Title: Futures Past (working title)
Author AtticusFinchFan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Deanna Winchester, Sam's daughter, carrying on the family business…with Sam and Dean's help, of course. One case they come in contact with hits close too home for Dean and Sam, and make's them realize that the more things change, the more things stay the same.
A/N: Un beta-ed (for now) Tell me what ya think.

My name is Deanna Mary Winchester; I'm a 20 year old high school graduate, I have a severely overprotective dad, a much cooler uncle and my life is the family business. Normal, right? Not quite. Ya see, if you knew exactly what my family's business was you'd…well…I don't plan on telling you. You'll just have to believe me when I tell you it's not your average business. Not in the least.

Like most kids with folks with businesses I started helping out at a young age, even before I started school, but don't tell my dad. I spent many a night (and day) working and I still do. And like some kids with folks in a business we, my dad, my uncle, and I, share common interests. We all want to see the business through and we're all car crazy.

But unlike most kids with folks that run a business, I was reared by one parent and one parent only. I'm what some people call a "bastard". I'm the product of my dad's one and only one night stand. Literally days after my birth, my mother, not wanting anything to do with me or the Winchesters, left me on the hood of my dad and uncle's car and disappeared into the abyss – I've never wanted to meet her and I don't think I ever will.

I know there had to have been a fight when I appeared. With my family a fight's always involved…especially when responsibility comes into play. But unlike most men forced into parenthood, my dad wanted to keep me. My uncle was the one that wanted to give me up for adoption. I don't hold that against him. I can't. He's my favourite uncle.

I have been accompanying my dad and uncle on business trips since before I can remember. That's how it was and that's how it will always be. Just Uncle Dean, dad, and I.

Deanna slid gracefully out the driver's side door and slammed it behind her. There were definitely some perks to having had the same car since before you were legal driving age. She had gotten over the awkwardness of getting up to get out of the car long before she should have, and she was on the road and driving before most of her friends had their learners permit. She casually leaned against the Sting Ray's hood and looked around as she waited for her uncle.

"What's up, ugly?" Her head whipped to the right. The way her uncle leaned against the tree sent chills shooting down her spine. It was almost as if she was looking in a mirror. He even bent his arms in the exact way she did. "Ya," He smiled. "I'm talking to you."

She sighed in exasperation and pushed herself away from the car. "You're going to have to stop sneaking up on me if I'm going to work full time." She kept her arms crossed and tucked into her sweater as she approached him.

Just before she was within a foot of her uncle her dad appeared from the other side of the tree. She jumped back. "Who said this is full time, Deanna?"

"Hi dad. And I did." She shrugged as she covered the rest of the space between her and her uncle. "I'm old enough to make my own decisions." She turned to her uncle. "Right?"

Dean's jaw went slack as his eyes grew to the size of saucers. Why did he always end up in the middle of these things? "Well," He stared at his niece and then locked eyes with his expectant brother and froze. He shook his head and lowered his eyes. "I don't know." He looked back up at Sam just in time to see his shoulders relax…slightly.

"You don't know!" And now he had to deal with the spawn of Sammy. He turned to stare Deanna in the face. Her eyes looked just as disbelieving as her voice sounded. "What do you mean, you don't know?"

He suddenly went on the defensive as he realized he was facing two very upset Winchesters without a cross and garlic. "I mean I don't know! Ok!"

"I cannot believe this!" Deanna momentarily forgot about her hands and threw them in the air in exasperation. She realized what she had done as soon as she saw their attention follow her hands up. She shot them back down and tucked them back into her sweater. Deanna knew she was in it…deep, no need to fight back anymore. She was dead.

She couldn't help but see the steely eyes they were giving her. They were the only thing she could see, everything else around her had quickly blurred when the blood rushed to her head to colour her cheeks faster than, in any other circumstance, humanly possibly. It's not like trees and grass mattered anymore anyway. She was dead.

"Deanna, would mind telling how you got those cuts?" Her dad was pissed. Her eyes panned to steal a glance at her uncle. Ouch, man…he wasn't just mad. He was absolutely livid!

She laughed nervously and unfolded her arms, but still managed to keep her hands inside the sleeves of her sweater. "You wouldn't believe me" wait…that was stupid.

