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Ch. 1 Prefects' Common Room

Do you know why I hate you so much, Potter? Because you have everything I don't have. Caring, loving parents (though they're passed away), true friends who will throw their lives away for you, and, and…

Draco couldn't continue. The name that just popped into his head was too shameful to think of. The name was…Hermione Granger.

He didn't know where all these things had started. Maybe it was after Granger's two front teeth began to seem much smaller than before, or after she showed herself as Viktor Krum's partner at the Christmas Ball. But does it matter when it started? He thought. The important thing was, that Slytherin's pureblood Draco Malfoy began to like Gryffiindor's muggle-born Hermione Granger.

"Why do you stare at me like that?"

Draco came back from his thoughts to the real world. He was in the Prefects' common room with Granger, Weasley, Pansy and Macmillan. They were all looking at him.

"What are you talking about?"

"You've been looking at me for more than, um, seven minutes. Only me."

The others nodded their head.

"Yeah Draco, why do you look at that filthy little Mudblo-"

"Watch your language!"

One of the portraits that were hung up on the wall squealed. Usually the portraits in the Prefects' common room were sleeping, and even when they were awake, they stayed out from what happens in the common room.

However, this time, the chubby witch in the portrait with braided long black hair seemed very angry. The students all knew why soon. There was a short biography of her below her portrait, which was saying:

Cynthia Humbleman, 1917-1974

Though she was born between both muggle parents, Humbleman contributed to the Magic World in many different ways…

The woman's face became red and red as they were reading her biography. She finally yelled at them.



Granger pointed her wand at the portrait and spelled the mute charm. The witch opened her mouth but no sound came out from it.

"That was brilliant, Hermione," said Macmillan.

"Thank you, Ernie. Oh, Ron, what time is it? Shouldn't we go for the supper now? Harry will be waiting for us."

"Oh, Hermione, he will no longer wait for us. Did you forget who he got?"

"Oh, yeah, right." Granger agreed with Weasley. She seemed to think of one specific person (probably the little Weasley, Draco thought.)

"Anyway, we're leaving now. I don't want to be with people who say disgusting things so naturally. Let's go."

With a shrug, Weasley followed after her. Macmillan left the room soon; therefore, there were only Draco and Pansy in the room. Pansy became a little bit prettier than before. She lost some weights and changed her hairstyle. However, even after all her efforts to capture Draco's heart, Draco was not attracted to her.

"Why did you look at Granger for so long time?"

"I was thinking of something else. I didn't even realize that I was looking at Granger," Draco said as he turned his head away from Pansy's flaming eyes.

It's true, Draco thought. I did not stare at Granger on purpose. However, what had made him not to meet with Pansy's eyes was the fact that he was thinking of Granger as he was looking at her. He glanced at Pansy. She was still looking at Draco suspiciously.

"Why do you look at me like that, Parkinson? You don't believe me? Who do you think you are?"

Pansy blushed right away. Draco got himself up. Pansy stood up too, but she sat down again because of Draco's cold glare, which had the meaning of 'don't follow me.'

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