Greetings, potential reviewers! I am officially reposting this fic, and right this time! When I originally put it on the site, it was my first fanfic, and I was stupid and didn't know how to seperate chapters. However, it's all good now, and here is the first chappy!

I know it's short. Just bear with me here, I've got sixteen more chapters awaiting their time to be posted. I just want to gain some attention first, and then I'll be posting, like, three chapters at a time.


Chapter 1

Raven hovered in lotus position above the Tower roof, calmly chanting her three famous words.

"Azerath Metrion Zinthos," she recited slowly and placidly.

The sun began lowering itself beneath the glistening ocean surrounding the Tower. Raven's violet hair swayed softly in the wind as her cape flowed freely. She was at peace ––– as much peace as she could get, anyway. Her eyes shut, she moved her mouth leisurely to her incantation.

"Oh, Raven!" called a familiarly irritating voice. Raven, disturbed, angrily opened one eye. To her utter disgust, Beast Boy was standing in front of her with an enthusiastic expression, his hands behind his back, with his trademark grin plastered on his face.

Rolling her eyes, Raven dared to ask, "What, Beast Boy?"

"Uh," he said sheepishly in a childish voice. "Well . . ." he started once more. He looked thoughtfully out at the sunset, and seemingly thought better of what he was going to say. Quickly thinking of an alternate topic, Beast Boy said, "Look what I can do!" With that, he morphed into a creature found in Raven's mind ––– a four-red-eyed bird.

"That's super. Now, GO AWAY," Raven said in her usual monotone voice.

"Ah, but Raven! Please?" pleaded Beast Boy whiningly.

"What," Raven asked, unemotionally, "are you talking about?"

"Uh . . . oh yeah! I haven't asked you yet!" Beast Boy replied dumbly.

Raven rolled her eyes once more, and said, "Where are you going with this?"

Beast Boy's ears drooped slightly and he twiddled his fingers. "Er . . . I was wondering if, uh . . ."

Before the green changeling could complete his sentence, a massive crash came from within the Tower.

A single scream came from inside.

Trust me, it's going to get better. Please just wait patiently (okay, you don't have to be patient), and you'll hopefully be satisfied.