Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi
Genre: Fluff
Words: 523
Summary: Shuichi has a soft spot for snuggling. Yuki doesn't.
Disclaimer: Not mine. At all.


Shuichi Shindou had a soft spot for snuggling. It wasn't a spot he got to rub very often seeing as he was in a relationship with Eiri Yuki, but he had it, and it was nagging him. It nagged him when he got up in the morning and saw Yuki's sleep-mussed hair falling in soft tresses over his face, it was nagging him when he came home to find Yuki standing in front of the stove making dinner, humming ever so softly (not that Yuki'd ever admit to that), it was nagging him every time Yuki came out of his study, weary-eyed and tired, it nagged Shuichi every time Yuki looked adorable or sweet or in need of a cuddle. However, Shuichi never attempted to act on his soft spot's insinuations as he knew that Yuki himself would not take to it so kindly. "You're getting snot all over me!" was the usual exclamation the few times Shuichi'd tried. He had even put a patch over his nose once, but Yuki told him it made him look like a deformed pink orangutan. So, it had been off with the patch.

Shuichi was hence in dire need of ideas as to what to do about his lack of snuggling problem. It had gone so far as to make him want to hug Hiro and Suguru and – God help him – K, everytime they smiled at him. It was a problem indeed. Yet, one day when he was returning home from the studio, completely knackered and with no solution at all to his no snuggling with Yuki problem, he was instantly attcked by a flurry of blond hair and dumped on the sofa before the blond flurry – which appeared to be Yuki – and the next thing he knew Yuki had him stuck between the stuffy couch cushions and his body. Shuichi stared amazed at the blonde hair in his face, not daring to believe it was actually true.

"Y- Yuki?"

Yuki sniffled and raised his head from Shuichi's shoulder. His nose was red and his eyes glossy, his hair mussed, his face a bit pale and his body was shaking slightly. He sniffled again.

"I have a cold." he said thickly. Something inside Shuichi just melted, and he pulled Yuki closer, settling more comfortably into the embrace on the couch, placing his legs on either side of Yuki, almost circling him with his legs as well as with his arms. "And you are warm," Yuki continued after a while, "And that neutralizes the cold." He rubbed his nose against Shuichi's neck. "And I made hot chocolate."

Shuichi pushed away from him for a moment to look into his eyes, a wide grin spreading over his face, then he kissed Yuki deeply, cold be damned.

"Your nose is running" Yuki commented weakly when they broke away.

"Yours is too." Shuichi said, indignantly.

Yuki smiled wryly: "Well I guess we're even then." Then he settled, snuggling even closer to Shuichi's warm body, and sighed softly. In a flash a devious solution to the snuggling Yuki issue came to Shuichi's mind – Yuki would have to get sick more often.