One Year Later:

In the end, Sara wasn't pregnant, and it seemed that despite plenty of trying, she couldn't get pregnant either. The opinion of their doctor was that it wasn't impossible for Sara to get pregnant, just highly improbable without invitro-fertilization or fertility drugs. They briefly entertained the idea of trying some alternate form of conception, but both the cost and what it would involve for Sara put them off for the time being.

They wanted children, but they felt that looking into adoption might be a better bet. They knew firsthand that there were plenty of children lagging in the foster care system only for the fact that they lacked a permanent family to be with. Cassie McBride was one of those children, and after more paperwork than they thought imaginable, they were one court hearing away from making her part of their family.

Everything seemed to be moving ahead smoothly, when the unexpected happened. Distant relatives of the McBrides learned about Cassie's pending adoption and made a motion to adopt her themselves, which the judge granted. It wasn't that Nick and Sara didn't know this sort of thing could happen, they did; they had just felt like they'd bonded with Cassie.

Then something else happened that neither of them expected at all.

Sara missed her period.

They didn't want to get their hopes up, but neither one of them really felt like they could breathe as Nick rushed back from the store with four pregnancy tests in hand.

Sara quirked an eyebrow at him. "Four? Are you trying to tempt fate or something?" She knew that he'd picked one of every brand of pregnancy test they sold at the drug store; she was only surprised that he didn't buy two of each of them.

"No, I'm just trying to be thorough." He grinned at her. Something that he'd learned over the course of a year being married to Sara was that her periods came like clockwork and if she had missed it there were only two explanations: either she was overly stressed like she had been at their wedding, or she was pregnant. He was hoping for the latter.

"Well I hope you can wait a were taking so long and I couldn't hold it anymore." Sara looked a little flustered but it was true, he had taken his time at the store.

"And there isn't another way to do these?" At that moment, Nick had no patience whatsoever, he'd gotten himself emotionally worked up on the way to the store and nearly had a meltdown in the store that the thought he was going to have to wait until Sara had to go to the bathroom again.

Sara arched her brow at him and smirked. "Nick." She found it utterly adorable that he was so anxious, but she was also having a hard time knowing that it could just be a false alarm; she had been under a great deal of stress lately, what with the adoption of Cassie not going through, but she also couldn't let go of the possibility that was hanging out there just waiting to be plucked.

Nick swung into action. "Ok, so we just need to think here...what do you want to drink?" Whatever she wanted, he was going to get her, as long as it would be enough to get some sort of result, preferably positive, on that little stick.

Sara raised a glass of iced tea that she was sipping. "I'm already ahead of you." She gestured towards the barstool next to hers for him to sit down. "Why don't you get yourself something; you look like you could use it."

Nick shook his head and took a seat. "No, I'm good...I just wanted to make sure you had something."

Sara took a sip and glanced over at Nick with a giggle. "You know, staring at me isn't going to make me have to go any faster." She knew that it was pointless to suggest that he go watch TV; he wanted to know if she was pregnant as much as he did.

"It might." This time he smirked at her and slipped an arm around her waist. "No matter what it says, I just want you to know that I love you." He had made a habit of telling her that he loved her so that she would never be able to doubt it; he did love her, more than he ever thought possible.

It was all of thirty minutes later when Sara emerged from the bathroom looking nervous as hell. She'd left all four strips on the counter so she wouldn't have to stare at them in the eternity it would take for them to indicate whether their lives were about to change.

Nick furrowed a brow at her. "Uh, didn't they work?"

"Three minutes." She was nibbling at her lower lip as she sank into the couch next to Nick, smiling a little as she felt him envelope her hand with his. Neither one of them wanted to breathe.

After the longest three minutes of their lives they both went into the bathroom, and at quarter past midnight on a Tuesday morning, they found out that they were having a baby.

The End

Author's Note: Thanks to all my readers, I appreciate you sticking with me on this one. There were times I wasn't sure I was going to finish. Life has been crazy and having a car accident in the middle of writing this didn't help, but hopefully things will settle down soon and I'll be able to get another story going...just don't expect another 'epic' for a while.