So, in the middle of working on Breaking Dawn my The Outsiders and Twilight fic under my other pen Thoughts of Yesterday; I was like huh, I should write a chapter for this one.

This chapter is very short and kinda pointless, I'm just trying to skip time so I can get this thing going.

The Devil's Secret


Fire and Brimstone.

"Micheal!" I couldn't control my eye from twitching as one of the twins, the little boy John, yelled my name for what felt like the tenth time that day and it was barely noon.

"Yes?" I asked glancing up from the book I was trying to read, trying for two days I might add.

John stood at the side of my bed with his arms crossed over his chest his fiery red hair looked like it was standing on it ends as he pouted. "Come play with me." He said stomping his foot.

I had to hold in a sigh, but this was getting old. I had been here eight days now, eight days, and it never seemed like it was going to end. On the sixth day, I suddenly found myself on twin duty and never got a moments peace anymore.

"Where's your sister?" I asked calmly even though I wanted to grab him and fling him out the door.

He just shrugged puffing out his cheeks making his freckles stand out more, "I dun'no." He mumbled.

This time I didn't hold in my sigh, "I can't right now-"

He made a noise, "I'll tell mama." He threatened, puffing out his cheeks more to the point I expected them to start popping off.

Not that again.

I put my bookmark, a folded up piece of paper, in my book to save my page, "Alright." With that I closed my book and allowed him to drag me from my bed. I'd rather stand this little terror then to have to deal with an angry Janice Crenshaw.

I should've just listened to Sam.

Things started to go weird not long after I had came to the house.

I wish I would've seen things a lot sooner, but like the gang had said I just never use my head to see the things right in front of me.

"What's Tulsa like?" Charles asked me out of the blue one evening, the end of my fourth day away from my brothers. It was Sunday and Mr. Crenshaw had pulled us out of our room to watch football with him in the den.

I had tried to get out of it but Anthony once again elbowed me sharply in the ribs when I opened my mouth. I still didn't know what his problem was with me but I could never get to him to ask him what his deal was.


I looked at Charlie, who was sitting across the room on the floor near the TV, glued to it like he had never seen one before. "Tulsa?" I repeated, a lump forming in my throat at the thought of home. "It's..." I never described it before and I really didn't know how. "It's...home."

Charles just grinned at me, so I guess that was good enough. "Sounds nice." He said, turning back to the TV where some band was playing at halftime, the only part of a football game I enjoyed.

"It is." Even with all its flaws, I missed it so much my heart literally hurt.

"Maybe we shouldn't talk about that, boys." Mr. Crenshaw commented, causing me to jump – I'd actually forgot he was there. He was sitting in his armchair, that was position beside the couch on my side, packing his pipe with tobacco. "It might be too painful for young Micheal."

I watched as he struck a match to light his pipe, "Oh, no sir." I started, "It's fine I like thinki-" but I didn't get to continue my sentence, after he had lit his pipe and blew out some smoke, he interrupted me.

Mr. Crenshaw shifted in his seat, "Well, it could be painful for you sooner or later." He paused to puff a few times on his pipe again, "I mean you might not be able to return to them."

Might not..

Might not return...?

I might not return home!

All I could do for a long couple of moments was gape at him, I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say something like that!

I tried to keep mt cool but I couldn't hold back my temper anymore "I-I will though and soon! Darry promise me-!" again I was interrupted but this time it was not by Mr. Crenshaw.

"Cool it." Anthony snapped at me, grabbing me harshly by my shoulder and giving it a shake. "No one wants to hear about any damn promises or your fuckin' home kid."

"Screw you!" I screamed standing up to face the taller and older teen but Sam grabbing my arm and pulled me back down, quickly hushing me with a look that reminded me of Darry.

"Both of you cool it." He said, sending the same look to Anthony.

"Thank you Sammy." Mr. Crenshaw tapped his pipe against an ashtray sitting on a table beside him. "No need to get upset Micheal-" I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself, just the sound of him calling me by my middle name shot my temper up a few degrees.

"-I was just saying that because I'm concerned. I've seen so many children get their hopes up only to have them crushed." He reached across the space between the couch and his chair to lay a hand on my shoulder.

I glanced at his short stubby hands but said nothing.

"If I didn't care I would not be concerned now, would I? Hm?" He squeezed my shoulder before letting go and for some reason that made my skin crawl.

He rambled on for awhile longer but I didn't pay a single mind to anything else that he had said until I heard; "Now go up to your room. We will talk about your out burst once my wife returns."

I didn't hesitate and I quickly stood and left the den – all the while I felt the eyes of the other boys on my back.

With only being there for four days, I had not been able to work on my communication skills or I would have known what laid ahead for me.

Sam came in to check on me not long before Mrs. Crenshaw was due to return home. He didn't say anything but I knew he was there but I laid on my bed, with my back stubbornly turned to the door.

"I told you not to fight with them." He finally spoke up.

I just shrugged awkwardly, "I know but he had not right to say what he did." I said, my voice muffled because of the pillow I had bunched up under my head.

"You'll hear worse things than that." I almost didn't hear him because his voice was so low but I did. I finally then turned to face him.

I didn't know what he was talking about. What could be worse than being told you were never going home?

"But why!" I cried, sitting up in the bed I hit the pillow with my fists. "What right do they have?"

My mom and dad were never like this.

They didn't go around enjoying crushing peoples hopes and dreams.

Mom and dad...

If any they were here, none of this would be happening in the first place.

"All they want." He looked at me, almost like he was pleading with me but he didn't say anything at first. He didn't say anything for a long time actually. "Things can get bad here." He finally said with a sigh. "Best to just do whatever you can to keep it good."

My head snapped at that 'Things could get bad here?' What did that mean?

It couldn't...

Before he could say anymore or before I could ask him anything, the sound of Mrs. Crenshaw's voice floated down the hall, sending chills down my spine making me want to just curl up in a tight ball under the bed.

"Micheal!" She called and I looked at Sam but all he did was shake his head that look still on his face.

He gave me a small smile, "Just listen."

And he was gone.


I just wanted to go home.