Chapter 1: You

Kagome Higurashi sighed as she tucked a strand of wavy ebony hair behind her ear. She was sitting alone on the curb of the road, waiting for the school bus to arrive.

She tightened the laces on her red converse shoes, making sure that they were somewhat clean. Nibbling on her dark blue finger nail polish, her big brown eyes scanned the road.

Why did she feel so nervous? From the moment she had woken up she had an awful feeling in the pit of her stomach, warning her that something big would happen today.

That was part of her powers, she was a priestess. She almost didn't believe it herself when she said it. No one else in her family had the gift, just her. Her grandfather had been training her since she was able to walk and Kagome always had a sixth sense about stuff like that.

"Maybe I'm just nervous because it's the first day of school," she said to herself.

That was probably just the case. It was her first day of grade eleven and she was a mixture of different emotions. Mostly mad though… over the weekend she had been pulled over by a cop. He had been such a bastard that Kagome had lost her patience and told him to go fuck himself.

Least to say he took her license for six weeks.

So now she was stuck riding the bus with the grade nines and tens…

She smiled as she saw the bus turn the corner and stop in front of her. Kagome stood up and straightened out her clothes. She was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans and a white shirt that said 'I love nerds' in bold red letters across her chest.

She choose a seat nearest to the front so that she could make a quick escape when they got to school.

The bus took off and Kagome glanced awkwardly at a short ninth grader who was looking at her weird.

"Kagome?" a small hand tapped her shoulder.

Kagome turned to see her younger brother Souta looking at her.

(yes, Souta is only a few years younger then her in this fic)

"Hey Souta," Kagome smiled.

He sat beside her, "I thought dad was going to give you a ride to school?"

Kagome sighed, "He got an important call from a customer and once again he had to rush off. You know how he is."

Souta nodded. There father was an salesman for an electrical supply business in their home town Tokyo. Kagome didn't understand how he could always be so busy. At first she had suspected him of having an affair, but her mother told her that she was watching way too much TV.

"The kids have been talking lately," Souta whispered.

Kagome glanced at him, "About what?"

He flushed, "It's stupid…but they say that there's a gang of demons in town. One girl in my fourth period said that they have been murdering and a whole bunch of shit for the past six months."

"Don't swear Souta," Kagome hissed.

He shrugged, "You do it."

She rolled her eyes.

"She said that they were responsible for the murder of those two drug lords on the south side of town," Souta continued to whisper.

"That's ridiculous Souta!" Kagome exclaimed, "Those killings were just some drug deal gone wrong, nothing more. Besides…why are you looking at me like that?"

Souta was staring at her with big eyes, "I was wondering…if you had…you know…felt anything…wrong in the air lately."

Souta was the only one Kagome had ever told about her being able to sense things.

She remembered the sick feeling she had had in her stomach this morning…

It was just nerves…that's all.

Shaking her head she forced on a smile, "I'm not a freaking detector Souta. Besides, you should no better to believe in such things. There are no such things as demons!"

Kagome had heard tons of horror stories about supposed 'demons' that had begun to appear all over Japan. She knew it was all lies though. There were only demons in fairytales.

Souta didn't look convinced, "No one believes that priestesses are real anymore, and you're living proof that they are wrong!"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "That's different!"


"It just…it just IS!" Kagome exclaimed, "Go back to your friends, they will be wondering where you went off to."

"Will you walk with me after school?" Souta asked.

Kagome eyed him, "You never want to walk with me anywhere!"

"Please…I guess…all the stories have gotten to me," he whispered, "I can't help but believe that they are true."

Kagome sighed, "Fine, meet me at the front doors after classes are over. And don't be late, or I'm leaving without you."

Souta smiled and went to sit back with his friends. Kagome couldn't help but smile. Souta was already fourteen and he was still acting like a scared little kid.

Looking out the window, Kagome watched the trees fly by as she hummed 'Goodnight Goodnight' by Hot Hot Heat.

As they stopped at an intersection, Kagome spotted the most handsome guy she had ever seen.

His back was toward her but her was wearing black jeans and a deep blood red muscle shirt that showed off his impressive arm muscles. His long silver hair made her jealous as it cascaded to his lower back. On his left bicep was a tattoo that said 'ferveo'.

And then he turned around…

He looked right at her and Kagome gasped. His eyes…they were the most beautiful amber eyes she had ever seen.

But that wasn't what had made her gasp.

It was what she saw on the top of his head. A pair of white dog ears.

He smirked at her and Kagome caught a glimpse of long sharp canines.

The light turned green and the bus started moving. Kagome craned her neck to stare after him as they drove by, and the mysterious boy winked at her.

A cold shiver went down her spine.

