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Epilogue: Reunion

"And that's the rest of it."

Many eyes are still focused on the old woman sitting on the chair, waiting for the continuation.

"What happened next?" One kid with blue hair asked excitedly. The old woman looked at him and smiled meekly.

"I found your fathers and mothers and raised them as my own."

"Grandmother Ku, do you still love Grandfather Syao?" A girl with red flaming hair asked.

The old lady, which is actually Sakura, smiled at her. "Yes, I still love him, and I forever will."

"And that's the end of the story telling for tonight."

They all looked around, when they found a girl in her mid-teens leaning against the door, her arms on her chest firmly, as she looks at them rather weirdly.

"Aaao, Auntie Fei, you're such a kill joy!" The one with the blue hair frowned.

The lady, which is Fei, smirked, as she approached them. "I'm not. But Grandmother Ku needs to sleep now."

There are many groans heard from the kids, but nevertheless, they all stood up and kissed goodbye to the old lady who raised and loved the kids as her own, just like what she did to their parents.

Fei smiled, as she turned to Sakura. "Grandmother Ku, are you sure you don't want to go back the Li Mansion? I could always call Kai."

Sakura smiled back. Fei, the daughter of the new heir to the Li clan has always been there for her. In fact, ever since Syaoran gave his life to her, all of the family of the Li's accepted her wholeheartedly as one of them.

"I'm much more comfortable here than stay in Hongkong, Fei. And I suggest you take a rest too."

Fei chuckled, and approached her. "C'mon, Grandmother Ku, I'll bring you to your room."


In the middle of the night, an old lady lies on her bed, surrounded by pictures of the people most important and significant to her life. On different frames were different pictures, of her and her families and friends. And one stands in the middle, a picture of young her in the arms of the man she loves the most.

And then, she finds herself going back to all the places she's been, all the places that practically meant life to her. Until she reached a familiar dark ruins. Slowly, as she approached it, light comes to her, giving brightness to the place, allowing her to see the familiar place, of an old, yet beautiful and lively Church Ruins with a lot of white roses inside.

As she looked around, faces of familiar people welcomed her.

There, stands Rika, Chiharu, Yamazaki, Terada-sensei, and all the young faces of her classmates and friends from the past.

There, also stood Meiling, Eriol, and Tomoyo, smiling at her.

Yelan, the Elders of the Li clan, and the four beautiful maiden of the Lis were there as well, with welcoming faces.

There also goes Nakuru, waving happily at her in the arms of a smirking Touya. Just beside them stood her loving father, and in his arms…. is her loving mother.

All of them smiled, and she smiled back, as she continued to walk in the aisle. At the end stood the altar, just like any churches does. And in front of the altar stood a man. He had his back on her, as he stares intently at the altar, as if observing it, waiting for something to happen.

She approached him, and finally, he turned to look at her.

He smiled, as he held out his hand for her to reach.

The young Sakura smiled, as she reached for his hand. "Syaoran." She whispered.

He, which is Syaoran smiled back, as he wrapped his arms around her. "I kept my promise." He whispered lovingly. "Now all the angels know how beautiful my girlfriend is. And now they'll see it's actually more than I'm telling them."

Sakura smiled, as Syaoran slowly bent down to her. "Have I told you that I will love you forever?"

Syaoran smiled back. "Yeah. I do too." And with that, they shared a passionate kiss, witnessed by everyone there, clapping, cheering, and celebrating, for their reunion, knowing that this time, nothing would keep them apart.






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