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They stared at each other, not with hatred but with trust and friendship (well, for Draco, with love). However, someone broke their moment by yelling at them loudly.

"Malfoy! What are you doing to Hermione?"

When Draco looked back to see who was yelling at them, he saw a tall guy with flaming red hair and freckled on his face.

"Ron!" gasped Hermione.

This was the end of chapter 6. Chapter 7 now starts...

"What are you doing to Hermione, you ferret!"

"Stop, Ron! He's done nothing to me!"

"You mean nothing yet!"

Ron marched in with his face as scarlet as his hair. Hermione could stop him only by standing between him and Draco.

"Ron, calm down! I'm fine! Draco's done no harm to me!"

ron stared at Hermione as if he was hit by a giant bludger.

"You know, there must be something wrong when you say you're fine being with that ferret and call him by his first name."

Hermione siged and motioned to Draco to go. As much as Draco wanted to hex Weasley, he did not want to hurt someone Hermione loved, and that thought came with a slight pain inside his heart.

"I guess I'll just see you later...Hermione."

With a small nod, Draco left the scene. As he was leaving, he could hear Weasley shouting angrily behind his back.

"Oi! Since when you call her Hermione?!"


"Don't you ever threaten her again!"

"Ron, he did not threaten me! We were just having a conversation! For Merlin's sake, you are too overprotective of me!"

"Overprotective? Over...well, I just don't want you to get harmed or anything like that, Hermione. I mean, I care about you and..."

Draco didn't hear much after that. He just went to bed and pulled the blanket over his face. He had to recall what has happened today.

He, Draco Malfoy, told Hermione Granger of his feelings for her. And she believed him. Finally. Finally she did believe in his words. Not only that, she even thanked him for liking her. Draco was too happy of it since he thought it would be lucky if she would not shun him as if he carries some kind of disease. She even let him call her by her first name.


That sounded good even in his head.

And she called him Draco...that was also unexpected. Everything was going extremely well until that stupid redhead appeared...

He wondered what they would be talking about now. Would Hermione tell Weasley of what happened before he arrived? If she did, Draco was sure to be hexed or punched in the face next morning. That Weasley would not even let him look at Hermione's direction. If she didn't...well, he had no idea. However, the fact that Hermione stood up for him made Draco smile again, although this time, no one could see the smile as he was under the blanket.

Next morning, Draco went into the Great Hall. When he looked at the Gryffindor table, his heart sank. Hermione and Weasley were holding hands together. With a pang in his heart, he headed to the Slytherin table, trying to ignore the sight of Hermione and Weasley. However, Pansy slided beside him and innocently said,

"Wow, look who's finally together now, Draco. That Mudblood and the Weasley boy."

Pansy, not noticing the glare from Draco, continued.

"I mean, after, what, six years? Even I wanted to yell at them just to admit their feelings. Didn't you, Draco? Draco...?"

Draco got up and left without saying anything. Although Pansy was unaware of the feelings he had for Hermione, it still has cost him a great amount of patience not to slap Pansy in the face.

As he left the Great Hall and headed outside, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and found Hermione facing him. She opened her mouth with a little bit of guilty tone in her voice.

"Hi, Draco. How are you?"

"I'm fine. How about you?"

"I'm...Look, Draco, about yesterday, I'm really sorry that I had to send you away like that. If Ron hadn't showed up.."

Draco's face darkened at the mention of Weasley's name, and Hermione noticed it, too.

"I'm terribly sorry, Draco, but now with Ron..."

"I saw you guys holding hands together this morning. Did yesterday's event helped you?"

Draco tried to say it as if id did not mean anything to him but was not very sure if he succeeded. Hermione blushed a little bit when she seemed to recall the last night's events.

"Well...We first started to argue a little bit because I thought he was being too overprotective, but he said that it was because he cared about me. And from then, I don't know, we just started to spill our feelings for each other... I don't know what kept us so long when it was so obvious to other people. I mean, no one seemed to be surprised when we showed up together in the morning, even Lavender..."

Draco could feel happiness and excitement in her voice although she seemed to be trying to hide them by appearing sorry to him.

"You can smile if you want. You have to be sorry because I took a little fancy of you."

Hermione looked at Draco with sympathy in her eyes. Draco sighed and said casually -or thought he did so,

"Hermione, I'm happy for you two. You look happy and that's all I care about."

He saw tears flooding in her eyes.

"Oh, Draco...I'm just so..."

When Draco raised his hands to wipe her tears out, he felt her leaning toward him and--her kisses on his left cheek.

Without not fully realizing what just had happened, Draco simply stared at Hermione with a surprised look on his face. Hermione was sobbing lightly.

"I'm sorry that it's all I can do for you, Draco. I, I really like you as a friend but..."

As his senses slowly coming back to him, Draco slowly lifted his hands and rested them on Hermione's shoulders.

"...Thank you..."

Without saying a word, she gave him a weak smile.

"Thank you so much, Hermione. I never expected even to be accepted as a friend, really..."

Draco let go of her before he lose his senses and hug her. And Hermione helped him by saying this,

"I have to go back to the Great Hall, Draco. I haven't finished my breakfast yet, and Ron will be waiting for me..."

Hermione looked at Draco as if she wanted a permission from him. He chuckled lightly at how cute she looked, like a little child, and said,

"Go if you want. It's not like you need a permission from me to get back to your boyfriend, you know."

Hermione blushed a little bit at his comment and left the place with another smile at him.

After Hermione was out of sight, Draco touched to placed where her lips brushed on. It still felt hot.

Walking to the ground, Draco softly murmured to himself,

"It's enough. It's enough for me..."

-The End-

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