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Kid Vegeta Saga:
The Sly Prince

Father… where were you when I needed you the most? Mother is dead, but you aren't! That so-called bodyguard of mine, Nappa, where was he? Hah, who am I even kidding. I'm stronger than Nappa. If I was no match for Zarbon, then what would that make Nappa? A pestering fly at the most!

Who am I kidding…

Even father doesn't take me seriously. No one does that. Everyone thinks that I'm just a mere child! They only fear me because I'm the stronge…! second strongest…

This being second place on this planet is annoying the Hell out of me. I have to do something about it. Oh, yes. I remember. Zarbon gave me a hand in that. If I challenge him again, then I will be killed instantly. Best to outsmart that demon. Yes, that's it.

Vegeta, you're a genius.

I only have to do as if I hardly gained a power boost. I must not power up. Frieza wanted to see me, right? I bet he has a mission for me. I will make use of it. No, I will demand a mission harder than my mother's. And then, when I come back…


And now, it's time to come out of the rejuvenation tank. Buckle up, boys and girls; 'cause here comes trouble.

It has been two weeks since my last encounter with the green mucus. My guess is that he's already there in the large pumpkin-shaped spaceship that I despise so much, while licking Frieza's boot when he should be doing that to mine instead, if he wants me to forgive him… Which it will never happen. Haha! I can imagine him, bending down on his sorry excuse for knees and wiping that dirt from Frieza's soles.

I'm away from my homeplanet at this moment. Aside from that incident I had with Zarbon, I only had a day for preparations. It usually bothered me in the beginning when I wasn't used to going on missions of plundering and demolishing planets. But now, I feel like I have to embrace this Saiyan instinct of mine and let it take control of me instead of the other way around. My instincts usually bring me to good places, such as the fields of corpses lying on the ground as the celebration of my colossal bloodbath.

Now, I don't care a bit about my mother. I am over her. As much as I was quite used to her and the fact that the message about her death made me lose control, I can't help but realize that she wasn't very useful as the queen, after all. Thinking this way is easier than to confront my grieve and let my father's words auto-repeat themselves in my mind about her death. I am less bothered this way.

I've always admired my father from afar. How much more perfect can he, the King of all Saiyans, be? He is ruthless to the bone, the strongest, and sometimes be even fatherly to me. He doesn't always show it, but he is very proud of me.

Now it's my turn to return the favor; I will make him proud of me, too.

I will show him that I can be just as strong as he is, if not stronger. I will become the one thing that symbolizes us Saiyans in the glory that we always took pride in: the mightiest in the universe. Because I want you to notice me, father…

It's because I respect you, father, that I want you to notice me.

Not just as a tool or an heir to the throne you're sitting on, but as a part of you. Someday, you will acknowledge me as the son that no one has but yourself. This mission that mother failed on you and left you humiliated, I shall restore that for you as your son.

Not long after I've drifted into my deep-set mind, I hear a faint beep on the monitor screen in the opposite direction of me as the beeping is getting louder repeatedly. This is a good sign. That means I'm almost near Planet Gorgo.

Planet Gorgo… The planet that will change my fate.

"This time, you all, watch me how I become the strongest in the universe," I said as I'm slowly counting down the seconds of my landing. Oh yes, everything will change from now on. When I come back, it will be my first accomplishment of the first mission of the first steps of becoming the universe's first Super Saiyan in thousand years.

I snicker. Yes, the planet's coming to sight!

'Prince Vegeta, prepare for landing; destination arrived,' the female voice of the computer just said, but I'm not paying attention at all even though I heard some words and some not. All I am concentrating on is the beautiful white-green mystical planet. I've never thought that this planet could be this appealing to me. However, it looks too peaceful for my tastes, but I may be wrong. How can it be peaceful if this place is the place where my mother was slaughtered?

The countdown from ten has started.

I'm feeling a slight turbulence. This strange, but familiar, feeling that I'm sensing right in the core of my stomach, the combination of excitement and nervousness dance in my insides; jumping up and down as I'm counting the mere seconds of the crash. Waiting for landings never have been the most easy task for me; it's easier to just rip the throats out of people and laugh at their weakness, no matter how strong they are.


No one has ever beaten me, the prince of all Saiyans, in a battle… except for Zarbon. I clench my fists as I'm thinking about that lady-boy. I will beat him severely, very soon. Just wait and see.



I hold the arm-support of my chair tightly, prepared myself for the last-minute landing, before I feel a large crash that made the large crater around me. My surroundings filled with dirt and dust as I step out of the white pod.

How disgusting…

Being aristocratically raised, it always bothers me the way that the spacepods always land; the area always gets sandy and even dirties my nice white boots. Curse this blasted technology that Frieza offered us!

I float upwards to prevent walking on the trashy ground… but wait, this! This looks nice. It's a beautiful planet. The land is green, the sky is aquatic, and the trees are white. It's the perfect planet for conquering.

Beep beep.

Huh? What? My scouter is detecting strong warriors here. The beeping continues on the green glass of my scouter that's stuck to my left ear.

NO! No, no, no, no, no! It's even far beyond my father's power-level! Even more than Zarbon's!

It's over twenty thousand…

What shall I do? Escape this planet instantly? Or just… try and beat them, even if it kills me? No! I must prove to everyone that I am… the strongest. Or else, I'm not worth living.

This mission will change my fate.
This mission will break that one barrier,
that prevents me from achieving my destiny.

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