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Alexis sat down in the passenger seat; her cousin Jenny at the wheel of the brand new corvette. Jenny had been saving money for this car since she first got her job at 14, this was a well earned reward. She was taking Alexis home from dinner and a movie. They had watched a scary movie at the drive-in, so it was almost pitch black out; it was even beginning to rain.

Alexis sighed, "Wow that was a creepy movie; I still have chills."

Jenny just laughed, "Yeah me too, especially since the murderer in that movie had the same haircut as my ex-boyfriend. Creep-py!" she emphasized as much as humanly possible.

"Yeah, I bet we'll both have trouble sleeping tonight!" Alexis was so absorbed in the conversation that she had failed to notice that they had come to the dirt road about a mile away from the theater.

A car behind them began to honk furiously even though he had plenty of space to pass them. Jenny glanced into the rear view mirror, "Shesh! What's with this guy? If we go faster in this weather we'll spin off the road; and get a ticket." He began tailgating her, swerving ever so slightly as if having a server case of road rage. Jenny frowned, "What's with this- oh no…" she suddenly looked extremely frightened and possibly even annoyed.

"What's the matter Jenny?"



He forced them to the left as far as possible and drove along side them for mere moments before making his move. It happened so fast all Alexis knew was that suddenly the car was spinning; and her door was pushing in on her leg, "Alexis! Bail!" she heard Jenny scream.

She tried to push against the door but nothing happened, "I can't! It's jammed!" Alexis heard Jenny scream, the crunch of metal and the shattering of glass before all fell dark and silent.


Rad sat at the kitchen table, ready and willing to go to Autobot base. His mom had just gotten up to answer the phone and heard her say, "Now calm down dear; I'm afraid I haven's seen her since she was here with the boys yesterday… hold on-I'll see. Bradley!" she shouted, even though her wasn't far from her.

"Yeah Mom?"

"Have you seen or spoken to Alexis since yesterday? Her mother sounds quite frantic."

He frowned, Alexis was always available, via cell phone or walking down the road to her house, where could she be? Did she go back to Autobot headquarters for some reason and fall asleep? "No, sorry I haven't. But I'll keep an eye out for her. Did she try her cell phone?"

"Yes, apparently the line was dead, either the battery died or…"

He could here Alexis' terrified mom grow worse and say, "Oh my god! Turn on the news quick!"

His mom ran to the living room and turned on the T.V. a news bulletin was on, live at the scene of a car accident. They were saying something about the driver dieing, and that there was clear blood from a passenger, but they were yet to find a body or survivor. The door on the passenger side was driven in, suggesting foul play, and that the driver's door had been found open. They posted the drivers license of the body, in hopes someone would recognize the driver.

"Oh my god…" he heard Alexis' mom cry, "That's Jenny! She was with Alexis last night!" Rad's blood ran cold.

"No!" he whispered, backing away, "I-I gotta tell the guys!"

He heard his mom say, "Now calm down, there's no proof she was the passenger, it could've been someone else!"

"Let's pray your right Mom." He whispered before running out the door.


"Guys! Guys!" Rad shouted; running into Autobot headquarters.

"Calm down Rad; where's the fire?" Smokescreen asked.

"Pleeeeeeeeeease tell me Alexis has been here since yesterday!"

They stared at him blankly, even the other boys who'd beaten him there, "No… why, what's wrong?"

"What did she ditch you or something?" Carlos teased.

"She's gone missing! No one knows where she is and her cell-phone isn't working! Her cousin Jenny was suppose to be with her last night-"

"So why not ask Jenny where she is?" Fred asked.

Rad was visibly shaking, "Well that would work fine if she wasn't dead!"

"Whoa-whoa wait, run that by me again?" Billy said in disbelief.

"Jenny was in a car crash, died, and had a passenger with her when it happened but they haven't found a body or survivor!"

"What?" RedAlert asked inincredulity.

"Her mom called my mom looking for her, then the crash came up on the news and they showed Jenny's license; if-"

"We'll help look for her Rad; don't worry; we'll find her, and bring her home safely." Optimus seemed to put a lot of emphases on the safely part.

Rad nodded; his mouth to dry to speak, and his mind to anxious to answer at all.


Alexis opened her eyes; the last thing she remembered immediately was sitting in the car with Jenny. Her head hurt. The skin across her body hurt. It felt as if Hotshot had held her high up in the air and dropped her onto a window three feet off the ground. She then realized she had been sleeping on a hard, cold, stone-like floor; with no memory of how she got there.

It suddenly hit her that she was covered in blood; probably her own blood; and it was making her clothes meld with the scabs. The room was dark, she could barely see the outline of the walls; and didn't see a door, or a light source.

Then the thought hit her like a brick wall, the sound of Jenny's screams pierced her ears and the fear cut through her like a knife. But that wasn't the worst. In her mind's eye, she saw Jenny hanging upside-down in the car. The blood was dripping from her head, and Jenny being barely visible past the crimson flowing through her own eyes. But it got more terrifying. She remembered reaching up to check for a pulse, only to see her cousin's exposed brain. Jenny was dead, and Alexis was alone.

Without warning, gunshots broke out in her memory, half a gun being unloaded into Jenny's body. It was no accident. Someone had murdered Jenny; and Alexis didn't know how she ended up where she did, or even if she was going to survive the injuries she sustained.

Alexis let out a loud shout for help, and then started to weep. "I'm gonna die here…"

There was a pounding, probably at the entrance to the room. A door to her right opened; an unbelievable amount of light shining through, a dark figure in the middle.

He chuckled, "So you're awake. Good, it's no fun when they're asleep…"

"W-who are you?"

He grinned, "Who am I? Kid; you're going to end up calling me your worst nightmare. Now if you don't do what I say…" He pulled a ten-inch blade from his belt, "Then I'll finish what I started when I drove Jenny off the road…"

To be continued…

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