I Know This One

"What d'we got?" Elliot asked slamming the driver's side door and starting toward the area taped off with yellow police tape.

"White female, late teens or early twenties," M.E. Warner explained. "Trauma to the face, breasts, and groin area. She's definitely a rape victim."

"She's a student at Hudson," a member of CSU called from further inside the alley.

"How do we know that?" Olivia asked falling into step with her partner as they reached the blanket covered corpse. She knelt down next to the body and gently pulled back the blanket, sighing sadly to herself.

The vic was a young girl with soft brown hair creating a halo around her head. Her features were plain, deep purple bruises surrounded the left side of her mouth and her left cheek bone and a small cut above her right eyebrow had already begun to heal. Her blouse was torn down the middle, her jeans pulled down to her ankles. Several slash marks adorned her breasts and stomach, looking almost like she was attacked by a cat.

Elliot looked down at the girl and immediately his heart sank. He knew this girl, he'd seen her somewhere before but couldn't place exactly where. 'Hudson? Maybe she knew Maureen, but God I hope not,' he thought sullenly. "How do we know she went to Hudson University?" he asked tearing his eyes away from the sight before him.

"Found a school ID and room keys on a chain," a young man in uniform said. He handed the evidence to Elliot who accepted it in his gloved hand.

"Name's Melody Banks, she's a sophomore at Hudson," Elliot read. He stared at the picture, unblinking, wondering where he'd seen the girl before.

"Elliot?" Olivia asked noticing that her partner had been staring at the ID for some time. "What's wrong?"

"Hmm? Nothing," he said snapping back to reality.

"I'll let you know more when I get the autopsy done," Melinda said before following the medics out of the alley. CSU remained, searching for anything else that could be hidden in the shadows of the alley.

"Come on, let's get back to the precinct," Olivia said taking Elliot's arm and leading him back to the car. She slipped in the passenger's seat while Elliot took the seat behind the steering wheel, gripping it tightly, staring straight ahead. "Seriously El," she finally spoke up, "what's up?"

"That girl," he said never breaking the staring contest he was having with the building across the street, "I can't help but shake the feeling that I've seen her before."

"Well it's a big city-"

"No, I mean I've met her before," he interrupted.

"She's went to Hudson, maybe she was a friend of Maureen's?"

"I really hope she wasn't," he sighed. After another moment of staring, Elliot started the engine and pulled away from the curb.

"Okay so what do we know about our vic?" Captain Cragen asked.

"Her name is Melody Banks, she's a sophomore at Hudson University," Olivia filled in.

"She was raped and beaten, left in an alley four blocks from campus," Elliot took over, pointing to a map on the side of the board.

"We got a next of kin?"

"Munch and Fin are going to the parents' apartment in Lower Manhattan," Olivia said.

"Do we have anything from the rape kit yet?" Cragen asked.

"M.E. just dropped off the results," Elliot said tossing a file onto Olivia's desk, "perp used a condom so we've got no semen."

"Let me know when we get something concrete," the Captain said before retiring to his office.

"Mr. and Mrs. Banks, I know this is hard but can you think of anyone that would have a grudge against your daughter?" Munch asked.

Mr. and Mrs. Banks sat on the couch opposite the two detectives in their small, but comfortable apartment. Mr. Banks sat with his arm around his wife's shoulders, comforting the sobbing woman. In general parents never reacted well to the news that the detectives brought, and really who could blame them; the Banks were no exception. It had taken Fin nearly half an hour to calm the woman down.

"Not that I can think of," Mr. Banks replied.

"Everyone loved Melody, she was such a sweet girl."

Fin hated this part of the job, it never got easier and it never went away. He dug into his coat pocket and pulled out one of his business cards. "If you remember anything else, give us a call."

Mr. Banks accepted the card before escorting the detectives to the door with a final 'thank you'.

"Some days I really hate this job," Munch said while he and Fin took the elevator down to the lobby.

"Tell me about it."

Maureen slid her key into the door of her dorm room, twisting and pushing the heavy thing open. Looking inside, she knew her roommate wouldn't be there and silently thanked the Gods of Registration that Becca had been given a crappy schedule.

"All clear," she said quietly before turning to the person behind her, a tall boy with dark brown hair and green eyes. He moved inside the door, shutting it quickly and crushing his lips to her own. Maureen was caught off guard, but quickly caught on returning the kiss with as much passion as he did.

"God I've…waited all…day for…this," she managed to get out between gasps of air.

"Me too," he replied.

Their embrace escalated until Maureen finally broke away. "Okay, we definitely need to get some work done."

"Do we have to?" Nate whined.

Maureen gave him a stern look before grabbing her book bag that had been dropped to the floor and taking a seat on her bed. "You know if we don't study that we're both gonna fail that history test, and I personally would like to get a good grade."

"All right you make a good point," he surrendered. Grabbing his own bag Nathan took a seat next to his study partner who was busy flipping through her notes. "So what do we start with?"

"I'll ask you questions from the notes so we'll know how much we work we actually have to do. Ready?"

"Hit me," he said brushing aside her long, dirty blonde hair and pressing his lips softly to the back of her neck.

"W-when did the French Revolution start?" she asked trying not to concentrate on what he was doing.

"1789," he said, still kissing her neck and working his way towards her right earlobe.

"G-good," Maureen sighed she tried to form a cohere thought but it just wasn't happening. Finally giving up on her notes, she turned and captured his lips in her own. The kiss was short lived as a loud knock resonated through the room. The two parted and shared a frustrated look before Maureen climbed off her bed and walked to the door and peered through the peephole. "Oh my God," she gasped seeing her father standing outside the door.

"What is it?" Nate asked.

"My dad and his partner," Maureen cursed.

"Partner?" he asked confused. "Is your dad gay?"

"What? No! He's a cop!"

"Oh shit!" he shouted a little too loudly.

"Maureen?" Elliot called through the door. "I can hear you in there so don't pretend like you're not home."

"Just a minute dad!" she called.

"And don't bother making the boy disappear I already heard him," Elliot shouted.

Maureen's shoulders slumped in defeat. Reluctantly she opened the door and let Olivia pass her before facing her dad. "What are you doing here?"

"A father can't visit his baby girl for no reason?" Elliot asked planting a chaste kiss on Maureen's cheek.

"Dad you haven't stopped by to see me in over three months," she grimaced closing the door.

"Who's you're friend?" Elliot asked giving Nate the stare-down.

"Be nice," Olivia whispered, jabbing her partner in his side.

"Dad this is Nathan, Nathan this is my over-bearing, over-protective father," Maureen teased. The two shook hands, Elliot staring at Nathan while the younger man shrank under the intense glaring.

"Elliot," Olivia warned.

"And this is my dad's partner in crime," Maureen laughed.

"My name's Olivia, it's good to meet you Nathan," she said shaking the boy's hand gently.

"Call me Nate," he said before grabbing his book bag off the floor. "It was nice to meet both of you. Maureen I'll give you a call later tonight."

"Sure," she walked him to the door and kissed him softly before he left down the hall. Maureen shut the door before turning to her father, blue eyes meeting blue eyes, "What's up dad?"

"We need your help on something," Elliot asked. He wasn't sure how to break this to her, that last thing he wanted to do was break his daughter's heart. "Maureen I need you to tell me if you know her," he held a picture that Fin and Munch had brought from the Banks' home.

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