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As I continued walking, I came across a familiar figure of a boy; a boy from whom I think I knew my whole life long. My head followed the direction where he was going.

I know him…

It was Hao, my beloved. I looked back and there he was standing in front if me like an angel fallen from heaven. I've been waiting so long for someone like him to cross over my path but sad to say that this is a cruel world and fate hadn't been so kind. And even though fate hadn't been so kind, he was standing there in front of me; starring with his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He had a longing expression of love in his face. He wants to say something but he just couldn't; he can't. As I gaze at his face I began to realize that his figure was starting to be blurred and I can see through. I was already crying as I tried to give him a hug. But before I could, he was already gone and my world became black. I was dreaming. I bolted out of my bed that morning, gasping for breath; I tried to remember what had happened the night before. I found Hao asleep besides me with his arms around my waist. I smiled at him and gave him a kiss in the cheeks as his radiant face gave me a morning smile.

I was just dreaming after all… Thank goodness! Fate was kind after all…

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