Walking In


Hermione's music-passionate, and keeps feeling presences in her room. Little does she know that's it her old enemy watching her. The tangled mysteries of both hate and immeasurable disgust flow through, closely intwined with, something else.


Hermione dodged everyone, dressed in her cloak, black, swamping her whole, thin, perfectly formed body.

She pulled the hood up over her brown hair, shading her eyes from the view of the dimly-lit area, muttering curses as she stepped on her hem.

She walked up the stairs, up and up, until she reached the seventh floor.

She slipped into the wall, which transformed into an archway even as she thought of it.

The room was dimly lit by candles, several of them placed in a small circle, only meant for the person sitting in it and a guitar.

She pulled out the guitar that appeared next to her, almost materialising from mid-air.

She opened the case, and fingered the perfect strings, touching the cherry wood of the guitar, once again feeling a sense of belonging and identity.

She sat on the beautiful red spanish carpet, surrounded by the candles, her face eerie in the golden light.

She hummed as she played, her voice sounding strangely strong, but weak, and slightly out of tune.

Almost immediately as she stopped, she thought she felt a presence leave the room, as if inspired by her playing, it made her nervous.

She shuddered as she got up, and dusted herself off, straightening her cloak.

She blew out all the candles, on by one. It was dark.

It had been approximately twenty-six years since Lucius Malfoy had last walked these halls. The scent and enclosure of Hogwarts was almost, illuminating, although he himself had preferred the sinister hallways of Durmstrang, his seventh-year transfer. He looked around, slowly, and removed the invisibilty cloak that was swept over his shoulders, and turned to the stone archway.

'Specialis Revelo.' He said. The Room of Requirement stayed still.

He tried all the curses he knew. Eventually, he resorted to verbal curses, moaning loudly at the wall.

'You damn wall! Why the bloody hell won't you open up for me! You never fucking did when I was here as a student, will you as a teacher? Do you open up for anyone with my blood? Do you open up for my son?' Lucius cried.

The Room of Requirement remained fast, and the sound of Lucius Malfoy's weeping was inaudible.

He had left something there that he could never get back.

His innocence.

he had been chastised for doing this, wreaking this extreme pain upon himself.

The Dark Lord was very unforgiving, his mistakes had proved it to be so.

He just wanted a fucking drink.

Some calm spirits to soothe his frazzled nerves.

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