Her dad shook his head, but her uncle was the one who voiced what they were both thinking. "Don't even play that card with us, Deanna." For the first time since she had arrived, he moved away from the tree and came to stand beside his brother. Great! Now she had two pissed off male Winchester's in a line, which meant there was no escape. They were old, but damn fast. "Now, either you're going to tell us right now-" "Or," she turned her attention to her dad. "We'll all stand here until you do. Your choice, Deanna."

She knew they weren't joking. They had had a similar run in 6 years ago, the day after her first date. A couple minutes after her dad had gotten off the phone with her date's irate father. They had spent 4 hours, under a tree in their backyard. Finally after going through a whole book's worth of bribes and a whole case of Coke, Deanna finally gave in. He had gotten the limp when she stomped on his toes with her stiletto heel and the black eye appeared a couple minutes after she punched him in the eye. He had simply refused to back off after she had continually denied his advances. So he paid the price. Her dad and uncle had never looked so proud before.

Something deep down inside her told Deanna that they wouldn't be proud this time. Not after she told them what had happened this time.

"Ya ever heard of Bloody Mary?"

They shared a quick glance then turned back to Deanna. Her uncle swallowed hard and nodded. Her dad just stared at her with wide brown eyes. Something told her she was going to get it again. "Continue, Deanna. Tell us what she's got to do with the cuts on your hands." Why did her uncle sound worried? He never got worried…well, except when he was in the air.

"It wasn't my fault." She lowered her head. "It was Kali, my friend's fault. We were in Wal-mart, getting stuff for her dorm. As we were passing the mirror section she quickly said…well…you know, three times." She looked up when she heard them gasp. She knew they hadn't wanted her to hear them, she could tell by the way they're jaws were clamped together. "Don't worry," she smirked. "I got her. I'd been reading your diaries. I knew what-"

"Of all the stupidest things to do!" her uncle's outburst made her jump 3 feet in the air. "You could have been killed!" He stepped towards her and she instinctively took a step back. "Your eyes, Deanna!" He pointed at his eyes. "She takes your eyes!"

Suddenly all life in the park came to a dead halt as everyone and everything turned to stare directly at Deanna. Self consciousness had never really been a problem for Deanna during her formative years, but it was amazing how fast that "missed opportunity" caught up to her. As soon as she realized she was able to lock eyes with everyone in the park, all at once, her face flushed beet red and she folded in on herself.

"Do you know what its like to listen to the victims families? It's hell, dammit! How could you even think about doing that to your dad! I thought you had more sense than that!"

"Dean," Her uncle's ranting stopped abruptly. "Maybe we should continue this somewhere else." Dean drew in a deep breath then nodded and allowed Sam to wrap his arm around his shoulder and lead him away from the tree. Deanna was just about to move to follow behind when her father whipped his head around and glared at her. His eyes were burning with a fiery she had never seen before…that wasn't good. Her dad never got mad, well, that mad. Maybe she would just rethink her little move and… -One, two, three, four…- she counted out the steps it took her to get back to the curb in her head and froze.

She had her car and a wallet. She could just leave town and go live on a small, remote, deserted island somewhere in the Bahamas, where her dad or uncle could never find her and live happily ever- no she couldn't. She was too use to unrelenting chaos to live a life of complete relaxation; she couldn't leave the city, even if it was going to kill her one of these days. Judging by the look her dad had given her before leading her Uncle Dean away, "one of these days" was today.

If it had been physically possible, Deanna would have kicked her own ass for starting it in the first place. She should have known her dad would have tagged along. She was an idiot for even mentioning not going to school. Her uncle Dean had known, and he was fine with it. But her dad…she hadn't even approached him with the idea. He had done everything but literally drill it into her skull that she was going to college or university and that he wouldn't settle for anything less. Well…he was going to have to. She had applied to every college and university in the United States and had been denied. Several times over. From every single one. Because of her less than impressive grades. Of course, her father was under the impression she was doing brilliantly. Deanna never had the heart to show or tell him otherwise. She just figured why kick a poor man when he was down? He had absolutely no idea that what he had seen on every report card she had ever taken home since grade 5 had been severely altered. The only brilliant thing in the Deanna/school report card equation was Photoshop.