HA! Over X-mas break i finally got a chance to write this chapter; enjoy!


Rescued, but not saved

Officer Jack Donald knocked on the door of Damien J. Ridge. His DNA had been found in and around his crime scene. The man that answered matched Ridge's description. "Mr. Ridge? I have a warrant to search your house relating to the death of your ex-girlfriend Jenny, and the disappearance of her cousin; Alexis."

"Oh… c-come in Sir, b-but I want you to know that my DNA was only found in that car because of what went on before we broke up if you know what I'm saying."

"Then how do you explain your DNA being outside the car?"

"Uh…." He was trying to come up with an excuse as quickly as he could.

"Help! Help me!" the voice was faint, but clearly desperate. It appeared to be coming from the basement.

"What the hell! Who's crying down there!" Jack demanded.

"Just my little sister, scamp doesn't know when to be quiet!" Damien moved in front of the door that clearly led to the basement.

Jack moved toward the door, prepared to push him out of the way, he was clearly hiding something. "Sir, I have a warrant to search this entire house; now please step aside, or I will remove you from this possible crime scene!"

Damien made a bolt for the door, running into the basement shouting vulgar things at the crying voice. Jack ran after him, seeing that the suspect had a gun, and was heading straight for what he assumed to be the missing girl. He grabbed Damien, saying the standard basic rights, while cuffing him and pinning him to the floor. Jack pushed open the door Damien had been heading for; Alexis was ducking in a corner, crying.

Jack finally found his voice, "Alexis, are you Alexis? Your family and friends are looking for you, they helped me find you…"

"I-I think I'm Alexis. I don't know. I don't remember."

Jack gaped for a moment before kicking the cuffed Damien while reaching for his radio, "Unit Alpha, I found the missing girl, repeat, I found the missing girl; Do you copy! Send an Ambulance, she has clear severe injuries on her body and appears to have amnesia. Do you copy?"


Rad chewed his pencil, how was he supposed to do homework when one of his best friends could be dead? He didn't hear the phone ring, but he heard his mother answer it.

"Oh my god… that's great, thank you for calling, we'll let everyone else know." He heard the phone click, and his mother call, "Bradley! They found her! They found Alexis!"

"Really! That's great! Where is-"

"She's at the hospital, call all her friends and tell them she's okay quick!"

"Will do!" Rad shouted, pulling out his cell phone, and running to tell Highwire so he could go tell the Autobots.


Rad, Carlos, Fred, and Billy ran up to the receptionists desk, all of them panting from all the running. Rad finally asked, "… Alexis… we're… her friends… where…"

"She's on the third floor, room 386." The receptionist said, pointing toward the elevator.

"Thank you! Thank you ma'am." The boys again peeled off, this time headed for the elevator. However once reaching the hall Alexis was in, they came across an unpleasant surprise.

Alexis' mother was crying, begging the doctor to do something. "Please! Please what's wrong with her! Why doesn't she remember me! Why damn it? Why?"

"There's nothing we can do; amnesia cannot be cured, she may never remember, or she may slowly regain her memory over time. I just don't know what to tell you. Try bringing her some of her favorite things, try to help her remember. But with what she's been through it's amazing she hasn't fallen into a coma. I'm sorry."

None of the boys could believe what they'd just heard, Alexis didn't even know who she was! How would they be able to be the complete group without her? She was the smart one, now what? And how could she help the Autobots? Would they have to keep it a secret from her? Or would showing them to her again help her regain her memorie?

To Be Continued…