Something about him just wasn't right. The way his aura pulsed around him made her head spin.

He wasn't human, that's for sure.

"Shut up Kagome," she hissed to herself as she hit her head on the window, "Of course he's human. What else would he be! Those ears though…must be some…kind of weird fetish or something…"

The bus stopped in front of the high school a few minutes later and Kagome was the first one off. She walked through the school in silence, not saying a word to anyone…the picture of the boy was still lingering in her mind.

First period was math, and it went by slower then usual. Kagome couldn't help but look outside the window every five minutes. She wondered what his tattoo had meant…

"Ferveo," she whispered to herself.

It wasn't Japanese or Chinese. She had taken a course in French and Spanish and it wasn't those either.

"Maybe he made it up," she thought aloud at lunch that day.

Kagome's friends had assumed that whatever was making her so quiet was boy trouble, as usual. But she merely waved them off and departed to her next class.

The rest of the day went by extremely slow, and Kagome had to contain herself not to jump for joy when the bell finally went. She went to wait for Souta at the front doors.

When he finally came, Kagome only half listened as he rambled on and on about the happenings of the day.

"Hey Kagome, are you even listening to me?" Souta asked.

Kagome nodded, "Yeah, of course I am."

"Then what was I even talking about?" Souta arched his eyebrow.

Kagome flushed, "Um…"

He sighed.

"Sorry Souta, my mind has just been elsewhere today," she sighed.

"Why? What's wrong Kagome? You've been acting weird ever since we got off the bus this morning," Souta looked up at his big sister.

Kagome sighed.

She had always felt closer to Souta then she did anyone else in her family. Her mom was always way too positive and her dad was always at work. She had tried talking with her grandfather once, but he just said that she needed some ancient medicine and she would be fine.

She never went to him with her problems anymore.

"Well…" she began, "Do you remember what you were telling me on the bus? You know, about the new demon gang and stuff?"

Souta smiled, "So you finally believe me!"

"No!" Kagome spat, "It's just that…I was probably just seeing things but…on the bus, when we stopped I saw this boy and-"

"He had ears and fangs…" Souta finished.

Kagome looked at her brother in shock. He had seen him too?


"Yeah, I saw him," he bit his lips, "He scared me Kagome. I didn't like the way he was looking at you…"

"How did you know he was looking at me?" Kagome asked.

"I'm not stupid Kagome, he was staring right at you," Souta mumbled, "He was a demon Kagome."

She shook her head, "No he wasn't! he was just some weirdo with ear that's all! It's nothing to worry-"

"Don't lie to me Kagome!" Souta suddenly stopped and yelled at her, "I'm your brother! Tell me the truth!"

Kagome stopped and turned to her brother who's eyes were wide with fear.

She sighed, "Ok, fine. His aura was…different."

"Define different."

"Stronger…not…human," Kagome whispered.

"I told you! I told you he was a demon!" Souta smirked.

Kagome punched his shoulder lightly, "Ok, so maybe you were right. Now can we go? It's going to rain."

Sure enough, five minutes later huge water drops began falling from a darkened sky. Kagome and Souta ran for shelter in an alley, laughing as they went.

They hid under a small rooftop and Kagome smiled. She missed doing stuff like this with Souta. Just the two of them. Ever since Kagome started high school she had been more…distant. She had been so caught up in school and friends that she hadn't noticed how much Souta had grown.

Souta suddenly stopped laughing as he looked deeper into the alley.

"Hey Kagome?"


He pointed up onto the low rooftop, "What is that?"

Kagome turned and followed his finger.

Her eyes widen as she noticed what he was pointing at.

There was a figure standing on the rooftop, staring down at the two of them. His silver hair stuck to his face and his red shirt now looked deep brown as it clung to his toned body. One beautiful amber eye winked at her as he jumped off the roof and landed softly on his feet a few feet away from them.

"Kagome…" Souta whispered as he clung to Kagome's arm.

The boy took a step toward the two, smirking.

"Hey Kagome," his chilling voice hissed at her.

Kagome pulled Souta behind her, "Souta…run…get out of here now…"

"But what about you?" he whispered.

"Just run dammit!" she yelled.

She threw her backpack at the strange boy as she yanked Souta out onto the street. Their footsteps echoed through the street as they ran. Kagome could feel the aura of the boy hot on their heels. And there was another sound as well…was he, laughing?

This guy was sick…

They ran onto their street, Souta ahead of her.

"Souta call mom!" she yelled.

Suddenly, something jumped over her head and stopped in front of her.

She gasped and froze on the spot when the silver haired boy turned to face her.

"What do you want?" Kagome yelled at him, balling her hands into fists.

He looked her up and down, smirking.