A Marooned fairy tale

Sorry everyone that I had to take off my other Inuyasha flick but I have a new thing in store for all you fans. Now I'm bringing the new series just for you. Funnier, action, and more wild! Read to find out.

Chpt.1: I blame you

Inuyasha and the gang followed Naraku's aura to a beach where he laid waiting for them. Once spotting them Inuyasha ran up to Naraku.

Inuyasha: I've finally got you Naraku! Prepare to die!

Naraku: I believe it's the other way around Inuyasha. You'll perish by my incarnations before you even touch me.

Kaugra: Is that all I am to you! Why can't you call me daughter!

Naraku: Cause you're a freak! Get used to it!

Inuyasha pulls out sword: Enough let's get down to business.

All start to fight.


Poisonous insects start to swarm so Miroku pulls back.

Miroku: DAMN! I can't use my wind tunnel without those insects outta my way.

Sango: Leave them to me. HIROKOUTSU!

Sango's boomerang destroys all insects.

Miroku: Thank you.

Sango: Any tiiieeeeee!

Miroku is now enjoying groping Sango.


Sango start's to beat him with her boomerang. You can hear agony coming from Miroku as Kanna watches them.

Kanna: ….

Naraku: Kanna what are you doing? Finish them!

Kanna: ….

Naraku: …is this about this morning!

Kanna: ….sniff

Naraku: I warned you that you shouldn't give the birdie a soul stealing mirror to play with but you did anyway! You should've listened.

Kanna: whine

Naraku: Don't act as if it's my fault! You gave the birdie the mirror even when I told you no! You should be thanking me. I gave that stupid bird a funeral.


Naraku and Kanna sit in the middle of Naraku's castle's garden.

Naraku: We are here today to mourn the loss of our…beloved bird…what the hell was your stupid parrot's name?

Kanna whispers something in Naraku's ear.

Naraku: We are her to mourn the loss of ….Spiffy, the stupid bird that I hated. That stupid bird would always holler at me when I was eating breakfast. It was even worse when you taught it to talk. It would always tell me "Craw foolish Inuyasha!" in that stupid tone even though I don't sound like that. I yelled at it to shut it but when it didn't I would smack it with my shoe. I loved seeing that. It would always keep me awake at night and I'd have no shoe on to hit it so I'd throw a rock at it. That stupid bird…he pooped on my best outfit. Yeah! But who's the better one now Spiffy! EH? You go rot in the dirt!

Naraku drops box in a hole that Kanna made for her beloved parrot and poisonous insects wearing funeral attire surround the box. Kanna picks up a kiddy shovel and starts to bury him.

Naraku: I'll be inside. I feel like chicken tonight.

Flashback ends:

Kanna: WAH!

Naraku: Shit. Don't cry Kanna. Just kill those damn MORTALS!

Kanna still weeps.

Naraku: Look I'll get you a new pet. But it will be something that doesn't annoy the crap outta me.

Kanna brightens a little.

Naraku: But first destroy Inuyasha.

Kanna reveals her mirror at Kagome trying to suck out her soul. Kagome notices and shoots a sacred arrow at it. But it fails and is blasted right back at her.

Kagome: Oh no!

Kagome shields her eyes from the impact to hear a yell from someone she knew well. When reopening her eyes, she saw a wolf demon holding an arrow in his hand.

Kagome: Koga!

Koga: You alright Kagome?

Kagome: fine.

Inuyasha: Hey when the hell did he show up?

Koga: In the nick of time to save my woman.

Inuyasha: YOU'RE WOMAN!

Kagome: Would you two quit it!


Inuyasha's wind scar heads straight toward Koga but the wolf jumps out of the way. The Wind scar splashes into the water bringing a giant tsunami heading their way.

Inuyasha: ….damn! I missed!

The tsunami hits them but still spreads everywhere like to the meadow where Kikiyo was wandering.

Kikiyo: I hate my life….if I had one.

And as it swallowed the priestess it made its way to three others.

Rin: what's that lord Sesshomaru?

Jaken: Don't be stupid Rin! It's a tsunami!

Sesshomaru: Stand back Rin.

Sesshomaru takes out his sword and blasts it at the wave. But nothing happens.

Sesshomaru: Why couldn't my dad have given me a useful sword like one that could kill things!

And so the tsunami swallows them up dragging them into the sea where they will meet their fate or a new adventure. But of course you could faintly hear in the distance from two characters in the water an odd fight that they may have saved for later.

Koga: Look what you gotten us into Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: ME! I blame you!

Koga: WHA!

Inuyasha: If you weren't so annoying, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Kagome: Inuyasha, SIT!

Inuyasha sinks into the sea where he gets bitten by a fish.

Isn't this great? It will get better too. Just think of what will happen next…I'm not telling. Keep reading and I'll keep writing!