From the Archived Journal of Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi


Early Afternoon

It was supposed to be a routine rescue.

Together, my master Qui-Gon and I quickly made our way through the empty streets of Theed with help from our new "friend" Jar-Jar Binks. The city was being invaded by the Trade Federation; countless armies of droids were keeping the peaceful city at bay. Qui-Gon and I could do nothing more then sneak around as we made our way to the palace, careful not to disturb anything to alert them to our presence.

Our objective; find and rescue Queen Amidala.

It seemed simple enough, really; find the Queen and her subjects, rescue them and head back to Coruscant. Once there, seek the council of Chancellor Palpatine and Masters Yoda and Mace. When the Queen was in ours hands her safety was imminent.

Seemed routine enough.

Qui-Gon and I finally caught a glimpse of the Queen and her handmaidens; the orange flow of their dresses was hard to miss. We followed them from high up, using the walkway to hide ourselves from the few droids that guarded them. I counted a few pilots and at least five handmaidens. The others were hard to see but with Qui-Gon picking up the pace, I had no other choice but to momentarily take my eyes off of the group to fulfill my mission. We managed to stay ahead of them; the droids seemed to be leading the group towards the hangar bay.

Qui-Gon and I silently waited to make our move, taking out our lightsabers. I was as calm as any should be. Behind me Jar-Jar did us the favor by staying quiet himself. I never understood what Qui-Gon saw in him to allow him the chance of tagging along.

Finally, just before they were about to pass underneath us, we made our move. One by one the droids fell under the searing power of our lightsabers. Together Qui-Gon and I worked to keep the group safe; none of them scattering as droid parts flew in random places. We had to keep the noise to a minimum so as not to attract any more attention, so the faster we took them down the better our chances of escaping to the hangar.

I flipped my lightsaber around a few times in a perfect circle, ready in case if anymore of them came after me—then my eyes fell upon the girls', the handmaidens. Each of them in turn seemed to watch Qui-Gon and myself in silent awe. Only one of the five was staring at me before I powered down my lightsaber to return it to my belt. From the briefing, I recognized this young handmaiden as Padmé.

Her and I stared into each other's eyes for…what seemed like an eternity. My slight panting from the fight quickly subsided. The sight of this maiden…

Qui-Gon's sudden instructed to leave the street invaded my thoughts. Handmaiden Padmé seemed to blush under the pressure of finally realizing I was staring back at her. I turned away from her out of politeness; making it look like I was scanning the area for any more droids before following Qui-Gon's lead and continuing on with the mission—thus heading towards the hangar bay..

Something about the moment…