yukari, Minamo, and Chia stretched and stood on their toes as they tried to look for their names between people's shoulders and heads. Finally. Yukari let out a happy squeal and announced that all three of them were in the same class.

Minamo and Chia had no choice but to follow as Yukari grabbed their arms and ran inside the main building.

"Yukari, what class are we in?" Minamo shouted, trying not to trip over herself. Yukari ignored her and kept running around the school until she came to a quick and sudden halt in front of a classroom labeled 1-3.

"Here we are!" she said and marched inside, still holding onto Chia and Minamo's arms. The other students stared; Minamo and Chia, embarrassed by Yukari's behavior, tried not to pay them any mind. Some of the girls recognized Minamo and began whispering.

"That's Kurosawa Minamo. I hear she's one of the top athletes in our area."

"Her main event is swimming, right? I wonder if she'll be in the Olympics?"

Minamo ignored them and finally stopped walking when Yukari found three empty desks near the windows. When Minamo sat down, she felt a nervous tap on her shoulder and turned around. What she saw was a girl with short and wavy light brown hair looking at her with a mixed expression of timidity and delight.

"Minamo-san! Oh my, I can't believe I'm in the same class as Minamo-san!" the girl said, breathing heavily.

Minamo awkwardly smiled back at the girl. "Hello there, Hako-san."

"Minamo-san said hello to me! I'm so happy!"

Minamo slowly face forward again and slumped in her seat.

"Lucky you, Nyamo," Yukari laughed. "Hako's in our class too."

"Take your seats, class!" Everyone fell silent at the sound of this commanding, male voice. The teacher entered the room and set his briefcase down on the desk in the front. The man looked to be in his late fifties with a full head of white hair and a pair of small, round glasses fixed upon his nose. His ensemble of a gray suit with shiny black shoes added to the serious vibe given off by his face.

"I am Yamanashi-sensei. Welcome to first period English."

As soon as he said this, Yukari could barely contain her excitement. English was her favorite subject and it took all of her will to keep herself from jumping around the room with joy.

"By the end of this course, all of you should be able to read and write fairly complex novels in English," said Yamanashi-sensei. Yukari's jaw dropped and she listened intently to everything that Yamanashi-sensei said afterward.

This is perfect! she thought. Nyamo and Chia are in my class and first period is English! I love high school already!

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