Naruto vs. Sasuke: First To Three Kisses!

By: Crystal Avatar

Disclaimer: Naruto Universe belongs to Kishimoto Masahi.

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Chapter One – Let The Games Begin!

It was school vacation in Konoha.

Naruto and Sasuke were sitting down together at their favorite milk bar, The Stupid Screaming Pig's Vomit, busily laying down the groundwork for their next competition.

Like all young boys their age, they were eager to best the other, coming up with daring feats of strength, tests of bravery and various displays of cunning and intelligence.

"Okay, Sasuke, now I dare you to pull my finger," Naruto challenged.

"What do you think I am? Stupid? I know you're gonna do something to make me regret pulling that stupid appendage you call a finger, dumbass," Sasuke spat out, disgusted.

"Pull my finger or forever live with the fact that I'm better than you," Naruto retorted.

"Naruto, how old do you think I am? Twelve?" His partner replied skeptically.

"Well, yeah, Sasuke. So am I, what's the deal?" Naruto returned.

"Oh yeah," Sasuke snapped, shrugged to himself, and pulled Naruto's finger.

Naruto got up and slapped Sasuke across the face.

"Ow! Why the hell did you slap me on the face for?" Sasuke cried out angrily.

"Dude, that was like the eight time. You gotta learn someday," Naruto shrugged.

Sasuke blushed red with anger, his anger choking him up and bringing him to the edge of explosion. He was about to give Naruto an overdose of his own medicine when…


"I'm glad school's over, but that means I have less of an excuse to see Sasuke-kun!" Ino cried loudly, swinging the door to the popular establishment.

Yamanaka wasn't alone: Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, Temari and TenTen were all there. The group of young women huddled at the counter, not noticing our two boys.

"No prob' for me! I get to see him everyday, anyway, seeing as we're in the same team. Vacation just means he'll have more time for me than usual!" Sakura replied proudly.

At that, Ino and Sakura got into some sort of strange, staring contest.

"What do you think of Uchiha Sasuke, Temari-san?" Hinata asked her girlfriend quietly.

"Well, to be honest… I think he's a bit handsome. He's not bad looking," Temari admitted with more seriousness in her voice than was needed.

She had trouble expressing her feelings, not sure of whether what she was saying was appropriate. But to her, Sasuke didn't mean nearly as much as he did to the other girls- he was merely a passing admiration, someone she respected and nothing more.

"Yeah, he's not too bad," Tenten chirped with some pride, "But if you ask me, Hinata, I think he's just a bit too overrated. My heart definitely belongs to another guy."

"Yeah… me too…" Hinata said under her breath.

"There's another guy you like besides Sasuke, Hinata?" Sakura suddenly cried in surprise, "Who is it? Who the heck is it? You're joking, right?"

"I can't say!" Hinata cried defensively, shielding herself with her own two arms.

"Two chocolate milkshakes please and a Stupid Screaming Pig Surprise and…" Ino pondered, as she ordered for her girlfriends at the counter.


"Hmm, seems like a 'girl's night' to me," Naruto whispered to his rival.

Oblivious to the fine, young ladies of Konoha, their conversation could clearly be heard by Naruto and Sasuke. What the girls hadn't realized, you see, was that their favorite booth happened to be the one closest to the counter.

'It keeps the food fresher,' Naruto had claimed.

Several minutes ago, at Ino's loud entrance into the store, Sasuke had brought his table menus to his face in order to hide his presence from the newest customers, Ino and company, instructing Naruto to do the same for his own sake.

"First day of vacation and I'm already having to avoid the girls," Sasuke sulked.

"Man, you are so gay. Not that I have anything against homosexuals," Naruto whispered back, in between the serviettes holder and a squeeze-tube of ketchup.

"Shut-up. You're gay," Sasuke snapped.

"Do you have anything against homosexuals?" Naruto returned.

"Well, no," Sasuke quipped, strapped for what to say.

"Then shut up and embrace your gayness, gay-boy."

