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The Thunder Plains

Chapter Two


After my encounter with Pops, I couldn't get to sleep. I just kept asking myself: How did he trick me into working for the Machine Faction? Why did he trick me? ...Why don't I just go and tell him I refuse to work for the Machine Faction?

I know, it may seem like I'm making something out of nothing, and loads of people would kill to be given a chance to work for the Faction, but if I go and work there I would be working for the Faction, and in turn working for him. And I can't stand to be around him, let alone work for him!

"Rikku, we've arrived." Paine called from her seat in the bar.

I groaned and got out of bed, barely making an effort to tidy up my clothes and hair. I smiled at how easy and painless it was to move, and bounded down the stairs. "Wow! Those high potions are good! I can move again!" I shouted to no one in particular.

Paine merely nodded and made her way to the elevator, signalling for me to follow her. "Maybe you should change into something else Rikku. Maybe something less...revealing."

I giggled nervously and scratched my head. "Yeah, that would be a good idea..." Which dessphere would I use? I looked down at my crumpled thief dressphere. Maybe...

In a flash of light I was changed into my gunner dresspere. It was a little better than my thief, but it would have to do.

"You going to stand there all day?" Paine was already in the elevator. I grinned and walked into the elevator and stood along side her.


It was cold outside the Celsius, making me even happier to not be in my thief dessphere. I looked down at the one I had chosen, my alchemist.

The clouds overhead threatened to rain down on me, and it wasn't helped by the fact that I was the only person standing out here. Where in Yevon's name were the Faction members?

I walked up to the temple doors and pushed them open, they were a lot heavier than I expected and I ended up making a kind of squealing sound when they suddenly opened and I went stumbling into the main room of the temple."Anybody home?" I called out to the seemingly deserted place.

...No answer.

"Great..." I sighed defeatedly, turning to the doors, about to return to the Celsius.

"What's great?" a familiar voice half laughed. It was him. I heard his footsteps draw nearer. "Cid's girl! Good to see you!"

"I have a name y'know," I turned to face him, giving him a death glare that made him wince.

"Yeah, I know," he smirked. "But I like Cid's girl better."

"Where are all the workers?" I asked, crossing my arms infront of my chest. "I didn't see any outside."

"Oh, didn't your dad tell you?" I stared blankly at him, indicating that the answer was a 'no'. "Okay... It's Sunday. The workers get a day off to rest and go see their families."

"Then why am I here?"

"Don't ask me. You're father was the one who wanted to bring you here early. Not me."

I sighed, yet again, and dropped my travel bag, which landed quite heavily with a loud 'thud'. "I didn't even want to come work here! I thought I'd be going to work on home!"

If that comment had hurt him, he didn't show it. We were silent for a minute or so before he spoke, changing the subject. "So, do you want me to show you to your room?"



It turned out that my room was the one that used to belong to Gippal's second-in-command, and so it was quite big. There was a single bed on the far wall, a chest of drawers on the wall opposite, next to the door, and to my right there was a tastefully decorated en suite.

"You like?" he asked from by the doorway.

"Yeah. It's nice," I turned around to grin at him. "You're not so bad after all!"

He frowned. "What d'ya mean 'Not so bad after all'!"

"Well back when we were kids you were always teasing me, pushing me around, playing tricks on me..." I paused, feeling the embarasment and hurt that he had caused me come flooding back. Mygaze fell to the floor. "Why...?"

After a minute or so of staring at the floor, I looked up to where he had been standing, to find only empty space. Why didn't he answer me...?