Alone and Abandoned.

Chiara wandered through the forest. It was dark and cold out. She was seven years old and her parents had just been killed by this man with a stick. The forest scared her. There was always rustling. Suddenly something hit her back and she turned and fell over. Her jeans tore and she felt blood running down her leg. Chiara looked up and saw a face looking down at her angrily.

"Why are you in our forest girl" the thing demanded.

"You…Your forest?" Chiara stuttered and gasped as she saw the rest of the thing. It had the body of a horse and the head of a person.

"Get the bloody hell away. What are you standing over ye bloody centaurs" came a gruff voice and a black haired giant pushed the centaurs away. He looked in surprise at Chiara and reached down to grab her arm. She stumbled backwards and her head hit the bottom of a tree. She fainted.

Chiara woke up to sunlight streaming in through windows. She felt a bandage on her head and her knee ached.

'She's awake" said the voice of a woman and Chiara suddenly saw someone looking at her kindly.

"What were you doing in the forest" asked the woman.

"I…I ran away" Chiara muttered.

"From what?"

"From the man with a stick."

'Where are your parents?"

"The…they yelled at me to run. They saw the man and pushed me a…away from them. They'll co…come b…back" Chiara said.

"Dear, they're never coming back. Do you have another family member to look after you" asked the woman in a sad tone.

"No…what do you mean the…the…they wont come ba…back"

"They're probably dead"

"NO" yelled Chiara.

"What's your name" asked the woman trying to turn the subject away.

"Chiara Finnegan"

"Yes…we'll find someone to watch you"

Suddenly it hit Chiara like bricks. Her parents were never coming back.