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The End Finale

Hermione walked out into the sunshine. She rarely ever saw her friends anymore. Even now, after Voldemort had been temporarily defeated, Harry and Ron still dreaded to meet her at anywhere that had the words "CAUTION" roped over the entrance. Silly boys. They would never truly understand the simplicity of the situation.

Everyone knew that Voldemort was on standby.

Although, she couldn't really blame Harry for being afraid. Neither can live while the other survives, she'd be scared shitless as well. Ah well, Hermione thought to herself, as she waved her wand brightly. A dark red robe folded up briskly.

She smiled inwardly.

Poor Harry and Ron. They'd been forced to live in exile.

The Order.


What a way to spend their last teenage years.

All she'd have to do was spy on Mr. Malfoy.

An important ministry official.

It was not much to do.

Even as she brightly folded up the clothes, her newly disguised black hair shielding her face, she heard footsteps on the green, dewey grass.

'Tessa! TESSA! Merlin, where the hell are you? Why the fuck don't you come when I call?' Called the head cook, Karana.

A pretty name for such a foul woman.

Hermione signed carefully.

I'm Coming

She signed to Tessa.

'Good girl! I get tired of you not answering!' She snapped, under all her dirty sailor attitude, she cared more about her than the scullery maids did.

Sorry I'm late, Karana. I have work.

Hermione had to learn ESL (english sign language) to work on her 'investigation' of Mr. Malfoy.

She followed Karana inside, taking in the sights around her like some ditsy cheerleader.

She was dumb, not deaf, in this mission.

Do you know where Mr. Malfoy is?

Hermione signed.

'Why, girl?' Asked Karana, stopping her brisk walk and turning around to face Hermione, suspiciously.

He has something for me.

Hermione signed, her hands stumbling over the lie. She couldn't even lie with her hands.

Karana looked at her again.

Hermione struggled to act like a bimbo, as if she didn't know what she was doing.

'He hasn't been around. And you can't see him until you finish your work. Mrs. Head's orders.' Karana said, referring to Mrs. Malfoy as always, Mrs Head, being the work-hard kind of woman she was.

Hermione hung her head.

She had been hoping to get some information before the day's out.

'Well, if you need it so bad, I'll have Kansa to get it for you.' Karana said.

No, it's all right. I'll just get it by day's end then.

Hermione said.

Karana smiled, as if to say, 'Ah-hah.'

They walked briskly again after that, then stopped at a grey door.

Karana turned the knob.

Hermione at once set to work on curtsying in front of the butler, Young.

Good evening, Mr. Young. How are you today?

She signed.

'Do stop it, Tessa. You know I hate all of that knee-cracking crap, girl.' He said. 'As you all know,' he gestured to the servants, 'Mr. Malfoy will soon be inserting a new process called, Magic Ability Level For Obsolute YoungAdults. MALFOY.' He grinned.

Actually, it's M-A-L-F-O-Y-A

Hermione signed.

Gasps went around the room, while those who could decipher ESL explained quickly to their friends what she had said.

'Tessa, if you could refrain from being a moron, Young Adults IS HERE CONSIDERED AS ONE WORD!' Young bellowed.


'Anyway, we will be tested on our magic ability, and on our bloodline. IF you are not pureblood, FORGET it.' Young snapped.

Hermione groaned inwardly.

That had made her job that much harder.

She would have to meet Mr. Malfoy after the Test. Merlin onlyknows if he picked her to do it then.

A few weeks later, it was time for the test.

Mr. Malfoy walked the line of the servants, pulling out his wand.

Young was passed successfully. He stood on the other side of the room.

Arabella was passed.








Uma was called. Malfoy turned his hand on her arm.

An electric shock passed through her.

She was dead.

Hermione quivered as Mr. Malfoy stood in front of her.

'Meet me later.' He said to her, pretending to run his wand along her bare arms.


She walked into his office. He sat as his desk.

'I must like you.' He said, smiling.

She struggled to think of something to sign. Nothing came.

'I also know who you are. Come here, Mudblood Granger.' He said.

Inside of her, something itched to go.

Common sense.

She walked up to him.

'Good.' He said, pulling her to him.

'Then you know you are very lucky to be here, Hermione. Very lucky.' He said, his breath hot on her neck.

'Yes.' She said, her voice hoarse after years of being out of use.

'I've always liked you Hermione.' Mr. Malfoy said, his tongue running over her mouth, nibbling her lip.

'It's been the same for me, Draco.' She said, as she felt his groin on her inner thigh.

'Mrs.Malfoy must be worried about where I am.' She said, gasping for air.

'Mother? Unlikely. The only place you will stay is here. Do you understand?' he said, pushing his tongue through her lips, seeking out the crevices in the back of her throat.

The room was hot.

'Yes.' She said, her voice coming out huskily rather than hoarse.

'Then you also know that I can, will not stop until I get you to love me. Understand? Even if it means keeping you as my servant. My slave.' He said, his hands tracing circles over her breasts.

'Yes.' She said, sounding both scared and annoyed. Scared because she knew that he wouldn't lie. Annoyed because of the pleasure she felt from his kisses.

Annoyed with him, and annoyed with herself.

Her voice caught in her throat.

'I--hate you.' She said, hesitating.

It was what she had always said to Malfoy.

It was what she always would.

He let go of her. He walked out of the office, leaving her to wallow in self-pity, waiting for when the Order would take her away.