Sasuke groaned and stared back at the group of girls, as they searched for a booth closer to the windows on the opposite side of the restaurant. As he cautiously eyed them between his children's menu and coloring-competition placemat entry form, an idea came to our angst-filled friend- an idea for a new competition.

One he was certain that Naruto could never win.

"Psst, Naruto… I got an idea," Sasuke whispered to his other.

"I was thinking the same thing," Naruto whispered in reply.

"You really were? What were you thinking?" Sasuke mumbled, amazed.

"I was thinking we get another bowl of fries. Or you can go ahead and pay the bill 'coz I'm still hungry and I think Ichiraku would be… what? Wasn't that what you were thinking?" Naruto snapped in hushed tones, noticing his friend's pained expression.

"No, idiot. I'm thinking of a new bet you and me could start on."

"What you got?"

"Well," Sasuke replied, "Here's the deal. I get to pick… umm… three- three girls in this entire village… and you get to do the same!"

"Uh-huh. And then what?" Naruto eyed him skeptically.

"Well, you have to score a kiss from each one of the three girls I name for you. I have to do the same for the three girls you name for me. First to get all three kisses…"

"Wait a sec, a k-kiss?" Naruto hissed. "Sasuke, are you out of your mind?"

"C'mon, Naruto. How bad could it be?"

Sasuke himself wasn't one hundred percent sure of whether he liked what he was signing himself up for, but there was nothing he wanted to see more than Naruto flailing his arms and drowning in the swimming pool called, 'Popularity With The Opposite Sex.'

"What do I get if I win?" Naruto asked, swallowing his fear.

"Well, I'll finally admit that you are a greater ninja than I am. I'll even tell the entire academy when school starts, over the P.A. system, that Uzumaki Naruto is way more powerful than me, Uchiha Sasuke, and that he should be the next Hokage!"

"Really?" Naruto cried, barely breaking a whisper.

"Yes- quiet down, man!" Sasuke chided him, "But if I win, you have to admit I'm a better ninja than you are- also over the P.A. system, when school starts."

Naruto thought about the stakes for a second.

'A kiss from a girl- it couldn't be that hard to get one, right?' Naruto wondered.

"Okay! Deal! Who are the three girls you're choosing for me?" Naruto stood up to the plate, ready to take a swing at Sasuke's unique, but beatable challenge.

"Hmm, I choose for you…" Sasuke trailed off, eyeing the girls in the other booth, "Yamanaka Ino, Temari and… oh yes, Haruno Sakura."

'Tch, he'll never score a kiss from any of those girls…' Sasuke assured himself.

Naruto grinned. With Jiraiya-sensei on his side, who happened to be a self-confessed expert of the female mind, he was sure to win. He was confident he could get the three kisses from his three girls before the other. He sought to the remaining girls for Sasuke.

"Then you have to score kisses from Hyuuga Hinata, TenTen and…"

"Who's the third gonna be, Naruto?" Sasuke grinned, brimming with as much confidence as his rival. He had total self-belief in his fame and utter coolness giving him victory.

"Umm," Naruto thought quickly about the last few women he had seen, then snapped, "Tsunade-sama! Yeah, that's your third girl, Sasuke!"

"The Hokage? What are you? Nuts?"

"What are you? Scared?" Came Naruto's reply.

"Deal," Sasuke finished with a seal of self-assurance. He couldn't bow down to Naruto.

"Good play, Sasuke! We'll see who wins then!" Naruto cried excitedly, eager to start.

"There's just a few more things I need to add," Sasuke hissed again, reminding Naruto to return to a whisper, "The kisses have to be full-on, mouth-to-mouth style and, as a way of proving that a kiss was made, they have to be witnessed by any of the other boys, who can confirm to the other that the score was made. The deadline is when school starts again."

"Agreed. So we have what… about three weeks to get three kisses?"

"Exactly," Sasuke confirmed, "May the best man win, Naruto."

Naruto turned to face the group of young girls having a drink at the booth on the other side. His mind was already brimming with questions and ideas. He was ready to win.

He turned to face his rival and, with a wink that just oozed total self-confidence, he said:

"Yeah- may the best man win, Sasuke."End Chapter